Miscellaneous Baseball Doings

You know that bag of balls the Tigers traded Doug Fister to the Nationals for? Yeah, well, I saw that one of the balls — Robbie Ray — has been named the D’back’s 5th starter. They’re gonna be awesome this year. I’d gloat but we still haven’t settled on a 5th guy ourselves…er, that isn’t actually true,  the Tigers expected it to be Daniel Norris, but he’s hurt…so it could be Shane Greene?  Ha ha, this will get you — we got Greene from the Yanks in a three team trade, which is how Robbie Ray (who didn’t make it as our #5 guy) ended up with the D’backs. Greene being a pitcher the Yanks were actually willing to part with, sucked big time as our 5th starter last year — when he wasn’t on the DL. :/  Kill me now.

Anyway, what small headline baseball news has caught your eye lately? Anyone else feeling some lingering trade after-burns/irony? Feel free to discuss miscellaneous doings with your team and others here.

13 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Baseball Doings

  1. Rumor has it that the O’s are considering attempting to ship Hyun Soo Kim back to South Korea due to a disastrous Spring Training. Of course, he could simply need more time to adjust to a new country and new league and new pitchers. Problem is, the O’s also have a rule 5 guy who’s been tearing it up this Spring, and he seems to have better defense and speed and base stealing abilities. Oh, and he doesn’t make 7 mil a year. If only rosters could expand to 26 guys…


    1. Rickard is just better. Kim’s KBO stats weren’t the kind that just jump off the page at you like Kang and Park, so I wasn’t too optimistic about him sticking.


    2. Kim will accept a minor league demotion, he’ll choose that option rather than going back to the KBO… If he stayed true to his words in a statement he made last December about finishing his Baseball career there in the US, there’s no going back for him… He definitely won’t allow it to end his MLB dream like this that easily.

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        1. I wouldn’t say he “REALLY” is that bad… he’s making contact, just hitting into some bad luck, even he himself admits he’s nervous playing there for the first time. After breaking his 0 for 23 slump, he only struck out 3 times in that span.

          The Kim I’m seeing today is not the confident Kim I witnessed in Doosan during his playing days. He needs to believe in his abilities, be confident on what he’s doing… Kim has the skill set, and the potential to succeed there in the Major Leagues… He just needs to believe in himself more that he can do it… do what he usually do in the KBO and apply that in the MLB… As far as I can see, he’s really in a lot of pressure right now.


        2. Him being nervous and all and is currently in a lot of pressure is definitely not a good thing. But hey, you have confidence in him right? I’m pretty sure he will find his hitting stroke soon 🙂


    1. I liked Carlos even before he was an Astro. The guy is having fun with the game.

      And one-upping Rob Dibble is never a bad thing.


      1. Yeah, I like him too. I feel like he’s a good indicator for whether or not people think everyone should act like they do or if they think it is okay to have fun in your own way.

        He just tries to have fun, but if some dickhead (e.g. Brian McCann) decides they don’t like the way he has fun, then he goes ballistic. It would be better if he didn’t, but he’s not the one that engages the opponents, he just flips a bat or acts happy about doing well and they get pissy….of course, if you get pissy with him, he very well may stare you down next time he takes you deep….

        …but, you know, if someone stares you down because they hit a HR and you take that seriously instead of just applauding their accomplishment and trying to get him next time….that says more about you than them.

        It is a game. Do try to have fun while making millions of dollars playing a game and living a charmed life.


  2. Here are my random baseball observations.

    The Cardinals have looked like crap this spring….well, the hitters/fielders have. Not scouting the stat line, just based on watching a lot of games. Plate approaches haven’t been great, not hitting the ball hard at all…and holy hell the infield defense has been atrocious all over the diamond. Reuben Tejada has been a revelation…and that revelation is that he sucks. He can’t go to his left and has shown hands of stone, booting easy grounders regularly and misplaying way too many balls…strong arm though.

    Brandon Moss and Matt Adams have both been uninspiring and kinda shitty at the plate and in the field.

    One unexpected bright spot is this Jeremy Hazelbaker kid….he’s 27 (or 28) and was picked up from the Dodgers on waivers last year and brought back on a minor league deal. He’s big, but athletic and fast and has looked comfortable at the plate and is hitting the ball hard a lot….something he also did after they picked him up last year.

    The OF has looked fine, Piscotty, Pham, and Grichuk are all fun to watch play…and that along with the Moss/Adams suck may actually result in something I had hoped to never see: Matt Holliday, first baseman.


    1. Before I got to your final paragraph, I was going to say this would be the best alignment. Holliday’s legs are not going to carry him far in the outfield anymore. And Pham deserves a shot. The guy goes 110 miles an hour all the time and he’s pretty decent in all phases.


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