Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

988cf862_mlbamHe’s been scratched from tomorrow’s preseason start, and that’s not all, according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson … 

Per the Great Red Satan, he may not pitch Opening Day. He may, but he may not.

Alderson said it’s not “orthopedic.” He then joshed, saying that a pulled wisdom tooth would scratch Harvey tomorrow.

Well, yes, but it wouldn’t call into question his Opening Day start. Nor would a pulled wisdom tooth possibly lead him back to seeing a New York doctor.

Alderson, beyond the joshing, had little to say. He said he hoped to have more information in a day or two and also said he couldn’t assign any level of concern to it. He did say it was a “non-baseball medical issue,” too, and that’s about it.

So, what is it? Would a tight back or a pulled muscle be considered orthopedic or not? And would it be considered non-baseball or not? Something personal? Other thoughts?

Anyway, stay tuned within the next 24-48 hours for more.

ScoutsUpdate: It appears that Harvey is fine. He’s been holding in his pee too much and it caused blood in his urine, which apparently is also a sign of cancer according to the dozen or so medical doctors that suddenly also became sports writers last night.

16 thoughts on “Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

  1. Damn it, I paid 22 dollars for him! Just give him a bunch of shots, pull all his teeth, feed him a bunch of salt peter and roll his butt out there!


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