The Midnight Snack – A Happier Friday Edition

I love you guys. Thank you.

And Now, Armageddon:  So, this creepy ass thing happened today.

You think that’s an intense weather system. It’s not. It’s the rolling funk caused by the Braves’ pitching staff and outfield all going out onto the field at the same time. God himself wept.

Cubs Are Cute:  Our friend @indaburg brought us the incredible story of the Cubs meeting some cubs. Have you ever seen that rainbow sparkling vomit gif, with the heart emoji eyes? That was me after seeing these photos. Anthony Rizzo loved his new furry friends, but I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Oh, Rizz. That’s a little bit worse than some piddle. 😦

Ugh.:  I don’t even live there yet, and I’m disgusted.

Brought to you by Walgreens. Listen, when I move to the Baltimore/DC area, I am never in a million years becoming a Nationals fan. I will, however, go to Braves games at Nationals Park and going HAM.

Dem Moves Doe:  Finally – let Francisco Cervelli take you into the weekend.

Happy weekend, fam. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – A Happier Friday Edition

  1. The weather in Florida matched our moods today. Great shot. One thing I love about rain down here. It’s not some misty annoying shit. It is torrential, don’t fuck me, wrath of God, Noah’s Ark 40 days and 40 nights, oh-so-cute-your-little-umbrella-won’t-do-shit type of rain. The kind that is great for sleeping and other things.

    As a nurse, you learn one thing. Everything washes off. The bear wasn’t toilet trained, Rizz!

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    1. Whereas the rain we had here yesterday was even worse. A steady all-day drizzle is usually not a big deal, but when the temperature is a few degrees below freezing all day, it freezes on contact with everything. The result this morning is everything coated in an inch of ice… tree branches, power lines, the road, our vehicles… I could skate to the end of my driveway and back. The surprising thing is we didn’t lose power.

      The sun is shining this morning so everything sparkles, but my wife and daughter need to head out for a hair appointment in an hour, so I’m at the point of deciding between blowtorch or hammer and chisel to open the door of the van.


      1. Define “temperature is a few degrees below freezing.” Does not compute.

        I never said our weather was bad. It was wet. I think that picture prof posted is stunningly beautiful. Those ominuous rolling clouds are breathtaking. It looks like an alien spaceship about to land. When you get sun, sun, sun–we didn’t get that Sunshine State nickname for our sunny, sparkling personalities–those rainy downpour days are such a refreshing break. Don’t get me wrong. I love my sun and Vitamin D but it’s nice to get a break from the monotony.

        Our tv metereologists must be so bored… “Uh, sunny, and 85 degrees. Just like yesterday. And the day before. It’ll probably be that way tomorrow. Why do you even watch the weather? It’s stupid, always the same. Fuck me, my job sucks. Mom said go to medical school. Maybe there will be a hurricane. Someday. I quit.” That would be the weather forecast I want to hear.

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        1. You need a wacky funtime weather guy. You need Brian Fantana, Action News on-the-go reporter. Sunny and 85 never looked so Paul Ruddish, I mean, so goooooooooood.

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        1. Well, more like my wife has a van and I sometimes drive it. Don’t get me wrong, it is great on a long trip, holds a crap ton of stuff, but for day-to-day, it is just too damn big and the mileage blows. I have a little 4-cylinder hatchback that is my commute to work car and I gas it up maybe once every couple of weeks at most.


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