Ok, The World Sucks. Let’s Look At Rizzo Holding Baby Cubs!

Courtesy of Deadspin, this is the cutest effin’ thing ever. Like cuter than my newborn baby. Actually, he wasn’t that cute. Ever seen Alien? That’s what newborns look like. Television has y’all fooled. Babies are really ugly. This is so much cuter! Rizzo holding freaking Cubs.

Kudos to Maddon for finally doing something he hasn’t already done with the Rays first. 😉

Seriously, bless Maddon for bringing a smile on a day that a lot of us don’t have much reason to smile. We have received some sad news about one of our own.



If Rizzo holding a baby bear doesn’t make you smile, you are dead. I am checking your vital signs and body bagging you.

Baseball season is coming. If THAT doesn’t make you smile, well, what the hell are you doing around these parts? This is a baseball blog! Hello!

Hang in there, folks.





26 thoughts on “Ok, The World Sucks. Let’s Look At Rizzo Holding Baby Cubs!

  1. The look on Rizz’s face is so priceless; it’s so sweet, it makes me want to throw up.

    God, I love these boys.

    Rizzo ❤ ❤ My boyyyyyyyyy

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    1. Apparently one of those little critters dribbled a little on Rizzo right before this pic…

      Also, slight correction — Rizzo is MY boy. My $35 said so.


      1. You might own the rights to him but we all know if push came to shove he would rather spend his time with me. 😛 I’m prettier.

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        1. Lefty, sir, you may very well be a sexy beast, I can’t verify. But I have a talent with something that I think 95% of men appreciate more than hanging out with his bros. Also – bosoms.

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        2. Well that all depends on the size of the cup, does it not?

          I would concede that the smattering of hairs on my bosoms might be a turnoff to some…then again, it might be a turn on to others.


        3. Eh, if Rizzo is going to come running to /your/ bosoms I’m pretty sure all my other talents will go to waste. :p

          But if you can find a professional ball player can handle all of my BBW womanliness, please send them my way.


        4. How professional are we talking here? I used to have a buddy whose neighbor played in the Frontier League…


        5. Yes, but he’s precious and stocky with a sweet smile, which is also what I like.

          But I also like pitchers.


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