Opening Day

We are just 11 days away from the start of the 2016 MLB season.  While there is technically three games on Sunday April 3rd (Plus one final Spring Training game), for the greater majority of us, Opening Day won’t happen until the following day, Monday the 4th.

opening-day-optimismSo tell us, what are your plans for Opening Day?  Do you have any annual traditions?  I myself, usually go to the game, but this year I think I’m going to take a pass, although I still took the day off work as tradition.  I declined to pickup my season ticket package in lieu of instead simply purchasing a handful of single game tickets.  I checked out tickets on StubHub and other scalping sites, but I simply can’t justify spending $150 a ticket for standing room only, and double that for an actual seat.  (Tickets for the next game are gong at face value.)  So instead, I am currently weighing a few options.  I could meet up with a few friends and head into the city for the game.  (Baltimore is a lovely place to visit opening day, especially if the weather is nice.  The streets are filled, local radio stations and bars/restaurants all have events, and there’s often a lot of live music.)  Or I could go to a restaurant/bar that’s a little more locally to watch the game.  Finally I could simply hit up the store, buy myself some hotdogs and KETCHUP, a few beers and enjoy the game in the privacy of my own home with my dog.  So what are your plans?  Are you working?  Taking the day off?  Going out?

27 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. I’ll do what I always do every single day of my life. Work, and be alone. I had hoped to visit a friend for Opening Day, but that didn’t work out. It would have been nice, but my plans don’t seem to work out how I want them to.

    Maybe next year I can go razz the Human Potato next year since I’m moving to that area. I probably won’t, though.


  2. As I just moved in, cable will be a month or two away, so no games except on the radio. Srirachi ketchup is awesome by the way…maybe check it out if you are not being sarcastic.


    1. No games for two months? Horsepockey. has a Free Game of the Day on their streaming service. Last year, we kind of used it as a catch-all for the day’s baseballing action and as a way to occasionally watch a game “together”.

      There’s also a number of sites that will provide bootlegged streams of games. The video quality tends to suffer a bit, but it’s surprisingly not too bad.


  3. Sports fans in Colorado have been able to enjoy Drew Litton’s outstanding work for many years. He was a contributor to the Rocky Mountain News before it met the dismal fate of too many American newspapers.


  4. I have my tickets for Opening Day, Jays v. Rays, 4 pm Sunday. It’s the one day there is a festive atmosphere at the Trop. I’ll meet up with friends at a very packed Ferg’s for some pre-game drinks and watch my boy Archer turn some Blue Jays into plucked chicks.


      1. Just the way I like it. 🙂 Really, it’s nice. I can get tickets rows behind home plate for next to nothing. I can watch Chris Archer warm up from a few feet away undisturbed. Smyly, Odorizzi, Cobb, Moore too. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching warm-ups and I don’t have to compete with thousands. I can watch in peace.

        Plus, when I am there, my enthusiasm really counts for about 1,000 fans.

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        1. Nah. Chris Archer is a hottie, but I think I would rather flirt with FLOTUS.

          He’s a great pitcher and probably the only bona fide star the Rays have, with an actual personality.


        2. I wonder what that acronym would become if Clinton wins….

          It can’t stay FLOTUS, because First Lad is something those Brits would say, and we beat them in a war a few hundred years ago for the sole purpose of not having to use their stupid words in our language. The back of a car is called a trunk, not a boot, you stupid Cumberbatches.

          First Gentleman? FGOTUS? No thanks.
          First Dude? See above.
          First Man? See above again.
          First Husband? It’s not First Wife now, why would it be First Husband? Besides, FHOTUS? Ugh.

          Ah…I got it.

          FROTUS. First Ragingsexaholic Of The Unites States. I think that would work.


        3. No problem, you are always welcome up here in Eastern Canuckistan. Don’t forget to pack your warm woolly undies, though.


  5. Actual opening day the Astros are at Yankee Stadium. I will no doubt follow on my work computer.

    The first Astros home series is with the defending world champs. We have tickets for the fourth game of that series. Die, heathen Royals!

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