Jerry Reinsdorf Puts An End To The LaRoche Situation

imageWell, it looks like our fun is about to come to an end.  Jerry Reinsdorf stepped in and basically told everyone to shut up and move on.  Spoilsport.  (Emphasis mine)

I have taken the past few days to personally meet with everyone involved, including Adam LaRoche, members of our front office, uniformed staff and some of our active players. I continue to have nothing but the greatest regard for Adam — in fact, my respect for him has grown during this process — and I applaud his desire to spend more time with his family.

I continue to have complete faith in the skills and abilities of the leadership group of our baseball operations department in Ken Williams, Rick Hahn and Robin Ventura. I also appreciate the passion and commitment to one another shown by our players, Robin, our coaching staff and our front office. As with many things in life, much of this was a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding rather than this being a case of anyone not telling the truth. I do not believe there is anyone to directly blame in this situation. While there is no doubt this might have been handled differently, the fact remains that this is an internal matter that we have discussed and now resolved.

Per my request, White Sox employees will no longer discuss this matter publicly. I felt it was appropriate to release this statement to close the issue for everyone in the organization — from the front office to the players in the clubhouse — so we can focus on Opening Day and winning baseball games for our fans. I am fully confident this matter will soon be behind us and that we will grow even stronger and more united as a team and as an organization.

It’s sad to see our fun come to an end.  This has honestly been one of my favorite news stories of all time.  Should we care?  No.  But we do.  It’s so ridiculous that it stretches the bounds of the imagination.  To see someone actually care so much about having his 13 year old son by his side 24/7.  To have that kid on the field taking drills, getting in the way of people who get paid a LOT of money to do their jobs.  To see a entire sport so vocal and divided on it.  We know that several people had complained, but of course none of them will speak up publicly for fear of retribution.  Then to see two players, one in particular explode so publicly and disrespectfully over what is really at the end of the day nothing important at all.  Everyone has an opinion, everyone is passionate.  Parenting groups who don’t care about the sport are getting involved.  It’s a story that is 100% relatable to absolutely everyone who has a job, or a family, or both.  And as a soap opera, this story has delivered.  I kind of hate you right now Mr. Reinsdorf.  You Grinch you.  I mean, I get it, you needed to stop the shit-storm, but you really killed all of our fun in doing so.  Oh well. I guess the only hope we have now is that the MLBPA gets involved and files a grievance on LaRoche’s behalf and he demands it goes to court on principle alone.  I really want to know who exactly was the ones complaining about Drake.  I want this story to hang over the team’s head all season.  I want it to be the reason they go on a ten game losing streak.  I want it to be the curse of Drake.  Think of the marketing possibilities!  The team could get together and have a prayer with the fans before home games.  All Hail Drake!  Because if not, then what the hell are we even doing here?


17 thoughts on “Jerry Reinsdorf Puts An End To The LaRoche Situation

  1. Let’s be serious, if somebody told you that there was going to be a kerfuffle involving somebody named Drake this year you’d automatically assume the Blue Jays were the team involved, right?


    1. I’m only thumbing up the “This is probably the only time I will ever say this.” part….because, yeah….Reinsdorf is a heinous person.


      1. Remember that time that The Blogger Murray Chass(TM) tore Reinsdorf a new one, and everybody agreed with TBMC? Good times.


        1. Reinsdorf is horrible. I never imagined him doing anything I would applaud.

          I even like Houston’s very questionable owner more than he.

          Probably not Loria, though. Loria’s not just your average bad guy, selling drugs to kids on the street. He’s worse, he’s an art dealer.

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  2. The most interesting thing, IMHO, is the statement I saw somewhere about LaRoches’ opinion of education. He feels his son learned in the clubhouse far exceeded what could be learned in school.

    This is just so crazy, and yet so common today with folks not wanting schools to teach evolution, etc. If he does have disdain for education, I hope he has a really trustworthy investment counselor or he might wake up one day no longer among the 1%.


    1. There is no walk of life for which education is a negative. Rich ignorant people are just separated from their money easier that rich non-ignorant people.

      Learning how to think critically is the most important skill a person can develop….and no one is going to develop that skill hanging out with baseball players.

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      1. So true, yet so unclear to most, Paper. I had this discussion with my grandson this week end (he is about to finish high school.)

        College is not for the knowledge they teach. That’s easy. College is for the habit of thinking critically and analyzing, no matter what the profession.

        Alas, I fear that most miss this point.

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        1. Indeed. Critical thinking is a hard habit to develop…it requires both time and effort and just doesn’t come naturally to many people….but the point of all education is really to give you enough information to learn on your own via development of critical thinking skills. Some education misses the point, most students do….not really sure whose fault that is. Probably a little bit of everyone’s.


        2. stex, I agree, but allow me to add that college is also used by many (present company excluded, of course) to determine their body’s limits re alcohol poisoning.

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