Fan Starts GoFundMe For Drake LaRoche. Is Possibly Greatest Thing Ever

If you thought I was done with this story, well I lied.  There is still more fun to be had.  The fine folks at Deadspin found a wonderful GoFundMe for Drake LaRoche.  The fund is clearly a gag, but may be the perfect cap in this wonderful news story, that seems to find something new to give just when you think it’s run it’s course.  The fund is seeking 13 million to replace Adam’s salary and has several celebrity backers.

Please help support the LaRoche family and get them back on their feet.

Drake not only lost his position in the clubhouse and on the team, but also he lost the guidance and leadership from multiple father figures on the Chicago White Sox.  This transition into a normal education outside of Major League Baseball will be tough for Drake and we’re asking for your help.

Also we we will be starting a clothes drive for Drake since he will no longer be receiving custom jerseys and uniforms.  If you have any lightly worn clothing (size Boys XL) please let us know.

That there is a GoFundMe and it was started by a Chris Sale is funny enough, but it’s the comments that just keep on winning.


Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"
Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"
Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"
Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"
Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"
Fans Are Trolling A Gag "LaRoche Family Recovery Fund"

The fund can be found here, and there’s a lot more goodness to be found.  As this gains publicity I expect the hilarity to rise.

8 thoughts on “Fan Starts GoFundMe For Drake LaRoche. Is Possibly Greatest Thing Ever

  1. Reinsdorf can shut the team up, but he can’t shut us up. Stex, please tell us again how much you don’t care about this story? It is almost as much fun as the LaRoche saga 😉 I like your analogies. Very creative.

    What will the money actually be used for? They’ve raised $1,702. I hope it’s for charity. Some of the donations are pretty funny. Cait Jenner, Mike Tyson.

    What’s lost in this is that White Sox fans have to be thrilled LaRoche is gone, however they lost him, an overpaid largely useless player.

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  2. Thanks for this….too damned funny.

    Please tell me there is an entry from David Eckstein in which he donates some clothes since he and Drake wear the same size.


  3. Pretty funny, overall. And I have to say l’affaire Drake is not without its redeeming moments.

    Kenny Williams is, i would imagine, salivating over 13 MM$ in free salary and an empty slot in his roster where an underperforming utility IF used to be. If he can get out of the line of fire, that is.
    It served as an admirable IQ test for two players I won’t name, although their initials are “Sale” and “Eaton”. Both can save lots of money by not investing in rocket science school. They surely won’t need it.
    Jerry Reinsdorf had the opportunity to appear to be a human being. That should fool a lot of people. But now he can go back to his normal job, trying to break the Union and put all players on minimum wage.
    ChiSox fans are relieved of the illusion of any normality in their clubhouse for 2016. There is a lot to be said for having one’s hopes crushed early and getting on with life.
    And we all get to giggle more about how much fun this isn’t.



    If you click that link and scroll down a bit, you will find a short quiz. I invite you all to take it.

    You will see a series of quotes, and you will be asked to pick who the quote is referring to – Drake LaRoche or Derek Jeter.

    I’m not going to reveal my score yet….but I found it oddly challenging.


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