March Mascot Madness – Round 1 (Pics Added)




Good Luck, Mascots!

12 thoughts on “March Mascot Madness – Round 1 (Pics Added)

  1. OMG I did not realize the Friar was vs. the Parrot! What to do, what to do?

    The Friar, an aging Tony Gwynn, and the phenomenal .333 hitting Trevor Hoffman were the only real reasons to visit the park the year I lived in San Diego. (Hoffman and Tony alone exceeded a .300 BA for the team.)

    But – Avast, Matey! – Talk Like A Pirate Day is perhaps the pre-eminent social achievement of Western Culture. I’ll always hold a sweet spot in my heart for the Pirate Parrot I stole from a nearby nine-year-old to augment my holiday outfit. Aaaarrrrgggg!

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    1. I love that you want to vote for the scary Friar solely on the grounds of how awesome Trevor Hoffman was (and Tony Gwynn, too). One of the greatest thrills of my life was being able to see Hoffman save a few games while he was in Milwaukee – when he’d come out to Hell’s Bells and the place was rocking, wow. It was a sort of excitement that has only been matched by going to a Cubs game at Wrigley during their runup to the postseason and being at The Ted when Kimbrel came out to save a game. (You knew i had to say Kimbrel, right? LOL)

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  2. Do people actually know the names of mascots? Because if the team name isn’t in the mascot name, I have no idea which is which.


      1. I used google…there is actually a wikipedia page with all MLB mascots listed and their histories discussed.


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