The Midnight Snack – Friday

On a personal note, I would like to thank you guys for your kind words, encouragement, and silliness on my last post. I like to think of us all as being a weird baseball loving family around here, and y’all didn’t disappoint in being supportive and uplifting. It’s still a little difficult, but it’s good to have people in your corner.

We’re still doing positive, happy stuff today. Or at least things that make me smile a bit. What do you say, fam? Let’s go for it.

Czech Me Out:  World Baseball Classic qualifiers are happening right now. Yes. RIGHT NOW. I love the WBC; I love watching teams from countries that aren’t known for baseball going out there, rocking their colors, doing their things, playing for pride and love of the game. I mean, sure, there are sometimes ringers on a team – Anthony Rizzo on Team Italy, for example* – but for the most part, it’s just a really cool tournament and I love it.

*Anthony Rizzo has a legit reason to be on Team Italy. Per WBC guidelines, your parents or grandparents must be born in the country for you to be eligible. I believe that Rizz’s grandpa was born in Italy, so it’s all good.

Anyway, the WBC has introduced me to a lot of cool stuff. The coolness that is Loek van Mil. Seeing Aussie players that I like all on the same team, and being able to play instead of  sitting on the bench. Watching a who’s-who of American players on the same team and seeing how they relate, how they work with one another. I love the passion of the international teams, the pride they have in their countries, the bright colorful uniforms. It’s great.

This year, the WBC qualifiers are introducing us to the little engine that could, the team from the Czech Republic. They were playing against tournament favorites Germany, who features an actual legit prospect player, Donald Lutz (who is a cool follow on Twitter, btw, for those who like to follow players). In fact, the Czech Republic only has one minor leaguer on their roster.

They didn’t play like it today, though.  Yes, they had a huge eighth inning to win the game, topped off by the one and only minor leaguer on the team hitting a grand slam! It’s the kind of thing you see in movies that don’t do well at the theatre.

I love it. Seeing the highlights put a huge smile on my face.

More Things to Make People Happy:

Here’s a two for one special. Imaginary Big Brother Smoltzie for me, and the Most Handsome Manager in Baseball for Historio:

Daredevil season two came out on Netflix. Sources close to me say that it’s light years better than season one. I personally loved season one, so I’m psyched to see season two. I’m not a fan of the Yankees, and I’m not really into Saint Derek Jeter, but guys, this tweet is fire.

And here’s a little something special for our friend tmc. Welcome back, pal.

You’re gonna love Simba. 🙂

Have a great weekend, y’all!

16 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. Hello! His name is RIZZO! Of course, he can be on Team Italy! 🙂

    I saw that goddamned Jeter play when it happened live on television. I cursed because I knew his stupid legend would grow only greater. Fucking Saint Jeter. (He’s supposedly the nicest guy here in Tampa. Polite, nice to fans. Dammit, I wanna hate him, and I can’t!)


    • My cousins, if they played baseball, could be on Team Italy, too. Their maternal grandparents were both born in Sicily. What’s funny is that one brother is the stereotypical Italian looking guy – dark hair, olive skin, dark eyes, you name it – and the other brother is very much an All American boy – blond hair, blue eyes. His skin is olive hued as well, but he looks like he has a tan instead of looking half Italian.


      • Italians from the far north are very light skinned, I learned when I traveled there. Blonde, blue eyes, like my good friend. We have a stereotype of Italians that is largely incorrect. Italians come in all shades. Northern Italians have more of a German-Austrian influence. Italy is an interesting country. They have only been unified as a country for 155 years. Prior to that, they were a loose collection of city states. To put it in perspective, they are younger than Florida (admitted to union in 1855). The Civil War started around the same time they were unified. (Funny that my patients often mistake me for Italian, and that is the one nationality I have not one drop of!)


        • Thus the term “stereotypical”. 🙂

          My uncle took after my grandpa’s side of the family – English and Native American, and the Native American looks were very prominent. My grandpa, uncle, and my mom all have the dark eyes and hair, but the less dark skin tone (English gonna English).

          I, on the other hand, take after my Grammy’s side of the family – pale ivory skin, blue eyes, light freckles. My dad had blond hair. When I was a little peanut, I had blond hair, too. I looked like Shirley Temple, complete with curly hair.

          My cousins are similar age to my sister and I. People used to think that Cousin 1 was my sister’s brother and Cousin 2 was mine, because our coloring was similar.


      • Have you two never seen True Romance? Dennis Hopper educates Christopher Walken quite elegantly….
        (Unkind Language Warning)

        Also, I’m very much looking forward to getting started on this new season of Daredevil. I’m still not sure whether I liked the first season of Daredevil or the first season of Jessica Jones more….maybe I should rewatch them both and find out.


        • That was the first movie I ever saw alone in a theater. I reviewed it for a journalism class and the professor said attending with anyone would be a distraction. It felt odd to jot notes during a movie. I gave it an excellent review. Gary Oldman especially stood out to me. I am not a big fan of movie theaters, but an occasional weekday afternoon matinee in an empty theater by myself, I still enjoy.

          Italians still feel that way about Sicilians. I have had people tell me the same thing as in that scene, not as violently. My blonde blue eyed Italian friend said as much. I realized why so many Italians claim to be from “Northern Italy” and why the border for north Italy moves south depending where the person is from. Northern Italy is code for white.

          tmc asked me yesterday if I ever sleep. Nope. I plan to sleep when I am dead. Multi-tasking on the elliptical before the kids awaken. So, what am I missing on Daredevil? I have Netflix.


  2. Thanks, My Dear! The Angels have everything set up – a lack of pitching to ensure that both Trout and Simmons get frequent highlight coverage of astonishingly outstanding defensive gems!

    It’s like the olden days here in LA of Anaheim – it used to be “Tanana and Ryan and whole lot of cryin'” and this year we expect Trout to set an MLB all time record: for solo home runs.

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  3. So Rizzo can play for team Italy but can Bryzzo? Seeing that he and Bryant are apparently Siamese twins, joined at the the hip these days, why the hell not?


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