Barry Bonds Still The King


Barry Bonds just beat a bunch of Marlins in a Home Run contest.  Normally, that’s not really saying much, I mean it is the Marlins, but this competition included Giancarlo Stanton, who is probably the best damn hitter on the planet.  At least that’s still playing professional baseball that is.  Sadly, there was no video of the event as the press didn’t get wind of the event until after it ended.  Anyone else still think Barry could put up 25-35 home runs if here were to come back today?


One thought on “Barry Bonds Still The King

  1. Nope. This was a serve-’em-up fat and juicy home run hitting contest. In actual play, I doubt if Bonds could get around on major league pitching anymore, even if he’d had his clear and cream in his morning coffee. And if he did get a piece of anything, I think he’d need Ichiro to run in with his oxygen bottle for a quick snort after he pulled up wheezing at first.


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