Let Us Be Your Fantasy League: 1st Annual Fantasy Interference Baseball League

8155275_GWho is up for a little fantasy baseball?

We unexpectedly had one member drop out, so we have one spot available for the 1st Annual Fantasy Interference Baseball League. Don’t lose out on this coveted opportunity to match wits with your fellow commenters and bloggers, and declare dominance. We’ll even write a post all about YOU and your brilliance if you win because everyone totally cares about your fantasy baseball team. Especially historiophiliac. She wants to know every single detail. Like how you traded Ubaldo Jimenez for Dee Gordon–hah! And that day you rested Mookie Betts on a hunch, and your back-up went 4-4. That was so awesome.

The details:

The auction draft is this Sunday, 3/20, probably 8pm EST. It is a 5×5 roto-style league (5×5 R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg x ERA, WHIP, QS, Ks, SV+HDs) with 10 teams. We’re playing on ESPN. There is no cost play. If you’re interested, we’ll fill you in with everything else you need to know. Newbies are welcome.

Please post below if you are interested, and I will do the rest.

33 thoughts on “Let Us Be Your Fantasy League: 1st Annual Fantasy Interference Baseball League

  1. I’d throw my hat in but I gotta run my own league as well. I also don’t love stat category as much as head to head points. Just my humble and always right opinion.


    1. I fought as hard as I could for H2H, Bravo. I prefer that too. I made it a personal challenge to beat them in my non-preferred style.

      Join us anyway! We’d love to have you! It’ll be fun. I work full time, I am in two leagues, I have two kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats… I do everything in twos it seems. Hmmm.


        1. We would like to formally invite you to join our league. We think you’re knowledgeable, you have a great personality, and gosh darn it, people like you!

          We would be really honored if you would join.

          Is the email you used to sign up here the email I can use to send you the invitation?


        2. Yay!!!! 🙂 I’ll send you the invite. 🙂 Everyone will be happy. Prof and I are huge fans of yours. There will be much joy across the land.


        1. He is unclean…a blasphemous, dirty ,rotten bastard! Probably even a filthy libtard communist. Let’s just lynch the dude and be done with it.


      1. Sorry I decided to drop. But I own one league and have been running it for a decade, and have been in a second for almost as long. Maybe in a non-election year next year … (we’ve got a couple of local runoffs in May along with a couple of regional and state races).


  2. Speaking of, I also have a league with a few spots open as of today. Mine costs money ($80) but is a thing of beauty I promise you. Eleven years of fine-tuning the value weighting of each stat has created quite a thing to behold, I tells ya. Teams can win via pitching, power, speed or all-around gravy. ESPN H2H 10-12 team league. If you want a piece of the action, let me know.


  3. Whoever jumps into this, you might have at least one drunk monkey to beat up on. I haven’t done any mock drafts yet, and have never done one before. I’ll probably do one or two next Saturday, or maybe not. I got a grandkid birthday party to go to on Saturday. He’ll be 10, if I’m able to see him at 15 or even 11 12 or 13, I’ll be a lucky fella. I haven’t checked yet to see if I can export the espn player ranking things directly to Excel. If I can I might get ambitious, if not, drunk monkey time.

    I read that Park is still hitting in the spring training games. This year might be one of those few times when reality is better than fantasy because once in awhile dreams come true.

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