Big KBO off-season addition, Allen Webster sharp in first preseason game

(Allen Webster first preseason pitching appearance in South Korea, property of SPOTV channel… this one will redirect you to Youtube.)

New Samsung Lions SP addition, Allen Webster (26 years old), was sharp in his first preseason pitching debut in South Korea just a couple of days ago. Facing the Hanwha Eagles at their home in Daejeon Baseball stadium… Allen Webster was the starting pitcher in this game, going 4 innings while allowing 4 hits and no earned runs (1 run scored, fielding error by second baseman Baek Sang-won in the 4th inning)… He still struck out 7 guys in this outing though. Truly nothing but positives coming from his new coaches and especially to manager Ryu Joong-il… Webster’s new team won the game 8-1.

Allen Webster, a former Redsox and Diamondback from the Major leagues, signed a 1 year deal with the Samsung Lions last December worth 850,000 USD. Webster compiled an ERA of 5.81 in 31 innings pitched for the Arizona Diamondbacks last season. He’s one of the big league additions coming from the MLB to sign with the Samsung Lions, the second one’s Collin Ballester (who signed a one-year deal worth 500,000 USD also last December). With the departures of both starters, Alfredo Figaro and Tyler Cloyd last off-season with the Lions… both Webster and Balester will be used to replace them as their next starters for this upcoming KBO league season.

You can see Allen Webster’s interview about his outing in the video below via SPOTV, this one will also redirect you to Youtube.

4 thoughts on “Big KBO off-season addition, Allen Webster sharp in first preseason game

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