Who Is Your Superhero Alter Ego?

image.jpegSilly post of the day: who is your super hero alter ego and why? Thinking about Super Utility players made me think of this. They are the Superheroes of the baseball world, and your fantasy baseball team, plus @professormaddog31 and I were also talking about this topic last night.

Mine is already my avatar here on F.I., Black Widow, the Lady Liberator and Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. My 4 year old son already calls me by that name. He started it on his own. Even my coworkers jokingly call me that (I get Poison Ivy too, since I am a bit of a tree hugger). I have fiery red hair. I am athletic and a pretty good fighter with some dance training, although nowhere near her level. Like her, I am independent and very loyal to my friends. We both care deeply about the fate of the world. We like to be alone but count guys among our closest friends. Our moral compass appears a bit nebulous sometimes although we try to do the right thing, whatever “right” is. Can’t really claim Russian–my DNA test showed less than 1%, which is a trace amount and too little to be significant. So, maybe Natasha Ramirez, instead of Natasha Romanova?

This is one my favorite scenes from the movies. (Where is her goddamned solo movie? Scarlett Johansson can carry her own movie. She’s fucking gorgeous and she’s an amazing actress. I’m hearing rumors, but nothing solid. Captain America and Iron Man get three movies each, but Black Widow gets zero. That is some sexist bullshit. Black Widow is a rich and complex character with an interesting backstory. Her movie would make money. Trust me. Rant over.)

Loki thinks he’s broken her. “You mewling quim.”

“Thank you for you cooperation.” 🙂

Edit: Black Widow STILL doesn’t have her movie, but I saw this today (3/14/16), and I had to post it. Marvel is launching a program for girls to promote STEM projects as a way to promote Captain America: Civil War. It would have been even more awesome if it was to promote the first Black Widow movie, but I’ll take it.

“Marvel is partnering with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange for a program in which girls ages 15 to 18 and in grades 10 through 12 can submit projects they believe can change the world with a short video that demonstrates their idea and explains its far-reaching potential.”

The winner wins an internship at Marvel Studios.

53 thoughts on “Who Is Your Superhero Alter Ego?

  1. I want to be Stev Rogers because he is smart, artistic, cares about the little guy, defends justice and honesty, loyal to his friends and his personal code of ethics.

    I don’t know if you’d consider Peggy Carter a superhero, as she doesn’t have super powers or anything, but she’d be awesome, too. She’s all of what Steve is, for the most part, is beautiful and had flawless red lipstick. I wanna be like that, too.

    Sadly I don’t think I’m any of those things. I think I’m more like Bruce Banner. 😦 I just want to live a peaceful life and it seems that I can’t. I don’t have a rage monster inside of me, but there is a darkness I’d rather not show the world.


    • We all have our darkness. Hello, darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again.

      You can rock perfect red lipstick. I have seen your lips. Peggy Carter it is! 🙂


      • Hooray! I start SHIELD and be a beautiful, badass woman until I’m like 90-something years old! Yes!!!

        Also, I have a platonic crush on Steve Rogers, too, so yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

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  2. Sadly, the Black Widow is lucky to even get a figure in the Avengers toys. The decision makers seem to think that crap like Catwoman proved women aren’t bankable in this genre. At least the Widow has co-starred in several films and I love the way they handle her character in the movies. It pisses me off that they have her on Tony’s side in the next movie.

    Superhero I picture myself as: Spiderman due to all the witty banter while he’s subduing criminals.

    Superhero I most resemble: Homer Simpson jealously fighting Bart’s Big Brother.


  3. My superhero alter ego plays for my team…



  4. Your avatar is Black Widow? I thought it looked more like Medusa…

    Can’t have all these heroes without a villain, and being a villain suits me better anyway. You may call me Phantom Limb.

    PS – You can also find a character that was very obviously inspired by Black Widow in that show…Molotov Cocktease


  5. If you really want to nerd all the way out….take a gander at this article from a few years ago in which someone tried to quantify the baseball skills of a bunch of comicbook characters and then import that data into the OOTP baseball simulator.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    In the season that the author simulated, Superman had a 20.3 WAR…which would definitely be a new record.


    • This is fucking amazing.

      And yes: “Aquaman’s 26 overall rating (out of 80) is the lowest in the game because baseball isn’t played on water, you useless joke of a hero.”

      Offense is ridiculous. I’m a little surprised that pitching isn’t better. I know everyone is a beast, but it seems like something is off.

      “Had Wonder Woman stayed healthy for a full 162, she likely would have cracked the all-time top ten. But a separated shoulder caused her to miss almost the entire month of September, not a tremendously surprising injury given her outfit.”

      That’s the problem I always had with WW. Her outfit is completely impractical and ridiculous. Yes, it’s meant for boys to jerk off to, I get it, but it’s so stupid. It’s a fucking strapless bathing suit for fighting crime. It’s great for tantalizing and tanning at the beach. Hell, I’d like to own it. But for crime fighting, not so much.

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        • It’s sexy and yet makes sense? Natasha needs to be able to have full range of motion, and a catsuit works well for that. I mean, she’s not wearing some dumb strappy bikini or anything like that.


        • Most superheroes, male or female, wear tight clothing. Yes, Black Widow’s outfit is functional, practical, and cute. It’s yet another reason I really like her. It’s not that much different than my workout outfit. I am also partial to all black. One does not have to sacrifice function to look good. However, it’s not necessarily about showing off the assets. Loose clothing is not good for movement at the gym. It’s not practical, it doesn’t wick sweat. It can get caught on things, it doesn’t move with your body.

          Superheroes are obviously moving a lot. They need tight clothing. A strapless bathing suit that leaves you mostly exposed though–no. You’d be tugging at the thing constantly. I am assuming you’ve never worn anything strapless, but trust me, all you do is readjust the puppies all night. “Excuse me, Mr. Bad Guy, pause. I have to readjust, my ridiculous swimsuit is slipping AGAIN after that right hook.”

          Edna Mode is right about the capes. Not practical.


        • Let me rephrase – I think Marvel’s first thought was “Let’s show off Scarlett Johannsen.” That said, they also clearly wanted something that would make sense for a bad-ass to wear.

          No, I’ve never worn anything strapless, but yeah, I get the total lack of practicality. I’m agreeing on that.


        • If I looked like Scarlett Johannson looks in a catsuit, I’d wear one, too.

          This might be why it’s a good thing I’m going to be Peggy Carter instead; she can wear a nice concealing girdle and sensible undergarments so that she has some sort of shape. 😛


        • My son commanded me to wear the Black Widow catsuit as my next Halloween outfit. He will be Captain America, and we’ll fight crime together. Everyone will be safe next Halloween. I don’t think anyone looks as good as Johansson in it, but I can hold my own.

          I think you’d look great sans girdle. Those clothes Peggy wore are so elegant and classic. Just make the shirts low cut. Accentuate the positive. 😉

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