The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

As Big As Your Head:  The other day, we talked about the new food offerings being brought to us by the Atlanta Braves. Not to be outdone in the WTF department, those Indians from the magical land of Cleve have come out with some wild and wacky foodstuffs of their own.

Why, yes, that sandwich does have sausage and pierogies on it, along with some other stuff. I thought the T.E.D. hot dog was bad. This might possibly be worse.

Yep, my spring training diet plan is working marvelously. Thank you, Cleveland.

What’s the Buzz?:  There’s a bad joke floating around the internet that when you enter an Applebee’s for dinner, your waiter will ask if you want Apples or Bees.

So I am guessing that they ran out of apples for the Rockies and the Royals today.

Yikes. Joba Chamberlain called, and would like to talk to you about midges.

4 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. You really don’t ever want me to eat breakfast again, do you? That thing looks like it wants to bite back while you eat it.

    Killer bees out in Arizona, yo. Florida for the win, again.


  2. Those little olive eyeballs pushed me right over the edge.

    But pierogies? On a sandwich? Trying to get our carb count for the week in one meal?


  3. Hey Stex, what are your early impressions of the slimmer AJ Reed? Are they really going to unleash that terror on the PCL? He’s going to slug .800 down there.


    1. My judgments are based on what I see in the papers and on line, so take with a grain of salt.
      Officially, the job is Singleton’s to lose. But not many people see that going on for long. I would be very happy to see the kid come out of the box hitting (I’ve seen him blast a couple out of Minute Maid park) and force the Astros to make some tough choices. But a growing body of evidence suggests he is a 4-A player. Too bad, but not uncommon.
      Reed will start in Fresno. The official line is that he needs more AAA seasoning, and that’s fairly plausible. Teams are playing an extreme shift on him and he is learning to deal with it. But we won’t see him up before the Super Two deadline, barring the Apocalypse. So he should be launching a few in the PCL.
      Of interest then is whether White or Duffy makes the team. They both have the advantage of knowing how to play third base, so one might stick. The other possibility is Preston Tucker may move over from the outfield temporarily.

      But I would expect Reed in June, unless Singleton lowers the K-rate.
      And maybe even then.


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