Must Click Link (Seriously, Do It): Jacob deGrom Will Never Cut His Hair! And Other Mets Aces.


Pretty, oh so pretty.

Jacob deGrom, he of the 95 mph fastball, 9.66 K/9, 0.98 WHIP, and deLovely, deLuscious, and deLicious locks that are the envy and desire of every straight woman, I’d bet some gay women too, and you too straight boys, is NEVER GOING TO CUT HIS HAIR. The land rejoices!

Why you ask? The following scouting report from Klapisch appears in

 “First of all, I see this guy on the mound who looks like a stick figure,” the hitter said. “I mean, you don’t see major league pitchers who look like that. And he’s got that hair – you can’t not look at it, it’s everywhere. It bothers me when I’m trying to pick up the ball out of his hand. All I see is hair.”

The hitter was someone who had never faced deGrom before.

When Klapisch asked deGrom about it, this was the 27-year-old RHP’s response:

“Not really, I don’t talk to hitters much, but I guess now I’ll never cut it.”

deGrom went from “I’m cutting my hair off, it’s a pain” to “I’m never cutting it off.”

The article is a MUST CLICK link for anyone who is interested in a scouting report on the Mets’ three aces: Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Syndergaard.

On Harvey,

Compared to deGrom’s long, fluid delivery, Harvey appears to slingshot the ball, which means, “There’s much less time to react with him,” said one National League veteran. “You think you see it and then the ball is on or past you. The pitch you think you’re going to square up on, you end up fouling off.”

The Son of Odin. Fastball. Fastball. Fastball. Did I mention fastball? 102 mph.

 “He loves his fastball too much,” said one veteran hitter. “The guy has a much better curveball than he gives himself credit for. Couple of times I saw it I thought, ‘Wow, that wasn’t just a get-me-over hook. That was for real.’

Seriously, this is a link you simply cannot refuse. Unlike El Bravo, I just simply won’t take no for an answer. I compel thee to click the link. Clickee the linkee.

22 thoughts on “Must Click Link (Seriously, Do It): Jacob deGrom Will Never Cut His Hair! And Other Mets Aces.

  1. His hair. His glorious, glorious hair. I am usually not one for a long haired dude but man, can that dude pull it off. I am super envious of his hair. It’s perfect.


      1. Personally, I am a girl what likes her guys to be clean shaven, short haired. Not a lot of hair in general, anywhere. If your pants fit you well and you have a little bit of style (like, say, you wear a nice button up shirt on a date or a peacoat instead of some ugly old puffy down coat), that’s great, too.

        The thing about deGrom is that not only is his hair lovely, but his smile is beautiful, too. And he is a nice guy, a real sweetheart and very funny. It’s really not fair to other human beings that he has so many great qualities and a badass fastball. 😛


        1. Oh, I love lovely long locks on men if kept nicely. Huge weakness. Don’t like nasty long shaggy beards, but purty hair, come on over. Let me play with that hair, Jacob.

          Combine that with a 2.77 FIP, 5.39 K/BB, and a 2.54 ERA, and he is so freaking hot. Yes, he’s a sweetheart but he seems to have an edge. Too sweet, bah. It’s sickening. You’ll get cavities.

          Lol, I bet the boys love to hear us to talk baseball.


      1. Not that light a shade, but I have been growing it out for years now. I went around with a nearly shaved head for about seven or eight years and a bald friend of mine expressed this kind of solidarity with me, assuming I shaved out of necessity. I may have overreacted since it falls between my shoulder blades now, like it did in junior high school. I’m going to keep it long until my widow’s peak starts creeping again. I had a beautiful hairline until I moved to Vegas. I think leftover radiation from the underground testing did it to me.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I clicked and for some reason being told to felt even more fulfilling. Weird. I’ll discuss with my therapist later…anyhoo, isn’t it funny that only in professional baseball does one say that because someone throws 100+ mph heat “too much” that a batter can simply “sit on” those pitches and handle that type of speed without issue? As they say, anyone in the Majors can hit fastball, but shit man, have you seen 102mph in real time?? No? Me neither! It’s too fast!.


    1. That “veteran hitter” is an idiot. Thor isn’t just chucking the same pitch all the time. He mixes his 4- and 2- seamers really well, along with an decent change and the curve. Many of the most effective starters throw mostly fastballs, but they throw 4-seamers, 2-seamers, and cutters…so you never know exactly how they are going to break, which does make it hard to square up on them and also means guys take strikes on the corners because they think it is going to break off the plate but it comes back.


      1. Fair point with respect to Thor. I haven’t watched a lick of Spring Training and certainly haven’t watched the Mets since last fall. With respect to the Majors in general, the veteran is right. Anyone that leans on a single pitch (not multiple pitches like you mention) too much will be eaten alive by ML hitters. Even if that pitch is 100+ mph. These guys are capable of handling the heat if they know it is coming like I can handle a 16″ softball.


        1. Agreed. If he was all 4-seam FB, even at 98-99, he’d be hit hard starting the 2nd time through the lineup.


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