Jenrry Mejia Claims MLB Set Him Up

Fresh off his lifetime suspension for this third positive steroid test, Jenrry Mejia is claiming that MLB set him up to be barred from the league.  Not only is Mejia claiming that his second test was inaccurate, he is claiming that MLB fabricated the results of the third test, and the players’ union failed to advocate on his behalf.

Mejia said that baseball officials told him that if he appealed the punishment for the second doping offense, “they will find a way to find a third positive,” Mejia, who is from the Dominican Republic, said through an interpreter. “I felt there was a conspiracy against me. I feel that they were trying to find something to bring me down in my career.”

Mejia claims that MLB was pressuring him to find the source of his drugs, and to see if any other players were using the illegal substances.

Mejia is eligible to apply for reinstatement in 2017, although one has to think such claims will not help his case one bit, and such a claim is one not likely to be forgotten by the men in charge.  Going after both the league and the union does not seem like a very wise tactic, but then again for a player to get busted three times for using the same substance, he may not make very wise decisions anyways.

“The association should have done more,” Mejia said, adding that he thought the union “should have been there to defend me — because that’s what they’re there for. They should have found something to appeal for.”

Mejia has retained outside counsel, who specializes in labor disputes.

White said he was unsure what, if any, legal avenues Mejia would pursue. “For us, this is a collective bargaining issue, this is a labor issue, this is an employer who we see perhaps overstepping,” White said.

Mejia said he had no regrets. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said. “If the situation was meant to happen, then it was meant to happen. If God wanted it that way, it’s going to happen.”

5 thoughts on “Jenrry Mejia Claims MLB Set Him Up

  1. If he truly feels persecuted/feels he is a victim of a conspiracy, then I must refer him back to the fact that there have now been codified rules against PED use for 12 years and that he would not have been in such a position without having been caught violating those rules in the first place.

    I also will not entertain his notion that MLB was out to get him without definitive proof of a tampered specimen. Anything that actually enters his body is his responsibility, and every player knows they get tested more often and are under a figurative microscope after that first positive test.

    Do I believe MLB would try to lean on him for names of dealers and of other players also using PEDs? Absolutely. That, however, does not mean they’d fabricate positive tests to get rid of such a non-prominent player as Jerry Mejia. I’d think if they were going to do that, they’d have done it to Alex Rodriguez long ago.


  2. He wrecked what might have been a decent career. Now he wants someone else to blame. I agree with raysfan. That he is a size fish they would go for just makes zero sense.

    I try to remain a sympathetic person. But Mejia is not getting much from me.

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    1. Yeah. This whole thing is weird. He doesn’t exactly seem to be saying that all of the positives were bogus…and he was busted for using shit that no self-respecting cheat would be using. So…either he is really super stupid and figured using 1980s/1990s steroids was the way to go….or….he has an idiot trainer/friend that gave him supplements that are tainted with stanozolol or Boldenone….not an uncommon thing for many supplements because…you know…the ingredients that are legal don’t do jack shit for you.

      So….he’s either really stupid (something supported by this story), or he has someone he thinks is a friend that is responsible for this…or, mostly likely, some combination of the two.

      I really don’t think he cheated took PEDs on purpose, the gain is just not worth the risk for him.


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