A Slice a Pie for this Man.


His name is not given – although I believe it’s Toughguy McGee – but whoever he is, he has the reflexes of a Florida panther. The incident occurred during the Braves-Pirates game over the weekend when Danny Ortiz of the Pirates lost control of his bat. Surely the boy in this picture is happy Mr. McGee was nearby. Also another good reason to wait until after the at bat to upload your Instagram video, young chap. The Braves fell to the Buccos 9-6 in case you care about the results of spring games. Have some southern-style pecan pie, good sir, you deserve it.

3/8/2016 UPDATE: This is indeed a father-son pairing and they appeared on The Today Show to talk about the incident.

18 thoughts on “A Slice a Pie for this Man.

    1. Of course one cannot blame the small child who bought neither the ticket nor the phone for his having and looking at it.


    2. Typical libtahd, one fackin kid almost gets kilt by a battah, and little lowahd fackpants wants to raise owah ticket prices fowah mowah of the pinko Nanny state govahment. Let the free mahkit sowat it out. We the people who don’t want owah kids dead will go to a safah ballpahks if we wanted mowah netting, but we don’t cause owah kids ahh futah leadahs and need to duck a bat once in awhile.

      Too bad youwah crotch-fruits ahh mowah delicate then owahs. Most of my best friends have taken a bat off the fackin head, and except fowah the nine that died, they ahh bettah off because of it!!!!!!!!!1111111


        1. Dark chocolate cake, antioxidants. Only one of those pairs really well with a cabernet, and that’s chocolate cake.

          Chocolate cake + cabernet, more antioxidants. We’re just looking out for you.

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        1. Yes and a nice Greek dessert wine made out of Aristotle farts and unicorn breath with a touch of panflute rainbows and puppies cavorting in Haagen daz while cats bowl strikes and ponies trample leprechauns. Yes, you have aroused my hunger….to bad it happened five years ago…you had to be there…it was awesome, now it’s boring. Anyway, I’m into polka/ rap/ nu metal
          country opera now. Be cool or be cast out.


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