The Midnight Snack – Friday

Still Some Life In Him Yet:  You know I love pitchers. You know I love old guys. And you know I love me some Midnight Karaoke, so let’s do this.

Ooooh Jered Weaver!
I believe you can get me through the daaaaaaay!
Ooooh Jered Weaver!
Can’t believe you struck out Dexter Fowler and J-Hey!


You can’t believe it, either? Well, honey child do I have news for you!

Is he gonna be my new Jamie Moyer? I don’t know, but I’m loving it.

Grandpa Gets It Done:  David Ross is retiring this year after fourteen years in the big leagues. He’s played for many teams, including my two favorites, the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs.

Most people love Rossy. His teammates love him, the fanbase loves him. He’s the kind of guy that everyone roots for.

The young Cubs have taken to calling him Grandpa Rossy, and Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have even started an Instagram account following his every retirement move. While some people might think that’s ridiculous, it’s obviously a reflection of their respect and affection for the veteran catcher.

You’d think that Rossy would be taking it a little easy now, right? Since he’s older, grey bearded, and retiring? Nope.

Is that a 38 year old catcher out there? It’s awesome. You go, Rossy. And good luck, man. You know we all love you.

Happiest of weekends to you, fam.

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