The Midnight Snack -Baseball BFFs Edition

#Bryzzo:  There are many beautiful friendships in baseball. Historically, there’s Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Dominic DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky; Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris; Mark Lemke and Jeff Blauser (my personal favorite). These guys lift each other up, help each other on the field and off, share jokes and smiles like the best of friends often do.

In today’s me-first world, it’s nice to see two young guys who could easily be selfish, ego driven and stuck-up become friends and watch their relationship blossom to one of instant legendary status.

Fam, Bryzzo is that friendship.

First of all, there’s this spot they filmed to entice Cubs season ticket holders.

Then there’s all of the photos of them golfing together, which puts me in the mind of Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz and Avery, always golfing, all the time. (This is a happy Prof place.)

And then we have this:

In what appears to be a spot being filmed for Sportscenter, the Cubs stars are seen in an office for a fictitious company, which appears to be called “Bryzzo Souvenirs”.

Let me tell y’all something factual and actual – if they sell these Bryzzo coffee mugs, my dumb sucker self is going to buy one. For real. Even Joe Maddon got in on the act.

Bryzzo, folks. Accept no substitutes, ask for it by name. #Bryzzo.



4 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack -Baseball BFFs Edition

    1. Yeah, I almost wrote about the sweet Grandpa Rossy jersey but I thought it would be gilding the lily. 😛

      I love that insta account.


  1. Prof, you are not going to believe this. In the post I am writing for today that I started working on last night, I quoted the exact same TLC song. “Baby… that’s actual and factual.” I had not read this yet. We are sisters from another mister. What’s the female equivalent of a bromance? 🙂 Everyone can all puke, I don’t care. Fuck them.

    Let’s go luge, already!

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