ESPN to Address Schilling’s Clinton Comments

Curt Schilling, the gift that never ceases to give, was on a radio show in Kansas City yesterday. He could not resist opining on the 2016 Presidential election, even though ESPN gave out a memo to their employees in January to not comment publicly on the 2016 election. He said he believed Clinton should be “buried under a jail somewhere” regarding the Benghazi email scandal, touting the hard line conservative viewpoint.

“I hope she does [go to jail],”  Schilling said. “If I’m gonna believe, and I don’t have any reason not to believe, that she gave classified information on hundreds if not thousands of emails on a public server after what happened to General Petraeus, she should buried under a jail somewhere.”

Other than facts, no, he has no reason to believe otherwise. Facts have never stood in the way of Schilling’s beliefs before, however. Evolution, comparing Muslims to NAZIs… and showing how ESPN is lovely, when Keith Law confronted Schilling with you know, facts about evolution, Law was suspended. Schilling was not.

CNN and Sports Illustrated are reporting that ESPN is looking into his comments and they are “addressing it” without any further comment. 

Schilling joked at the end of the interview that he might get fired. Fox News, I am sure, is waiting to hire him.

h/t Kevin S.

21 thoughts on “ESPN to Address Schilling’s Clinton Comments

    1. Fun fact – COPO actually unearthed this first, but Inda’s never giving that motherfucker a h/t again so I got to scoop the credit. 😉

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    1. Don’t interpret this as any fondness for Schilling at all.

      But I agree with him on one thing. Why do we pay any attention to the stuff he says on air? I try my best not to even notice.


  1. Sorry, got a chance to brag here and ain’t gonna pass it up.

    The Donald, Mussolini 2.0, or hopefully the somewhat more benevolently American Berlusconi, encountered his worst electoral result yet, acquiring the support of barely more than one in five of Republican caucus goers, for not a first place, not a second place, but an unprecedented to date THIRD place finish, in the land of do unto others as you would have them do unto you because goddamn it’s cold outside.

    Looks like the Donald doesn’t like lutefisk. Do you?

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        1. We don’t get as much lutefisk around here as you do up in Minnesota, but during the holidays they sell it, lefse, and picked herring in the seafood section of any local grocery store. Or even at the gas station if your town is small enough, which mine is.

          I have heard that it’s not necessarily the fish itself but the aquavit that you drink with it that makes it edible.

          Also, also – seems to be devoured like mad by Lutherans. Seriously. The only people I know who actually buy it are Lutherans, or of Lutheran heritage.


        2. Lol, sorry, the only place I know for Swedish food in Tampa Bay is IKEA. This area is not the place for Swedish cuisine. Ikea’s Swedish meatballs were shockingly edible. I was stunned it wasn’t dog food.


        3. Professor, from my experience, Lutherans use worship as an excuse to eat. We attended a wonderful Lutheran church for a few years when we lived in Alberta and for them it’s all about the food… any excuse for a potluck. Seriously!

          There is a cute joke that I heard — from the Lutheran pastor, no less — that goes something like this:

          The grade four teacher was speaking to the class about different religions and denominations and asked the students to bring something for show-and-tell that represented their family faith. The next day, the students made their presentations. The first little girl said “My name is Susie, and my family is Catholic so I brought a rosary.” Then a little boy got up and said “My name is Ben and my family is Jewish so I brought a menorah.” Finally a little girl got up and said “My name is Cathy and my family is Lutheran, so I brought a casserole.”

          So it is not surprising that Lutheran’s like lutefisk, since it is food.


  2. What the ambulatory verbal fire hydrant of wrongly wrong things forgets is Petraeus was lightly slapped on the wrist for giving access to his biographer who, coincidentally he was also screwing. The court martial law’s should have been enough to bury him in Leavenworth until his grandkids retired. Nah, he cashed out.


  3. Apparently it was Hillary Clinton’s fault that General Petraeus was slinging his five star dick all over the place.


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