The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Now it’s not just the team that will make you barf:  The Braves are going to be a corrosive dumpster fire this year. Just as corrosive to the fans will be this year’s food offerings at the Ted.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell (yeah, I know, sorry guys) introduces us to some new concessions at Turner Field for the 2016 baseball season. Among the offerings are a sandwich called the Tater Tot Chop – tater tots and waffle batter turned into a waffle, then covered with bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapeños and waffled again, served with Coca-Cola-infused ketchup – and this godawful monstrosity.

Y’all, I’m sorry, but that’s disgusting. I’m not really a big fan of hot dogs in the first place, but a good hot dog can be had. Hell, I had a good hot dog sitting around waiting for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to start (to be fair, I was starving). But this? It’s like a concession stand had a temper tantrum and just dumped every last thing on your dog and said, “Go to town.”

No. Just… Ew. Nope.

Five For You, Darwin Barney!:  So, this happened.

The Blue Jays played the Phillies today and Darwin Barney drove in all of Toronto’s runs. All of them. Would have been six had a Blue Jay not gotten tagged out at home.

Good on ya, Darwin! I always liked him in Chicago and I wish him the best of luck in Canada.


43 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. i happen to be a huge fan of dogs. My absolute favorite is the Chicago Dog. But I will do the chili-cheese (Houston specialty) or the sauerkraut.

    Not that one, though.

    And i don’t care if they are in Atlanta. The three worst words in the lexicon this morning: “Coca-Cola-infused”. Yuk.

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    1. I make a very good homemade BBQ sauce that has a little bit of Coca-Cola in it. I’ve also had a really good sauce made with root beer. It’s the other ingredients that makes the difference. Somehow I can’t imagine that the Coke BBQ served at Turner Field this year is going to be as nuanced as the stuff I make.


        1. It’s probably sweet on sweet, with no other discernable flavor. Which would be gross.

          But seriously, popcorn and Doritos and french fries AND beer cheese AND BBQ sauce? I want to give up food.


  2. Fun fact from the Jays – Phillies game yesterday:

    Marcus Stroman started the game, retired the first five batters he faced, then gave up a single… to J.P Arencibia. Drew Hutchison took over in the 3rd inning, retired the first five batters HE faced, then surrendered a home run… to J.P. Arencibia.

    John Gibbons’ tongue-in-cheek comment after the game: “Maybe they were just trying to help him make the team.”

    Yay, baseball!! Welcome back.

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    1. Even with all of that, Arencibia will probably begin the season down in AAA ball. LOL

      Yay, baseball, indeed!


  3. I don’t know if this is factually accurate, but I feel like the whole “unique food at the ballpark” craze started with the Gateway Grizzlies about a decade ago when they rolled out the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger Heart Attack. And if you are wondering if I’ve eaten more than one of those burgers in that park….you’re goddamn right.

    Other dining delights at that particular diamond I’ve put in my facehole…
    – Bratchos = Diced brats soaked in buffalo sauce and laid on top of some chips and covered in nacho cheese
    – Super Pretzel = Soft pretzel, more buffalo sauce, and some melted mozzarella on top.

    I haven’t been there in a while, that whole town skeeves me out something fierce….but I expect they’ve still got a big menu of crazy delicious shit.


    1. I finally made it to Wrigley two years ago with the wife and grandson (have I mentioned how much this native Texan likes Chicago?).

      One of my strongest sensory memories of the park is the smell of slightly burned grilled onions. Between the Brats and the Italian meat sandwiches and the dogs, they must grill a rail car load of onions for every game.

      Loved it.


      1. Indeed. I haven’t made it up to Wrigley in a few years myself, but the smell of various meats and copious onions never really leaves the nostrils once it gets in there.

        Chicago is great…as long as you avoid the winters and the parts of town where you will absolutely get murdered.


      2. Burnt onions? There’s a Castle (or there was) about 6 blocks south of Busch. When I went to games at the old Busch, I’d find free street parking in that area and buy a small sack of sliders to eat on the way.


        1. White Castle? Every time we are on a road trip up east I have to find one and buy a bag of the little burgers.

          As an occasional treat they are outstanding.


        2. I overdosed on White Castle back in my early 20’s and I’ve never been able to get close to eating once since. They are instantly nauseating. I won’t even let someone go through the drive thru if I’m in the car.


        3. That is your difference. They are a rarity in Texas so therefore a luxury treat for me.

          Let me guess. White Castle as an antidote to excessive drinking backfired. 🙂


    2. My one stay in Chicago was unintentional. Layover on the way to Ireland turned into an over 24 hour stay due to airplane malfunction. In January. It was so, so, so, so cold. The city was beautiful though. Did I mention cold? Got some cool pics of the bean. Saw where President Obama gave his acceptance speech in 2008. It was cold, by the way. The subway with the lights, that was so cool. Very cold. So cold. Wrigley is on the bucket list. Do they do random parades all the time? I expect my day at Wrigley to be just like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It was cold. I liked the way the El looked. Reminded me of NYC.


      1. Wrigley is old-fashioned baseball. I was there before they finished the new monster scoreboard. No kiss cams. No sausage/president/etc. races. No random quizzes or background blather from the sound system. Just a beer and a dog and a 1-0 Cards shut out. And the weather was beautiful. Did I mention we were there in July? 🙂

        Houston has become a real mecca for ethnic food, but Chicago is as good or better. The museums are unmatched anywhere I have been in the country except for maybe the Washington Mall. The parks in the downtown/ circle area are clean and beautiful. Music clubs are everywhere. It’s walkable and always interesting.

        A great place to spend a long week end.

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        1. Even with those new video boards, they still don’t have any gimmicky shit like kiss cams or that annoying “make some noise” horseshit that you see in every other ballpark. As far as I can tell, nobody at any level in the Cubs’ ownership/management structure wants any of that shit. Which is a very good thing. It’s still old-fashioned baseball, but now when Schwarber hits one onto the rooftop across the street, everyone in the ballpark can immediately watch a replay of it on the boards while he’s jogging around the bases.

          I’m tempted to go up there and see how things are progressing with the construction….but on the other hand, I also want to wait until the new plaza/hotel/courtyard is all finished and just go see it all sparkly and new instead.


        2. Everything you said sounds amazing, stex. I am a little spoiled when it comes to museums. 🙂 I grew up in a city that had some pretty nice ones too. I so took them for granted. Doesn’t everyone have the Gugenheim, the MOMA, the American Museum of Natural History etc.? No? I’ve also visited museums in DC and Philadelphia has some amazing ones also. Yes, I’m a big fan. I’ll definitely check ’em out when I finally make it to the well-ventilated city–in the summer!! I am also big fan of good food. Point me in the direction of Chicago’s best steakhouse please, although I am adventurous with food. I’ll try anything once. I cannot wait.

          Everything you described is one reason why I like Spring Training games. There is none of that jumbotrom stuff. All day games. Everyone is chill and happy. No kiss cam, no gimmicks. Just the game. I don’t need a lot of food at a game. A hot dog and a beer, thanks.


        3. If I’m in the mood to drop a few bucks and want to eat in a place in which I’m 100% sure people have been whacked Goodfellas-style….Gene and Georgetti’s is the place I go. Not really that close to the ballpark, but a damn tasty steak.

          If I’m closer to Wrigley and want to stuff my face like a pig before pouring beer down my throat at the game, Lucky’s Sandwiches is unbeatable. Just a couple blocks south of the park on Clark St.


  4. I gave up beef and pork many years ago, but I would rather eat two of those than watch a game next to Darren Rovell.


  5. I’ve never heard of this Darren Rovell person until reading this post.

    I’m going to assume my good fortune in this department is due in large part to not having a cable tv subscription and not going anywhere near the ESPN website….although, with the upcoming fantasy league, that’s going to change.


    1. Do you not access the Twitters? Because most of his damage (and most of the kvetching about him) is probably done there.

      Also, you lucky sonofabitch.


      1. There is a small number of twitter pages that I’ve got bookmarked….Len Kasper, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Patton Oswalt, and a handful of others that I check once or twice a week.

        Beyond that, I’ve got nothing to do with twitter or facebook or tinder or snapgram or any other such thing.


        1. You don’t want to argue with us on multiple formats? 🙂

          My favorite stand-up comedians are on it. If only Mitch Hedberg had lived to be on Twitter. Plus, baseball news.


        2. Twitter would have been a pretty damn ideal platform for Hedberg’s style.

          Yeah, mostly the people I keep track of on twitter are comedians, but not necessarily because of how well they come across on twitter. For example, Paul F. Tompkins and Andy Daly are quite possibly the two funniest people on the planet. They aren’t really the funniest people on twitter….but spend some time watching “Review” or “No, You Shut Up!” and their genius shines.

          I don’t really use twitter for baseball news. I just check a couple websites that follow all those twitter people and “report” those tweets. I still get the same information.


        1. I’d have to create an account in order to respond to someone on twitter, and I’ve never seen anything that has motivated me to put in that much work.

          Mostly, I just don’t see the point in arguing with people in places like that. It’s fighting with ghosts.


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