Cespedes Shows Up To Work On A Horse

If case you’ve missed it, Yoenis Cespedes has been showing up to work in a different expensive car every day.  Well, apparently he ran out of cars.  I’m not going to lie, I kinda love this move.  He just signed a massive contract, and he’s doing what any rational adult would do.  Having as much fun as possible.  Good for him.  I always kind of liked Cespedes, outside persistent rumors of him being a bad clubhouse guy, and was kinda hoping he would sign a deal with my team on the cheap, but this is cementing it.  I’m a fan.  Gallery of photos and video below.  Oh yea, and let’s not also forget his recent purchase of a 270-lb grand champion hog at the county fair.

11 thoughts on “Cespedes Shows Up To Work On A Horse

  1. LMAO that’s awesome. I hope he was saying this as he rode in:

    “I have a little horse named Paul Revere
    Just me and my horsey and a quart of beer
    Riding across the land kicking up sand
    Sheriff’s posse on my tail ’cause I’m in demand…”

    What does he do tomorrow? Hot air balloon? Parachute?


    1. Probably closer to:

      Alla en el rancho grande, alla donde vivia
      Habia una rancherita, que allegre me decia

      [sorry, that’s all I remember and I’m too lazy to write it in word so I can add the diacritical marks]

      Way back when in Paraguay, I had a casette by an Argentinian group called Los Rancheros, who did a cover of it. Oh, wonderful internet!


  2. The cowboy in the grey/blue t-shirt at the end of the clip was Syndergaard. Apparently, it was his idea for this.


  3. Oh but, if Ortiz pulled this shit you would say he needs to retire and go away!

    Nah, just kidding, this is awesome! Really, he NEEDS to be dragged ashore on a surfboard whilst holding on to the dorsal fins of two dolphins while wearing a fur coat and quoting nihilist slam poets for me to wish he was on my team. Even then he has to be wearing spanks and have a tattoo of a frightened dodo bird on his left shoulder to ( if it’s on the left, it means he votes republican and is actively involved in seeing me tortured at Guantanamo….cheeky monkey…) make me not be afraid.

    Either that or he repeats last year.


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