BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Suspended

h/t to Kevin S. for letting me know about the initial tweet.

Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman  has been suspended for thirty games for violating baseball’s domestic violence policy and will not appeal the decision.

Thirty games means that Chapman will miss the month of April but will be cleared to finish the rest of the year closing for New York.

Seeing as how Chapman is not appealing the decision and worked alongside MLBPA during this time probably helped as well.

Per Sherman, Chapman is allowed to finish preseason and spring training. The suspended games are during the regular season only.

More information per Billy Witz on twitter:

Finally, in its entirety, is Chapman’s statement, released via the Yankees and Ken Rosenthal:

Today, I accepted a 30 game suspension from Major League Baseball resulting from my actions on October 30, 2015. I want to be clear, I did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening. However, I should have exercised better judgment with respect to certain actions, and for that I am sorry. The decision to accept a suspension, as opposed to appealing one, was made after careful consideration. I made this decision in an effort to minimize the distractions that an appeal would cause the Yankees, my new teammates and most importantly, my family. I have learned from this matter, and I look forward to being part of the Yankees’ quest for a 28th World Series title. Out of respect for my teammates and my family, I will have no further comment.


57 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Suspended

    • The thing I find interesting about all of this is that Manfred is making Chapman go through that accountability board. So he might be on a leash now. Makes you wonder what will happen with Jose Reyes.


      • Indeed. Whether it’s 80 days or not on time out, I presume the other things that Chapman has to do will apply to Reyes, too. And, now that we know Manfred didn’t take too, too, long … March 10? on when we hear more on Reyes?


      • I haven’t seen anything new on the Reyes court case recently. Is there any kind of indication as to whether he’ll go through a trial or take some plea agreement?

        With Chapman, the legal side of the incident was already settled. But with Reyes, if he gets suspended for 80 games….and then get sentenced to serve time in jail/prison….80 games might end up seeming kinda light.


    • Well, Reyes may be going to jail…and could possibly be deported if convicted of a violent crime, no?

      His MLB suspension may be the least of his problems.


      • The whole deportation thing didn’t even occur to me. That seems like it would be a stiffer penalty than anything Manfred could hand down.

        That would effectively be a forced retirement, wouldn’t it? I’d assume that being deported for a violent crime would also create a bit of a hurdle to getting un-deported for the purposes of playing baseball professionally in the US. (Maybe he could re-sign with the Blue Jays and only play home games?)


  1. Sounds like a reasonable amount of time, considering that a few years ago, this would have resulted in no punishment whatsoever. It’s a step.

    But strictly from a business perspective, I still don’t know why the Reds didn’t keep Chapman, absorb this suspension themselves, and then trade him around the deadline to some contending team. Why they felt like they had to trade him while his stock was at its lowest is beyond my understanding.


    • Because the Reds are horribly run. They decide to do something and then do it no matter what.

      The decided to trade Frazier for whatever they could get, and then got pennies on the dollar for him instead of just holding onto him.

      Same with Chapman, they decided to trade him and no matter how low the price got they never changed course.

      A smart team would have traded both guys last year before the deadline, when each would have brought more back and had greater value because teams would have them for an extra playoff run…but they had already decided not to do it…so they never entertained offers.


      • I agree that the better time to get maximum value for Chapman and Frazier (and Phillips and Bruce) would have been the last deadline. But I can also see the public image issue with gutting the roster just in time to host the all-star game.

        But yeah, once you make that decision to hold on to those assets at the last deadline, you HAVE to wait until the next deadline to move them. None of their offseason moves made any sound business sense. They aren’t rebuilding, they are just plain sinking.

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        • The silver lining here is that Reds fans (as a group) are assholes. So, really, I don’t feel bad if the Reds suck for a good long time.


        • We find common ground all the time.

          Archer is awesome.
          Orion is a fantastic song that should be listened to on an endless loop.
          Reds fans are assholes.
          The Cubs are awesome (how we feel about that likely differs slightly).
          We are both similarly and highly skilled at predicting where free agents will land.


        • Paper, longfoot, condemn players like Chapman, but you shouldn’t be condemning any team’s fan base. Whether or not that team is run by or not run by a bunch of greedy bung holes, whether or not the most often noticed of those teams fans are bung holes, that team’s fan base exists out of a sense of community. They want to love where they live, because that is where their family is and they think of their team as part of that. I know next to nothing about it, but I imagine that living in Cincinnati ani’t all cookies and milk.

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        • Nonetheless, in general, Reds fans are assholes. I’m not just saying this lightly either. I don’t mind Cubs fans, or Pirates fans, or Brewers fans…for Pete’s sake, I live in eastern CT surrounded by Red Sox and Yankee fans…and they are also fine. And I still find Reds fans to be assholes. I wish they weren’t, but they are.


        • I agree with twinsfan. If we’re going to start condemming fan bases, I’d start with the most sanctimonious fans of all, Cardinals fans, or should I say The Best Fans In Baseball TM. But I won’t. I am not in the business of grouping people together. I prefer to judge you as an individual once I get to know you. Except Red Sox fans, you suck. I kid, I kid. Slappy, how could I not like him?

          Or how about the long suffering Cubs fan base. Yeah, we get it. It’s been a long, long, long time. Billy goat, curses, yeah, yeah. Just be quiet already. Yes, I know, my Rays fan base is non-existent. We suck, it’s hilarious. The stadium is ugly and it’s empty.

          All fan bases as a group are insufferable except mine because it’s non-existent. Can you hate a fan base that doesn’t exist? No, I shan’t be fucking Reds fans. I happen to be very fond of a few of them. I am still on the fence on certain individual Cubs and Cardinals fans.

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        • Ok, ‘Burgie… Red Sox fans we can leave be, but I think we can all agree that the Boston sports media are a bunch of unhanged scoundrels. Well, except for Shaughnessy… he’s just an unrepentent asshole.

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        • Oh whatthefuckever. Because no one has ever generalized and condemned an entire fan base here….and some of those people likely have met approximately zero of those fans in person.

          If you are going to try to moralize, perhaps don’t generalize about other fan bases….and ‘burgie, you’ve done it before about both the Cardinals and their fans, ignoring facts to push a stereotype.


        • No, not whatever the fuck whatever. Yes, I have done it jokingly about The Best Fans in Baseball. I basically predicted word for word what you would respond on that one piece I wrote. It was pretty funny. I also mock my own fan base for that matter. You are actually serious. If you seriously think that I think that all fans of any one fan base share characteristics, wow. I don’t lump people together like that. I am a little smarter than that. Yes, even Red Sox fans. That doesn’t mean I am not going to joke about fan stereotypes. Yep, I am still going to joke about The Best Fans in Baseball.

          Like I said, all fan bases are insufferable when taken as a whole. Group think takes hold, and people behave poorly. You’re fortunate we have enough critical thinking skills to not judge you by the stereotype of your fanbase: holier than thou, arrogant, and racist. If you want to be disgusted, go follow the Twitter account, @bestfansstlouis. Here’s a sample Tweet:

          Nice. But Reds fans. They suck.


        • Seems to me that once a team starts winning a lot of asshole “fans” come out of the woodwork, who probably were not fans perviously and are just latching on to the latest bandwagon . They are the vocal minority. They are the assholes who love to get in your face just to be a dick. It’s happened with the Cardinals, the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Giants, and now even the Cubs are already starting. And I’m sure it’s happened to many more. It’s Football behavior that not only do you have to root for your team to win but your opponent must have their face rubbed into it. It ruins things for the rest of us because now everyone riots for you to fail just to shut you up. People used to have a little more class. Social media has ruined that. People need to remember what they were taught in little league about being good winners or we need to be allowed to sock assholes in the face like we used to. Don’t be a dick and don’t judge an entire group of people as if they were all one in the same.


        • Scout, I am not blaming social media or modern times for bad fan behavior. Only the forum has changed. People have been rude for a long time. I remember Yankees fans in the 1980s. Why do you think I liked the Mets? “Why do you root for a loser team?” “I don’t know. I like them.” “Only losers root for losers.” “Yep, guess so. Can I go back to reading the paper now?” Kids are great. (I started rooting for the Mets before they became really good in the mid-80s.) It did sour my opinion of Yankees fans for many years but I have met many great ones and count many as friends now. It’s actually been social media, interacting with people online over the years, that has helped me see how great fans of all teams can be. I never would have met many of these people if it hadn’t been for these series of tubes and wires.

          I’ve been told stories about the 70s–I was too young so my memory is hazy. People were jerks then too. The only difference is they didn’t have Twitter. Now, we can hold them accountable–everyone gets to see how much of an asshole AMFeld is and can send him a message of discouragement.


      • But this way you can let your fans know right away that there’s no reason to buy tickets this year unless you want to see Joey Votto walk 180 times.


        • I suspect if Votto was willing to waive his no-trade, they would have moved him already.

          I’d ballpark the odds of him being a Red for his entire career at 90%. And I’d ballpark the odds of the Reds seeing another season above .500 during that time at about 10%.


  2. Not that he wrote that thing, but they could have left this part out: “I want to be clear, I did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening.”

    I would guess this is an appropriate punishment. Nobody can say the financial penalty isn’t severe enough.


    • I am so confused. If he didn’t harm his girlfriend, why is he being suspended?

      When he goes through his counseling, hopefully he will understand even if he didn’t lay a finger on her, that shooting in his garage angrily while she cowered in the bushes after an intense argument causes intense psychological harm, fuck face. This is why I did not pursue an advanced degree in psychology. I am a little too blunt.

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      • My thoughts exactly.

        I didn’t want my personal opinion to be in a news piece, but here’s my personal opinion:

        You might not have physically hurt your girlfriend, but you did hurt her, you infested pile of rotten elephant crap. Psychological scars run just as deep and cause just as much damage as a black eye or a broken bone, you asshole.

        If I didn’t already think he was a callous piece of crap, I sure do now.

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        • I am still too angry at him and whoever let him release one of the dumbest P.R. statements I have ever read. I need to calm down. If I could say one thing to him so nothing is lost in translation, “Come mierda, pendejo.”

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        • Apparently I’ve been mishearing that word my entire life. I always thought it was “bendejo”.

          Learn something new every day….

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        • See, if you went to Spring Training in Florida instead of Arizona, I could teach you all sorts of fun Spanish curse words to yell at Chapman.

          Unfortunately, Spanish curse words are mostly all very mysogynistic and homophobic. Hijo de la gran puta–what did his mother have to do with this? Maricon–no, no, no. We don’t call anyone that. I’ll fight you myself and where does that leave us? Or you rather. Mama huevos–literally suck eggs or breasts, but it means cocksucker, again, homophobic. This is really tough. Metelo en el culo, stick it in your ass, again. Gay slur. Jesus. I can’t curse in Spanish without offending people on multiple levels and I don’t want to do that. English is better. I’ll have to heckle Chapman in English.


        • You just need more creativity.

          Say something like “A clown who fucks decomposing farm animals is a better man than you”.

          Of course, that doesn’t roll off the tongue as quickly as “fuckstain”….but it’s also more likely to actually stick in his head, as opposed to the more common stuff that people eventually just learn to tune out. I mean, “motherfucker” doesn’t really pack a punch anymore.


        • I’m trying to translate that it Spanish, and it doesn’t translate well. Lost in translation. He’d probably laugh, and that defeats the purpose. I’m trying to insult, not amuse him. Some things just work better in English.


      • Indeed.

        Of the list of people in a position to make a decision as to how much his girlfriend was harmed in/by that incident, his name should be damn near the bottom.

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      • You are 100% right ladies but you forget that they are surrounded by yes man who facilitate their every sexual needs and anyone who doesn’t understand that logic isn’t a part of it. Counseling will never help, shaming will never help, spending money on a sex addiction hospital will actually help the owner. So, being a former groupie loving guitarist who’s had the fortune of living in the right age at somewhat the right time… have three choices…

        1- You are the perfect women who embraced your sexuality and aren’t afraid to do what you must to have a good time?

        My opinion; I love people like you, you made me realize that I like hot chicks to jam fingers up my ass!

        The Fox Opinion; fag, queer, and she just wants her name out there to make money!

        2- My opinion; your a dirty whoring opportunistic bitch that LOVES fingering our assholes

        The Fox Opinion; see, this is why we can’t trust rape victims!

        3-I love the way you stick your fingers in my butt.

        The Fox Opinion; he didn’t shoot his subordinate, so therefore this is deniable.

        All I am saying is that is if more fingers were up my fucking butt then Trump would have never happened…..just saying… I am so ashamed!


        • LMAO

          This is why I don’t like groupie types, slappy. I am not a yes woman. My family was close friends with some Dominican ball players when I was a kid. i saw their girlfriends. I knew their wives too. No, thanks.


      • i have met more people accused of domestic violence than any of you. I believe in my job and do it well. I fight for my clients.

        let’s just say, in general, as a group, logic is not the strong suit of people accused of DV.


  3. I presume the suspension includes a prohibition on traveling with the team, working out with the team, etc.? That might affect him a bit more. Lefty does have a good question from the trade-mechanics side. The Reds got a AA starter who may be a modest MLB contributor some day, an OK AA 3B who is somewhat more likely to be a moderate-level MLB contributor, a AA 2B who is nothing more than institutional depth and a middle reliever who sniffed the Big Show last year for the first time at 27.

    Could they have done better with the wait?


  4. I’m not sure how I feel about this. For one, 30 days seems pretty light. (But then again, there was very little evidence as the Police fucked the duck on that one.) But I also don’t want the Yankees to benefit from a longer suspension, because fuck them. I’m also very curious as to why Manfred came to a decision on this and not Reyes or Puig, or several of the other matters they still need to address.


    • I thought that in Puig’s case, there was video evidence that showed that his sister wasn’t involved, just Puig and a bouncer/doorman. Or am I misremembering that?

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    • This is kind of close to ideal length for me, in that it minimizes the amount of time that fucker is on my team. Much more and they get him back next year. Screw that.

      As for whether 30 games is “enough,” two things to consider. One, this is essentially a plea-bargain. It seems like MLB was looking at 40-45 games initially, but he played balled, isn’t appealing, etc. That warrants consideration on the sentence. Two, until recently 30 games would have been considered a lengthy suspension. Ten games is pretty much the upper end of what you see for anybody involved in headhunting or brawling, and Chapman got three times that while forfeiting his right to appeal. Yeah, comparing it with PED suspensions it looks week, but everybody lost their god damn minds with PEDs. Coupled with him being on the leash, so to speak (anybody know how long that lasts?), and I think this is basically as much as could reasonably be expected sans a criminal conviction.

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