The Midnight Snack – Monday

I love pitchers. You love baseball. Together, we can love these cool little stories that you might have missed.

It’s Tricky:

I am sure that there’s probably two camps of people reading FI – those who like pickoff moves (like me) and people who hate everything good in life. 🙂 (I’m kidding, guys. You know I love all of you.)

Blake Fox, Rice pitcher, had an ingenious one.

I’m in love with it.

#PitchersAtBat:  As one of the few who love seeing pitchers at the plate, this is a special treat.

Today during batting practice, James Shields mashed a home run and proceeded to give us what can only be described as the weirdest bat flip ever.

It’s not Greinke level (but, seriously, what is Greinke level?) but it’s great. Listen to his teammates cheering. It’s excellent.

No, We’ve Not Gone Back In Time:  Stop rubbing your eyes, they are not deceiving you. This is Madison Bumgarner, circa 2016.

He looks exactly the same as he did his rookie year. What a difference proper grooming makes! I was shocked. I’m sure you are, too.

(The blogger makes no other commentary about MadBum except that I’d rather wear a Human Potato jersey every day of my life than suffer the MadBum.)

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. You guys, I read a box score today and it was for a totally new game!!!!!!

    I don’t even know any of the pitchers we put up. It must be ST!

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  2. Thanks, Professor, for the shout out to Rice University, whence I graduated forty years ago this May. Given that it is a small, private school (total enrollment undergrad < 4000) we alumni are limited in our enjoyment of NCAA sports at which the team doesn’t get pounded. For the last twenty years, that has been a nationally ranked baseball team. They actually won the National Championship in 2003. I have been waiting for another one ever since.

    It appears it won’t be this year.

    But nice pickoff move.

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