ESPN Forced Erin Andrews To Talk About Stalker

erin-andrews-football-outfit-mainThe Erin Andrews lawsuit against the hotels gets even more ridiculous.

Today, according to Deadspin, Andrews took the stand and testified that her former employer, ESPN, forced her to discuss the issue on national television “against her will before she was allowed to return to broadcasting duties.”

It is a wonder that she didn’t sue ESPN. I am aghast by this allegation.

To catch you up. Asshole stalker person booked hotel rooms next to Andrews to jigger the peephole next to her to videotape her naked without her permission, and then proceeded to post these videos online where they have been viewed over 300 million times. This man is now in prison. According to Andrews, the hotels simply allowed him to book the hotel room next to her, disregarding her personal safety. It does seem a bit coincidental that he was able to book the room next to her so many times.

On the stand, Andrews tearfully testified that everyone thought she had done the videos as a publicity stunt–yes, because this is how a woman who wants to be respected in the sports world gets attention–and that her bosses would not put her back on the air until she agreed to do an interview about the ordeal. I see now why she left ESPN.

“We went, I wanted nothing to do with it. I was in the office, or her green room, and I was sitting there and I was just bawling at my parents. “It’s Oprah Winfrey, how do you not want to see her?” And I was just freaking out, and I just said “I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this. I just want to go back to college football. I don’t want to talk about what happened to me, why can’t I just be normal? Like, why can’t I go back?”

ESPN then allowed her to return to work. If you needed one more reason to hate ESPN, here ya go.

Thanks, scout, for the heads up.

21 thoughts on “ESPN Forced Erin Andrews To Talk About Stalker

  1. This is why no one reports these things. Erin Andrews is victimized by a wack job, and then is victimized again by her employer. It makes me sick.

    What does she have to gain from this violation of her privacy? If she wanted to do some sort of salacious publicity stunt, I think she’s smart enough and savvy enough to have done it in a way that she would get gain from it. She gained nothing from this except fear and having millions of people know what she looks like without her clothes on without her expressed permission.

    I can’t speak for everyone who has been violated in personal, private ways, but I do know that for many people, you are placed into three separate categories depending on what you’re like or who you tell. You’re making it up, or you’re damaged goods too tainted to be yourself again, or you’re a whore who asked for it.

    For Ms Andrews to be subjected to this by the people who should have been fighting in her corner – and make no mistake, ESPN should be on the side of their very public employees when they are being harassed – well, this once again smacks of a boys’ club atmosphere that one has heard about from ESPN over the years.

    No one, ever, should make you disclose highly personal aspects of your life in public just because they think you should. No one has that right. But in today’s world, where politicians actively say bullshit things like a woman can’t become pregnant after a rape because the body shuts down, or you can only get pregnant after sex if you enjoy the encounter, or you smile at a guy and that gives him the right to demand sex from you…

    I like being a woman. I don’t like being treated like a second class citizen. And there is no reason in this day and age that being one means being the other in the eyes of so many.

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    1. Was this before or after Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian purposefully released their own sex tapes to somehow become celebrities? I’m not justifying the thought, but it has been done before. Clearly this was not the same case, and any person in this situation should be treated like a victim first.


      1. There’s a huge difference between Kardashian and Andrews though. Kardashian was known as “hilton’s best friend” at the time, basically a groupie before her mother brokered the sex tape. Andrews was already working at ESPN and was a very visible reporter.


        1. And unfortunately that highlights another problem that only affects women. Just because one, or a couple of women, do something doesn’t mean others would do the same. So Kardashian/Hilton release a sex tape, I guess all women want to use sex to get ahead. Tawana Bradley lies about being raped, so all women are a lying.

          And if we think that doesn’t happen, Ms Bradley’s name is still brought up regarding false accusations even though it was almost 30 years ago.

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      2. I wouldn’t compare them. Erin Andrews had a career as respected reporter. Hilton and Kardashian are famous because of their sex tapes. Andrews did not need to release a sex tape to become famous. No, I wouldn’t even entertain the thought.


        1. Totally not trying to compare them at all, and I apologize if I gave off that impression. I’m not saying Andrews has released a tape to become famous, or that she would, because that’s ludicrous, I’m just saying it’s been done before is all.


        2. I was just curious as to if this all happened around the same time and if this was a thing yet or not. The type of person who would think only of capitalization on her suffering with the ratings and the exclusive interview would be the same kind of person who would assume she self-leaked this video. Not trying to give off the impression I think this way, but clearly her supervisors at ESPN did.


        1. The conclusion of that piece is 100% on point. It is about money. Until these issues affect the ability of the NFL or companies that broadcast it to make money, they will all do their utmost to downplay these issues.

          Lest we think this is restricted to boy’s club type institutions. The same things are true at universities around the country, including my own, which has had a female president for many years now and which just paid out a huge settlement to former female students for, essentially, coercing them to not report sexual assaults. Because our governments no longer support “public” universities with appreciable tax dollars, universities are mostly left to fend for themselves (which is why tuition is sky rocketing and why standards are falling so quickly, if you can pay, universities want you to stay). Well, no one wants to send their kid to a school with alarming violent crime stats, so for decades universities have done their best to make these incidents disappear (any kind of violence, but, yes, mostly sexual assaults), and it isn’t just men that do it. University administration and police forces are chock full of women, and those women will victimize other women if the company tells them to…it isn’t just men that categorize women as prof noted above. People should read the story of the Baylor student and how she was treated by that “Christian” school. Next to universities, the NFL and ESPN may actually be choir boys….at the very least they aren’t any worse, they are just more likely to be exposed for their vile actions.

          Institutions will do anything to make money and protect their investments….ALL institutions.

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        2. Yeah. You’re right. My old college, which I attended for a year and half before transferring for more welcoming pastures had and still has a horrible track record for these issues. 20 years and nothing has changed.

          Some of us never bother reporting. We know we won’t be believed. Why be a victim twice? His word, your word. You are on trial as much as the perpetrator. Too painful.

          New Hampshire is pretty though.


        3. Honestly, I was shocked by this when I was an undergrad. Men have daughters and wives and grand daughters, how could you be so callous toward a victim. Then when I learned that female officers and administrators were just as bad I was shocked. Even women that work in the offices that are supposed to support victims can be dismissive of victims….I’m not sure if this attitude is one that slowly manifests as upper administration leans on them to make thing go away or what.

          I know you think I am unjustifiably negative about how shitty people are…but man, people are really shitty to other people…and that is when they are fact-to-face. When those other people don’t have faces, they are just numbers, people are even shittier to them.


        4. Because I know I am still a decent, imperfect human in spite of everything and I know I can’t be the only one. I am not that special. I’ve met many like me. Better than me.

          I have treated victims of rape and domestic violence in my ER and I treated them with dignity, kindness, and respect and I defied anyone to treat them any different. I treat all my patients that way. We don’t hear those stories because they’re not the newsmakers.

          The other day, a nurse gave me report on a still anesthetized male patient. He said at the end, “Oh, and he has a ‘friend’ waiting for him in the lobby.” He said friend and the rest of the sentence in a high pitched effeminate voice. I looked him square in the eye and said sternly. “And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” I said. The nurse who gave me report immediately got serious and said, “Nothing.” Yeah, I thought so. Homophobic ass.

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        5. Yes, but the issue is that you and people like you are the exception….especially when it comes to positions of power.


  2. I’ve been trying to find a better word to sum up how I felt after reading this article, and all I can think of is disgust. This article is disgusting. The actions by ESPN and Erin’s direct supervisors are disgusting. I’m glad Opera tried to help, but even she profited off this and I wish she had done more to protect Erin. When she saw Erin in hysterics, I wish she had cancelled the entire thing right then and there and taken a stand. I don’t know why Erin hasn’t sued ESPN, maybe she can’t, but the entire thing is absolutely disgusting.

    Not only did ESPN want to control her story, they wanted to fucking PROFIT off it by having the exclusive interview. And they strong armed her to get it. Their own employee. And a victim! It’s absolutely abhorrent. You just know there was some douche-bag in the back who could only think of the ratings this would bring. You see this sort of villain in bad television, never believing a person could actually be this way. It’s monstrous.


    1. But that’s ESPN. They have a guy who thinks women can be responsible for getting hit, and then have that same guy verbally fellate a serial woman beater in Floyd Mayweather. Two of their highest paid “personalities” are probably going to make about $9M together (SAS/Bayless) but they shuttered Grantland. Danny Kanell is out spouting anti-science stuff, and KLaw gets suspended for defending evolution…

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