Indians Abraham Almonte Suspended 80 Games For PEDs

The Indians lost center fielder Abraham Almonte for the first 80 games of the season after Almonte tested positive for Boldenone.  The loss leaves the Indians very short handed in the outfield department.

For Cleveland, the loss of Almonte for half of the regular season further thins out what was already a questionable outfield picture. The Indians did reportedly bring veteran outfielder Will Venable into camp on a minor league deal today, but the team’s outfield depth chart is still perilously thin. Michael Brantley figures to begin the season on the disabled list, leaving the Indians with Rajai Davis, Collin Cowgill and Lonnie Chisenhall as its primary options on the 40-man roster (plus Venable as a non-roster invitee).

Almonte batted .250/.310/.409/.719 with 5 homeruns in 82 games between the Indians and Padres last season.

5 thoughts on “Indians Abraham Almonte Suspended 80 Games For PEDs

  1. Every single person who has been busted for easily identified drugs have a Latin last name or the stupidest of stupid white guys, you have to ask if we aren’t doing it wrong.

    Instead of going after the people who are ingesting this, you perhaps spend more money furthering the goal of having ALL countries eliminate it, not just the U.S. What is legal in Germany, the D.R., Australia and the like is only illegal here! Seeing how we own all the pharmaceutical companies, maybe we just start to ban all those ” U.S.” banned substances from getting over the border.

    Wait, what was I thinking? There is ONLY two choices.

    1- We make it illegal world-wide and eliminate the profits of world-wide corporation making billions of dollars…..Or….

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