The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Chief Meteorologist Mike Trout:  Mike Trout. The name brings to mind a lot of things. Youth. Power. Unearthly home run robbing abilities. Being deceptively fast with that linebacker body. A not screwed up Mickey Mantle. But for me the most important thing it brings up is this – hardcore nerd.

Trout is a long time weather nerd. Not only does he read the charts, he’s gone on a kind of storm hunting expedition one time during an off day. During the huge East Coast blizzard earlier in the year, Trout called into talk to Jim Cantore, the king of weather media. He also posted this video of the storm on his twitter.

Now, we have news out of Angels camp that Cantore and the Weather Channel crew have sent Trouty a weather balloon. 

Al Roker, eat your heart out.

Fitting for the Natinals:

Royce Harper, aye?

bharp natitude

I want this to be a thing. I want Dusty to call him Royce Harper every day, all day. All year long. I want him to mess up everyone else’s names on the team, too. Names like…

Jonathan Cinnabon
Max Sherbet
Mason Werth
Stephen Saucepan
Denny Murphy

Please, Dusty, do this for me.

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

  1. All I remember from that storm was Cantore repeatedly referring to Trout’s team as the California Amgels. Bro, that was like four names ago.


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