Dexter Fowler Changes Mind, Signs With Cubs

Dexter Fowler backed out of his deal with the Orioles in order to sign a one year deal with a mutual option for a second.  The one year deal is worth 8 mil.  For signing Fowler, the Cubs will lose their second round pick.

The addition of Fowler will allow the Cubs to move Jason Heyward to his natural position of right field. Jorge Soler and Kyle Schwarber may share left field or another arrangement could be reached. Given that Fowler isn’t viewed as a positive defensive center fielder, it’s possible Heyward will remain penciled in up the middle. The club now has a wealth of outfield depth with Ben Zobrist and Javier Baez also in the mix for reps.

Baltimore now appears to be on the market for a last second outfielder as the loss of Fowler was a significant blow this late in the off-season.

18 thoughts on “Dexter Fowler Changes Mind, Signs With Cubs

  1. Interesting. And, nice of MLBTR to note, per convo several weeks ago with Long Foot Lefty, that Heyward’s natural spot is RF. I’m convinced that mentally, or whatever, he would have struggled in CF.

    And, Fowler must have been smoking something to want a 1-year opt-out.


  2. So wait he turn down a $15.8M QO, then signs a 3/$35M deal only to turn that down for an $8M deal?

    Tell me again Aaron how it’s the QO that’s the problem…


    • People that think the QO is the problem are the same people that think a lottery would have an affect on how teams rebuild (i.e. people that aren’t good at cause and effect).

      The QO is a minor drag on FA value, but the bigger issue is essentially average players who are close to 30 thinking they are going to get 5 year $80M deals…teams recognize now that they can usually get 90% of that value from a guy they are paying league minimum and just don’t pay top dollar for a track record that is mostly average.

      Similarly, teams that are rebuilding aren’t losing on purpose, they are moving resources with current value for those with future value…getting a higher draft pick is just a side effect. Creating a lottery won’t change anything other than the exact order of the top picks. Smart teams that are rebuilding with still trade things that aren’t useful to them now for things that might be useful to them when they might be good again.


  3. Good signing for the Cubs, it costs them a pick as well as now they won’t get the comp pick, but Fowler for 1 yr at $13M plus a mutual option is solid…and, of course, if he opts out then they can offer him a QO and possibly get the comp pick next year.

    While Fowler isn’t a great CF (seems roughly average), having an average defensive CF and Heyward in RF is much better defensively as Soler and Schwarber are both likely to continue to be really bad at playing OF. This gives them way better depth for the OF in general and for CF in particular.


  4. As expressed elsewhere, I am a fan of Fowler’s. He spends a bit too much time injured and the power is mediocre. But he is good at OBP, a serviceable center fielder, and by all accounts a good clubhouse presence.

    I’m a little baffled by the back-and-forth on the deal. To me 3/35 MM$ is a ceiling for him, and I think he is overly optimistic about his value in a year. Besides, the Cubs, being loaded in the OF, are unlikely to invite him back. But he is a big boy; he can call his own shots.

    If you have him in fantasy baseball, you can jack up his run potential now.


    • I don’t think there was any back and forth. Doesn’t appear that the Orioles ever thought they had a deal. Maybe some reporter got a bit too far out ahead of himself in regards to that 3 year deal.

      As for Dexter’s opinion of his future value, it’s not like he’s the first guy this year to choose the Cubs over other teams offering more money….


  5. Scout, get on the horn to Dan Duquette and Peter Angelos and tell them they can get Jose Bautista for about eleventy-billion dolllars over 10 years 🙂 Cheap like borscht.


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