(UPDATE) Former MLB and KBO player, Yamaico Navarro arrested

(Must watch vid.)

UPDATE JUST TODAY: Via sportshochi.jp…Yamaico Navarro’s case was filed by the Naha Public Prosecutors just this day (February 23, 10:18 P.M) and was later released for not being a flight risk, Navarro himself also apologized for the incident in front of the media outlets and some Lotte Marines fans.

Via news24jp, former Major league player, and KBO player of the Samsung Lions, Yamaico Navarro (28 years old)… was arrested for breaking the Firearms and Swords Possession Control Law, just 2 days ago in Okinawa airport for bullet possession, a ONE LIVE ROUND… concealing a bullet in his luggage (shoulder bag) during a regular checkup for a domestic flight by Airport securities… Yamaico Navarro told the police that the bullet was from the Dominican Republic and said that “he was unaware” that the bullet was inside his bag at that time. Handguns and bullets are all legal in the Dominican Republic… so possibly, he didn’t knew about Japan’s firearms law when he came over to their country to play ball… The Chiba Lotte Marines (Navarro’s new team in Japan), already apologized for the said incident to the media.

(From Chiba Lotte Marines managing director via link in the second paragraph, Shinya Yamamuro’s statement.)

We are very sorry for this distraction that may have caused Lotte Marines fans feel betrayed. We are currently waiting for police to issue a decision based on their investigation. We would like to talk to Navarro directly before we deal with this incident.

During Yamaico Navarro’s 2 year tenure in South Korea, he put up monstrous offensive numbers playing for the Samsung Lions (as a second baseman), having a batting average of .296, hitting 79 homeruns and 235 RBI’s in that span alone, he finished his 2015 KBO regular season hitting 48 homeruns and 137 RBI’s while having a batting average of .287 in 140 games played.

12 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Former MLB and KBO player, Yamaico Navarro arrested

  1. I generally regard a bullet as a relatively harmless thing to have unless you also have a gun. Who knows what actually happened, just yet, but it may well be the unfortunate mistake he claims it to be.

    That would be my inclination.


      1. FBI Agent: Wait, why why did you throw a bullet at him?

        Raylan: I was trying to make a point.

        FBI Agent: Which was?

        Raylan: Get the hell out of Kentucky and don’t come back.

        FBI Agent: How is throwing a bullet at him gonna accomplish that?

        Raylan: Told him that the next one might be coming a little faster.

        FBI Agent: Deputy, that might just be the coolest thing I’ve ever laid ears on.


    1. A friend of mine who is an avid outdoorsman (bow hunts, gun hunts, all sorts of fishing, spin, fly, marine) moved back to Texas and almost immediately started buying guns he didn’t need and then started to load his own rounds. He and his wife are both Mexican (actually from Mexico City, moved to the US for grad school, met, married, kids, etc.), but if you put him in middle eastern dress, he could easily be mistaken for being from that part of the world (if he put on 30 lbs, he’d look a lot like the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars). He became pretty proud of his “hobby”.

      The running jokes were:

      “Well, you have to have such an armory, it is state law.” and “Damn dude, you better hope no one decides you are a terrorist.”


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