Chris Archer Elects Himself Team Leader

Team workouts were scheduled for 9 a.m. for the Rays on Sunday. Rays pitching prospects Blake Snell and Jacob Faria arrived at 8:28 a.m. Apparently, that was a little too late for Chris Archer.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Archer had the following to say:

“You guys are the last two pitchers here. You guys have zero service time. You got no right to be coming in after me, really. I get here super early. I wouldn’t expect you to be here at 6:30, but 8:30?”

Archer said he is passing down the legacy program passed down to him by Price and Shields, but I don’t recall public shamings. He did this in front of reporters, not privately. I like Archer, but is he taking things a little too far? Is that hair getting a little too big for his head? I’m fine with Archer speaking privately with the young players (even though, they were thirty minutes early, really?) but I don’t appreciate the public shaming. This stuff stays in the clubhouse.

According to the Times today, the young guys took it well:

I like Chris Archer, but this, not cool. What do you guys think?

38 thoughts on “Chris Archer Elects Himself Team Leader

  1. I could sort of understand if they showed up 5 min early, b/c it probably takes time to get ready. But half an hour and he has a problem? Also that stuff needs to be kept in house.

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    1. Is it some stupid unwritten rule that players need to show up early? Even so, it’s dumb and like you said, keep it in-house. My bitch face on Archer would have said it all. I would have been livid to be embarrassed like that. The new guy took it well, but what was he supposed to say? Our ace pitcher can be kind of an ass?


      1. Also, unless they were told that 9 AM really means 8 AM, how the hell are they supposed to figure out that being half an hour early for their first day of workouts wasn’t early enough?

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        1. Question for everyone, are there rules in MLB like their are in college, and the NFL about how early you can hold official practices? I mean if you want your players there on the 20th, tell them P&C reports on the 20th, not the 21st.


  2. Everything about Chris has seemed a little clumsy in how he handled stuff. Reference our comments last week. I feel sure that he means the best with all this. But I think he needs a little counsel from the older guys on how and how not to lead effectively.


    1. A better approach in private I think would have been, “Hey guys, I know the start time says 9, and 8:30 is okay, but the great ones–Price, Shields, Cobb etc–they show up at 7:30. Which group do you want to belong to? Great or just okay?” That’s the speech I might have tried. Corny but I think it would have worked.

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      1. You are probably considerably more experienced in the art of people management/leadership than he is. I still tend to think of Archer as a kid, and that is probably not far off.


        1. Being a former personal trainer and a nurse kind of helps. I have to sell people on stuff. On here, I’m a little more goofy–you guys get to see the real me more.


  3. I like Chris, but he comes off more like someone in his early 20’s to me than a man of 27. he’s a reasonably bright guy, who believes he knows way more about people and the world than he actually does.


  4. I like the way Faria played him. Well done. In the kids’ situation, that was pitch-perfect – though I suspect that, privately, Archer has only convinced him that he’s a pompous jackass.

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    1. BSOHL (Biggest shape of his life). What did Boston expect… he’s called the Panda for a reason, and pandas ain’t exactly svelte. That said, Dan Shaughnessy is still a dickhead.

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    2. Yeah, I saw that and then I took a golf club to an old laptop in the garage. Felt better for 5 minutes. Then I took some advil and resigned myself that he’s on the team no matter what. Then I cried. After all that, I took out a craigslist missed connection ad with ” Big fat fuck, I saw you eating three super boxes of Taco Bell and the way you could just jam it in your big fucking mouth all at once without even unwrapping it was oddly endearing for such a fat man who obviously never missed a single meal this offseason and I knew we have to get together. You, wearing a sports bra which I later figured out was a ill fitting T-shirt from last week. Me, a worker at a well known fast food restaurant that is known for poisoning customers called Chipotle wishes you can hit me up. ” Then I did a bong rip and shotgunned a Bud and just hope that he breaks a leg by putting on a jockstrap so we can have the insurance company pay for it.

      Non ironically. . Thanks Obama!

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        1. Nah, every thing is fine now. Fortunately I found the best way to hyperventilate is to put a Wal-Mart plastic bag over my head and wait for the ambulance.


  5. When I first read the headline, I thought, “Oh, these rookies showed up late and Archer chewed them out. Ok, no problem.” Now I find out that 32 mins early is an hour late? What the fuck? I hate this mentality that’s so prevalent in sports. If you have a start time scheduled, that’s the fucking start time. Anything before that is early. Get over yourself.

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  6. I still hope Noah Syndergaard kicks the shit out of Bobby Parnell.
    Don’t ever worry about what time I get someplace if I’m not late.
    My response would be “Chris, you are a fluoride truther, STFU and worry about your elbow”


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