Manfred Appears at Spring Training Media Day

MLB: World Series-Kansas City Royals at San Francisco Giants
He’s a soul man.

At yesterday’s Spring Training Media Day, Commissioner Rob Manfred met with the media in Florida, the most superior spring training location because I live here and I say so, to discuss various issues concerning the greatest sport of all, baseball. I don’t care if the rest of the world prefers soccer. The rest of the world is wrong, as usual. ‘murica!

Along with Manfred, Dave Dombrowski, GM of the Red Sox, Al Avila, Detroit Tigers GM, John Farrell, Red Sox manager, Andy McPhail, President of Baseball Ops of the Philadelphia Phillies (thanks, FC), and Paul Molitor, Twins’ Manager, also made their appearances. Governor Scott of Florida was also scheduled to appear, but he mercifully canceled.

The Grapefruit League is a huge source of revenue for Florida, drawing 25 million since 2000, however, as longfootlefty noted the other day in his completely biased post, the distance between the cities can be a source of  strain for some of the players, and this will likely not continue to be a huge source of revenue if the following continues. Many a fan has been disappointed to show up and see their favorite player not in attendance at a road game. Manfred and others discussed this. The current requirement for a road game is 4 regulars on road teams and 3 on a split squad. Molitor stated that “if I can protect veterans, then I will.” Avila noted that some guys need to stay behind because they need physical therapy, since his team old and broken down. (I’m kidding, historiophiliac!) The player may be rehabbing. This, of course, is true for all teams. Baseball needs to find a way to meet the players’ needs and also make fans happy.

The Rays’ upcoming trip to Cuba was also discussed. It is still tentatively scheduled for March 22nd. I am desperately trying to figure out a way to make it down there, for this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An official announcement should come any day now.

In addition the following topics were discussed.

  • Stuff to speed up the game like limiting meetings on the mounds. But when are they supposed to discuss what to get for Jimmy and Millie’s wedding?
  • Technology to engage fans. More selfies! (I still have nightmares.)
  • Spanish translators for all teams. As Carlos Beltran noted in the link I provided, it is going to be “beautiful.” (I need to brush up my resume and work on my detail oriented skills.)
  • Status quo on the DH because NL fans are sentimental fools (I read between the lines but I am pretty sure that’s what he said.)
  • A new CBA by the next World Series.
  • Under more serious matters, he also expects a decision to be made on the pending domestic violence cases within days.

43 thoughts on “Manfred Appears at Spring Training Media Day

    1. Thanks. I will check these links out. I’m serious about this. I know there are some restrictions although there are changes afoot. I read in the NYT that if you can’t come up with a reason for travel to Cuba, you aren’t trying hard enough.


      1. Sorry to hijack the thread but how does one submit my red sox post? Keep in mind that I have to write it on a kindle because I bricked both my laptops. One because of bootleg Windows and the other because of my hawt gay clown porn browsing. Also, how much time do I have? I’m thinking that I have to actually do some research instead of my usual winging it.

        Thanks in advance.

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        1. By the way, while trolling HBT and renewing old internet friends, they just now are posting about the avocado massacre. Good job my brother from another mother.


        2. It all depends. If you are only gonna write the one article, just email me the article and any photos and I’ll post for you. If are going to become a regular contributor, I’ll walk you through getting setup for that.


        3. Probably just the one article, although I would appreciate an occasional post now and then if you would be gracious enough to grant that. I also would prefer to go through you because you know how I can get. Ha

          You can use the Tommy from Quincy picture if you like as I don’t know how to post pictures. Thanks Scouts, I won’t let you down. Cheers


        4. Working on trying to unbrick one of the PC’s and unfucking my wife and I’s email address problem. I assume that I have time being the only Red Sox fan to put my drivel to a post, right?


        5. You’re supposedly a medical professional, you should know this.

          It works on the same basic principle as one of those little baby snot-suckers.

          Just squeeze the balls really hard, aim the tip where the fucking happened, and then let go of the balls to vacuum all the fuck back up where it came from.

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        6. As tempting as that sounds, I’ll have to pass for now. I don’t need any of my fucks unfucked.

          But if you do find a victimvolunteer for your demonstration, be sure to put it up on youtube and give us all the link. I have no doubt it would be informative and entertaining.


        7. @ Indaburg- very carefully. Kinda like how Catholic girls are a little pregnant until they move out of state to bring back their nephew. Take Da. Bam! Actually, that’s how my Dad came about.


        8. I don’t remember for sure, but it’s entirely likely that the first time I saw boobies on the tv was during the Catholic High School Girls in Trouble sketch in Kentucky Fried Movie.


  1. Between translating for minor and major league baseball teams and the aforementioned Dominican ladies, absolutely no reason you shouldn’t learn Spanish.
    (At one time, that is exactly why I began studying the language, oh oh, and for anthropological reasons too)


        1. No, I knew what you meant. I just like to tweak people. At least the ones I know can take in the proper vein. Like you.


        2. He was probably thinking of 4 year old chickens. It’s important to only have on your lap those chickens that belong to you. They are less likely to peck your eyes out.


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