The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Jeff Foxworthy Ranked Him a Perfect Ten:  Madison Bumgarner brought a mess of horses with him to Arizona from his home in North Carolina. And he’s not the only horse enthusiast on the Giants; Johnny Cueto is also a fan of equines.

Noted redneck expert Jeff Foxworthy actually did rank MadBum as a perfect redneck. Another expert closer to the world of baseball is Jake Peavy, who offers this insightful bon mot:

You know what? Those two are going to be fun to interact with. Look, we added a Dominican who looks like he’ll turn out to be a redneck as well. We’ll throw him over with us on redneck row.

Who is that Dominican redneck? Why, it’s the aforementioned Johnny Cueto!

Makes you wonder if Madison, Johnny, and Jake will all get down to MadBum’s theme song (warning – more than about thirty seconds of this song will cause you to break down in depressing tears)…


But Can He Get a Seat At Canoe?:  Joey Bats is everything for the Blue Jays. Home run masher, bona fide star, bat flipper extraordinaire. Canadians are thankful for it. So thankful, in fact, that Bautista hasn’t had to cough up the loonies for a drink or meal in Toronto since that massive home run bomb in Game Five of the ALDS.

I’m a little jealous. Canada has a lot of great internationally known restaurants. The one I want to go to is Montreal; Garde Manger. Lobster poutine. Short ribs. This girl would be in heaven. However, in Toronto, there’s Canoe. Look at this menu and tell me that you wouldn’t want to devour that tasting menu.

I hope you enjoy your Lobster Poutine…er….Snack this evening!

9 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

      1. Funny menu. It is so heavy on the regional flavorings you can almost taste the leaves and sticks.

        Having said that, would I order it? Hell, yes.


    1. It is a universally lauded dish. You’d think it’d be terrible, but I’ve been hearing about it for years now and everyone raves about it.

      You only live (to eat) once.


      1. We tried regular old poutine when we were in Montreal three years back. The wife liked it rather well. But she really goes for the chili-cheese fries, too.

        I was – at that tasting – unconvinced.


  1. Terribly sad news. Tony Phillips, who was beloved by teammates and fans everywhere he played, has died from what they believe was a heart attack. He was only 56 years old.


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