Starlin Castro Arrested in Dominican Republic TWO YEARS AGO


516770Edit: This story is two years old and COPO got me good. I’m going to get him back for this! To be clear, I totally screwed up but I am leaving it up anyway.

Courtesy of COPO (man, you suck) and Deadspin, we have word that Yankees middle infielder Starlin Castro has been arrested in the Dominican Republic in a nightclub shooting that has left six people hurt. This comes three weeks (and 2 years ago) after Castro had been cleared of a previous” involvement in another Dominican nightclub shooting.” I am detecting a pattern here, although to be fair, that’s just how we celebrate.

According to reports, the melee in Montecristi involved his brother, a bodyguard, a bunch of other dudes, and the town’s mayor (?!). Seven people were arrested by police. TWO GODDAMNED YEARS AGO.

Edit: I presume Castro is safely reporting to Tampa for Yankees spring training.

36 thoughts on “Starlin Castro Arrested in Dominican Republic TWO YEARS AGO

  1. Now we get to see if MLB is going to bother investigating or getting into any sort of discipline here… Additionally, I have to wonder if this will make him late to spring training and what sort of repercussions that may have for him.


    1. Yes, curious to see how this affects him. And really, dude, why aren’t you here?

      Not judging, but I have visited hundreds of nightclubs and somehow have managed to never had a gun be involved in any of my shenanigans. Maybe I am lucky?


      1. Nothing good happens after 2am. Really, at this point, a very large portion of all teams have already reported, so you’d think that this kid, who is at a crossroads would be doing whatever he could to save his dwindling career. Maybe this sort of work ethic is why he has yet to live up to expectations.


        1. This will crack you up.

          The day after our cell phone discussion, the guy whose plan I’m on where I only pay him about $10/month (one lunch, so anywhere from $10-14, usually) emailed me saying that they needed to upgrade their plan because it no longer met their phone usage patterns and he was running into overages.

          With the new plan, it would cost me about $25/month….but there was also a chance to get a new phone and Verizon was offering $100 off of any smart phone. So…I am getting an iPhone 5s. Life is getting expensive.


        2. Hahahaha, too funny. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, as the great Biggie said.

          I love my phone. It does so much, too much. I know I should spend less time on it. I don’t want to resemble one of those people on the Axiom in WALL-E, staring at my screen all day. It’s nice to be off-line sometimes.


        3. I almost bought a case with the Cardinals logo on the back, but it wasn’t rated as well as another brand…and being pragmatic, I would rather have the better case.


        4. I hear you. I brand everything. I wear my Rays hoodie and watch at work–I even have a Rays lunchbox and water bottle and Rays license plate holder–(I am a 12 year old dork)–but this isn’t the time to be a homer. That thing costs too much. I like the Otter Defender. That thing has saved my phone many times.


        5. In my experience, most fun things happen after 2 a.m.

          That depends, when I was 23 and stayed one night with my (at the time) girlfriend and her friend at a hotel suite lots of fun stuff happened after 2 a.m.

          At 33, married and with a newborn in tow, many NOT fun things happened after 2 a.m.

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        6. Hey Scout – you want mutant turtles? I got ’em. Here’s a turtles (sic) you can rrrrrreally care about. Open your heart – wide:

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    1. There is no long con game here, basically because I have to figure out wtf I’m doing first before starting some long con. By the time the former happens, one of y’all will be running away with the league and I’ll be begging for a do-over.


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