More About “Pitch”

A few months ago, we talked about a new baseball themed drama that is being pitched by Fox. The show, tentatively titled “Pitch”, is about the first female major league baseball player. A lot of us wondered what the show could possibly be about – if it would be a pure drama, a rom-com type, one of those hybrid deals. It was announced that Mark-Paul Gosselaar has signed on to the show, and we also got clarification on the premise of the show::

Gosselaar will play Mike Lawson, a handsome, charming, self-assured future Hall of Fame MLB catcher. A ladies’ man off the field and a leader on it, Mike’s not sure what to do with the undeniable spark between him and Ginny [the female pitcher]. Skeptical of her at first, he still can’t help but show her the ropes. Over time, they’ll bring new meaning to the term, “team chemistry.”

Excuse me while I vomit.

zack morrisOK, I’m back. Really? It’s basically a workplace romance that happens to take place on a pitcher’s mound? While I’m not surprised, I am mildly insulted, and seriously disgusted. I like sappy romance crap (for those of you who’ve seen “Inside Out” I am this blog’s version of Sadness and probably have my very own Tragic Vampire Romance Island). Probably half the books I own are either baseball related or have a corset on the front and recounts the epic romance of Lord Hot-to-Trot and Lady Bosomly. But unlike those Reese’s commercials, I do not like your peanut butter in my chocolate, no thank you very much.

Even if you wanted to go there, with the female pitcher falling in love with her battery mate, wouldn’t it be more interesting to have the catcher, I don’t know, not be Zack Morris? Perhaps a catcher who is not as handsome, a bit prickly, not a future Hall of Famer but just your average work-a-day Joe? Someone who believes in the pitcher and thinks she has the skills to go out there and slay? A romance built upon mutual respect and an attraction of the mind and heart that eventually grows into something else, and not just a hottie who shows her “team chemistry”?

Gag me. I think I’ll pass.




25 thoughts on “More About “Pitch”

  1. So those pitcher-catcher conferences might get NC-17-rated right there on the mound?

    Talk about value for your entertainment dollar!

    I think I’ll take a pass.


  2. “a handsome, charming, self-assured future Hall of Fame MLB catcher. A ladies’ man off the field and a leader on it,”

    So he’s basically Brad Ausmus, but with HoF talent? Historio should be all over this…

    /runs away, ducking thrown popcorn

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    1. Mock him if you will, but Beautiful Brad in his prime years was the best defensive backstop and pitcher’s catcher I ever saw.


  3. I expected this show to suck….but I thought they were going to try to make a decent show and just fail spectacularly because Hollywood is so disconnected from reality.

    I had no idea they weren’t even going to try.

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