Yankees Brass Elitist Piece Of Crap

Shout-out to COPO for alerting us to this story and professormaddog31 for the title. This was a team effort.

The Yankees have announced that fans will no longer be allowed to print their tickets from home, nor do they want the hoi polloi who have never sat in a premium location mixing it up with the elites. Lonn Trost, their chief operating officer, was on WFAN earlier today and said that fans could transfer their tickets from StubHub onto their mobile phones. He also added something about letting them eat cake, but it was muffled.

According to StubHub, nope, no, you can’t do that. Per the article in Newsday: “Glenn Lehrman, a spokesman for the company, said Trost was mistaken in saying that would work with Yankees tickets.”

“The only way we can transfer tickets is if the Yankees and Ticketmaster provide us with an API [application programming interface] feed that would allow us to do that,” he said. “It’s protected, and they have not granted us access, nor have they granted anyone access. If they wanted to grant us access, this is a different conversation.”

For those of us who like to purchase tickets from secondary markets, myself included, this makes it much more difficult. Our only options are to have them mailed to us, which means if I wanted to purchase a ticket the night before the game, forget about it. That won’t work. Also, the next option would be to stand in line to pick it at a Stub Hub site near Yankee Stadium requiring an extra, unnecessary trip and inconvenience. Why bother at that point?

Newsday notes that StubHub has partnerships with every MLB team except for the Yankees, Angels, and Red Sox.

This is the line that really got me:

“And quite frankly,” he said, “the fan may be someone who has never sat in a premium location. So that’s a frustration to our existing fan base.”

We don’t want poor people getting access to those tickets. The proletariat mixing with the bourgeoisie. Oh, heavens, forbid.

If you needed one more reason to hate the Yankees, there ya go. Fuck the Yankees.




30 thoughts on “Yankees Brass Elitist Piece Of Crap

  1. I’m sure all of the seats in those “premium locations” are equipped with massive silver spoons….so those tickerholders aren’t inconvenienced by having to experience a ballgame without a hunk of dining metal shoved up their ass at all times.

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  2. It’s all good. Disaffected Borg fans, when’s the last time you watched a real baseball game? Come on over to Citifield where the owners want you to know they appreciate your hard-earned subaltern bitcoin and see the game played the right way.


    1. If I wanted to watch an inferior brand of baseball where not everyone could hit the ball, I’d go watch the little league games down the street.

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      1. You say that like everyone on the Yankees can hit the ball. Hell, last year I could see Stephen Drew making outs all the way from here….


        1. And he still had a better wRC+ than all but 2 pitchers last year (minimum 50 PA), and one was only 1 better than he.

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      2. You could join us, COPO. Watch the team of Rebels that tries to destroys the Empire with sabermetrics, market inefficiencies, and no pitchers batting. You feel the pull.


      3. And if I wanted to watch a version of baseball for grunters where dumb brute “hitting” was everything and thought, strategy and pathos didn’t count for shit, I would watch Alley Oop cartoons for the mammoth hunting scenes.


        1. There is no strategy to watching players strike out or ground out or bunt because they can’t get a hit/


  3. What pisses me off is there is an up-charge for printing and mailing tickets, which they are now effectively forcing, because instead of caring about their consumer’s convenience, they care more about fucking over StubHub. Even the smartphone option is bullshit because not everyone has a smartphone. Fuck the Yankees for their bullshit. I can’t wait for the class action suit to follow this decision. You’d think with the empty stadiums they’d be bending over backwards to get people just to show up to their PUBLICLY funded stadium.


  4. i for one, hate printed tickets. very difficult to maneuver with. phone tickets are fine, but very dependent on your screen being on and bright enough, which is tough after a day of tailgating near a stadium that purports to have wifi, but your phone only drains it battery trying to connect. Also, the sun is inevitably shining whereever you enter. Also, its very elitist to think everyone has a phone they can use for that.

    The giants used to let you print from a kiosk, It was nice, a traditional ticket. perfect size and weight. it would print from your MLB account using credit card info like the airport. Haven’t seen them the last couple of years

    but cutting out options for people is really lame. especially a tourist city like NY.


    1. I understand. I like printed tickets. On rare occasion, my signal sucks. I want a printed ticket for my security. And some people (paper lions) don’t have fancy phones.


  5. Looks like the Yankees are not only being elitist to their fans, but also to the players reporting for spring training. According to NY Daily News’s Anthony McCarron on Twitter, this was posted on the door of the Yankees’ spring training clubhouse.

    The only thing that surprises me is that it doesn’t say 110%…


    1. Basically..cheat, lie and steal so our Corporate PLC holders are giving better hand jobs for the people who they need to bribe to make the fans priced out of the game. That’s how we’re gonna make more money by having a half empty stadium. Fans…Fuck them!

      Bonus points for getting to fire minimum wage workers as they aren’t necessary anymore. If you can’t afford 80,000 dollars for season tickets, what good are you? I’m saying this as a Sox fan who’s going to be priced out as well.

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        1. Really? If I bring my voodoo to another team you’re gonna lose 81 games, you know that right? If ONLY I had season tickets for the republican party…we would have the esteemed Goddess of Elizabeth Warren running for potus and she is young enough for two terms. Well, at least she will be a FANTABULOUS supreme court justice.


        2. Yup, as soon as people stopped letting me go to games with them. I know that I had zero to do with it, but tell that to anyone who cares about the team they root for. As an aside…I do love ALL of you peeps and I wish that all your teams will win the WS because you deserve it, but we can have only one winner.

          No matter what happens, I consider all of you my friends. I appreciate that you all even listen to my shit. Especially the professor because she’s awesome and a hearty thanks to Reflex too. Your comments are giving me the will to go on. My family is afraid that I will resort back to my old habits and that’s understandable but I am only trying to cope and I promise to myself that no opiates will inhabit my body and it is your good wishes that makes me not take the easy way out. Indaburg, historio, scouts and the rest…

          You have no idea how much this blog makes me sane. Badhair, thanks to you too, and if I don’t mention you all personally, it’s implied. Every.Single.One of you are people who I would love to meet in real life and I think that this blog will over take the place that HBT used to have and rightfully so.

          Keep doing you, you are ALL gifted writers who never had a chance to be what you are now becoming because of the limitations of being commenters but are kicking ass now. My gratitude is large, but your camaraderie is both welcomed and needed and if I live to be 100 you have ALL gifted me with more than I have given you. A sloppy kiss to each and every one.

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      1. Lower bowl seating – $5 bajilion dollars
        Parking – $30 dollars if you’re lucky
        Game Day Program – $5.00
        Hot dog – $4.75 for a really crappy one, $6.00 for an edible one
        Soda – $8.00 because you want the larger one with the fancy cup
        Watered down, shitty beer – $6.75 for the small

        You give in and buy the helmet nachos because you’re starving and it smells good even though you’re going to regret it – $20
        Another soda because you aren’t at Turner Field and therefore can’t get a refill on the large soda – $8.00 more dollars

        All told you’ve spent the GDP of a small country for one day at the ballpark.

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        1. Lower bowl seating–$55 per ticket behind home plate on stub hub during the week, if I am splurging.
          Rays give away the program because they’re awesome–Free, includes scorecard and pencil
          Hot dog – $6.00 (but they are good Kayem hot dogs)
          Skip the soda
          Good beer, $9.00 x 2. I’m done.

          Or buy the soda $8.00, and sneak in your liquor in your plastic flask, hide it under tampons in your purse.

          No, I don’t get the nachos. They never taste as good as they smell.

          That’s not awful.


        2. And the asshole behind you won’t stop talking loudly on his cell phone, the drunk to your right spilled half his beer on your leg, and your team blew a big lead in the eighth and lost the game. Oh, and someone keyed your car in the parking lot.

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        3. Ummmm… there’s no one here but me. I have the entire stadium to myself. It is wonderful.

          Oh, and I park on 5th St S for free and cross over the overpass. No one keyed my car.

          Rogers Centre sounds awful.


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