Give us your best… and your worst.


Four names.

Just four simple names.

No pussy-footing around, no evading, avoiding or ducking the question.  No shenanigans, monkeyshines, hijinks, tomfoolery or even asshattery.  (I’m looking at you, Slappy)  🙂


And I want every one to chime in…

  1. Who is your most favourite player on your team?
  2. Who is your least favourite player on your team?
  3. Who is your most favourite player NOT on your team?
  4. Who is your least favourite player NOT on your team?


Just give us the four names… we can fight about it later.  I’ll even start…

  1. Marcus Stroman
  2. Josh Thole
  3. Andrew McCutchen
  4. Jonathan Papelbon





80 thoughts on “Give us your best… and your worst.

  1. 1) Chris Archer
    2) Logan “I hate breastfeeding mommies” Morrison
    3) Cutch! Cutch! Cutch! *(Tough one… Jose Fernandez was on MLB Network and I want to invite him over for rice and beans, he’s so adorable!)
    4) Aroldis Chapman

    Nice post.

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  2. 1.) George Springer (Tough.. Correa or Keuchel could replace him this year).
    2.) Evan Gattis (Also tough. They got rid of about four I liked less over the winter).
    3.) Cutch!!
    4.) Papelbon (So many jerks to choose from!)


    • I surprised myself. A year ago for #2 I would have told you Colby Rasmus for sure. But there is something about the overwhelming gratitude he has expressed to the Astros for just accepting him that kind of softened my dislike.

      The guy must have spent a lot of his career feeling really out of place. Not to say he didn’t bring it on himself, but I just found it harder to dislike him.

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        • My friend, you’re old enough to have a favorite team. Remember, no ass-hattery edition, or is that only for me? If it’s only for me then that’s cool, but you’re just as much of a joker as I am, right? Albeit you have much better web-fu skills than I. Maybe that’s why. Gawd Damn my spending my life being a failed musician and not an IT tech. Well, I’ll always have the groupie twins…
          in five different cities…poor me…haha


        • As a manner of fracture, I have had more than 1 favorite team in the past. It’s just that all of them have , in some way, betrayed my fandom. I’m of Scottish heritage. We hold grudges generationally!

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        • While I am impressed by your grudgitude, it’s four names. How fucking ever, I’m Sicilian and I believe that you know about dealing with us wops, right?
          Do not make me start a land war in Asia!!! Haha


        • At COPO, my grandparents emigrated from Sicily when they attacked Ethiopia and were terrified of the Don Trump of the forties, so maybe. Also remember that El Duce and his evil wife were strung up and beaten by the population.

          Let’s just hope that history repeats itself. if the short fingered vulgarity spewing hate monger is elected president, then you have to know that I will be shooting heroin in MASSIVE AMOUNTS because I have no will to live in a fucking world that he is POTUS. On my way out I promise you that I will blow up D.C. too. I have the technology, I have the will and I have the skills.

          This is not a threat, it’s a promise. If fifty percent of my countrymen wants him…then we’re fucking fucked anyway. Probably better if we just neuter the whole government anyway. Haha


      • I’m not shaped like a dugout phone, so like everything else these days, he’ll probably miss me anyways. Sorry, can’t like the man. He publicly wines and bitches about other people too much for my taste. Can’t respect a man who’s going to throw official scorers under the bus and throw a temper-tantrum until he gets his way. It’s like when some celebrity gets a busboy fired because they looked at him wrong or something stupid like that.


    • I managed to forget about Clutch! I’d like him more, but honestly I don’t follow the NL that much and the Pirates just don’t get that much press, so I completely forgot about him.

      Also, I forgot about how much I hate Joey Bautista. Sorry Jays fans, dude is a douche toward my team, with his incessant wining and pouting whenever something doesn’t go his way.


  3. 1 Marcus Semien. I don’t know why. I feel like he is a step away from being awesome and he failed so spectacularly last year
    2 Billy butler. Kinda feel bad for him, its not his fault he has a job
    3 Adrian Beltre. How could he not be?
    4 probably papelbon.


  4. Oh, mercy, this is gonna be hard. As you know I am a polyamorous baseball fan. Oh well. I can’t choose my forever rooting interest entirely so I am not going to choose my one “favorite team” for this exercise, either.

    1a) Anthony Rizzo (although it’s really, REALLY hard not to say Ben Zobrist because y’all know I love me some Zoby)
    1b) Freddie Freeman
    2b) Everyone not named Freddie Freeman? Wait, that’s not how it works? Shoot. OK , gotta choose one…. Nick Swisher.
    3) a toss up between Justin Morneau, RA Dickey, and Zack Greinke.
    4) Obvs Paps, but also MadBum and Yadier Molina.

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