The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Spring Break:  This time of the year is difficult for many of us. For a lot of us, baseball is what keeps us from being sad and/or lonely. Lately it’s been even harder because there’s really no news. But do not fret, friends. Our long, seasonal nightmare will soon be over. Spring training will be here before we know it, but some guys are beginning their springs early.

The Orioles know what’s up.

Chicago’s very own Babe Ruth impersonator, Kyle Schwarber, hit a home run during batting practice and broke this poor guy’s windshield. At least Schwarb’s starting it out on a good note – smashin’ and mashin’, just the way we like it.

I wish I had a squad, other than the people I talk to on Skype (what up, homies!?!?). But hey! We’re going to start seeing what our teams (and their enemies) will be shaping up to be.

Taste the excitement, folks!

6 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

  1. What up! I had today off and thought about driving over to Phillies spring training HQ–only a 10 minute drive but decided to clean my bathroom instead. 🙂

    Actually, Dunedin would have been cool instead to see an actual pro team practice, the Jays. I’ll go next week.


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