The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Whew! I’m finally home. My flight to Drunken Cheeselandian City last night was cancelled, leaving me to leave my vacation paradise this morning. And guess who is the dumb-dumb who just drove straight to work instead of going home? This girl.

Y’all, I am hella tired, as the kids would say. But Snacks don’t write themselves, now do they? Let’s get this show on the road.

Best In Show, Best In O’s:  Manny Machado is a doggie! No, for real, at Westminster Dog Show this weekend, a Mexican hairless dog (a strong, powerful, strikingly handsome animal) named Manny Machado won best in breed. Let’s hope that the Puppy Manny doesn’t have a photo of his Puppy Wife tattooed on him anywhere.

Hometown Boy:  It’s always nice when the hometown boy continues to rep his team.

For those of you who don’t know, JJ Watt, arguably one of the NFL’s finest, is a born and bred resident of Cheeselandia, former Badger, and unabashed repper of a Brewers cap in public. It’s really cool when such a famous guy has love for a team that isn’t really a “cool” team, you know? Good on ya, JJ.


16 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. JJ Watt is at every event of any significance within 150 miles of Houston. He is also in about every third commercial. Don’t get me wrong. He seems to be a solid citizen. But we are all getting a bit of JJ fatigue in the Houston area.

    On a possibly related note, these days he shows up at local events with his little brother, Carlos Correa. We are bracing ourselves for a Carlos onslaught now. That kid really impresses me. At 21, he has all the smooth moves of a 30 year-old. He really understands the press.

    Carlos did one thing to strike dread into the heart of every Astros fan, though. He signed a big deal with Adidas yesterday. In the process he dropped a comment about “the money being very helpful until he gets to free agency”. Remember, this kid got 5 MM$ to sign with the Astros just under four years ago.

    C’mon kid! Let us fans enjoy you for a little while!

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    1. Here in the frozen tundra, they can’t get enough of JJ. You know, local kid done good, etc. He’s a refreshing alternative to, say, Montee Ball, who just shoved his ladyfriend into a table.


    1. Excellent point. Wow, and I thought his dad (Oliver) was ugly.

      But JJ also come across as really down home. I mean, really, his mom is in all of those commercials. Almost too good.


      1. He’s the only defensive player in the league I would take over Von Miller. I can’t wait until Houston plays the Chiefs again. That stiff Eric Fisher thought he was hot shit taking cheap shots at Watt who was playing through a groin injury that required surgery after the season. The revenge is going to be awesome.

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        1. Von Miller is a fucking beast! He almost singlehandedly destroyed Tom Brady’s confidence and because of that, we have to retool the offensive line.
          Probably just as well, because I am confident that the Panthers would have beaten the Pats anyway. I couldn’t take another SB loss,.

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        2. I was in kind of a win/win situation. My sister, who I would kill or die for, is a charter Panthers fan. As much as I wanted to win, I would like to see her get a championship some day. She was watching football next to the old man before I was born.

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    2. I normally don’t judge people solely on their looks. I can’t, I’m not much to write home about. But AIIIIIEEEEEEE that’s horrible!!!


  2. Yah bawt, we have it so hahd, and it is so rigged ahginst us, that if awl thins cunsidered, we wah fawked forum the git go. How hahd is that to unduhstand? Brady is an elite qawtahback and he gut faking killd. I think that Von Millah cheated by being a smaht guy who got ahround tha offensive line becawse the refs had the game rigged ya bastahd. At least my quatahback didn’t teabag anybody yet. Ya, I went theyah, fack that Papa John’s eat in, bud light swillen cawksuckah and the Brawnko howerse he rode in on. Haha.

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