You Used to Call Me on My Cell Phone*

Yes, this is officially the biggest waste of time post ever. Spring training is almost here, you guys, I swear.

It occurred to me that we all sort of have walk-up music already. Our cell phone ring-tone. So, what’s yours?

Of course, for professional purposes, our ring-tone may be a little more mellow than we may prefer say, if we were coming up to bat or coming in to close a game.

Mine is definitely chill. It is Bob Marley’s Stir It Up. Listening to it relaxes me. Suddenly, I’m on a secluded part of Fort De Soto beach, drinking my drank, listening to the waves. Bob Marley’s euphonious tones are telling me to “Stir it up, little darlin’…”

Just hearing that youtube video made me want to pick up my phone. Or not. Why are you calling me? You should text me. I never answer the phone.

My previous one was Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation, which did not relax me, but it was fun as hell and matched my personality somewhat:


Let’s hear yours? Post the youtube link if available. Please don’t tell me it’s the default ring tone…

*@professormaddog31 😉

104 thoughts on “You Used to Call Me on My Cell Phone*

    1. Oh, no. Not Hello. It’s a trigger song for me. I HATE THAT SONG. We play a radio at work in our recovery room, and when that song comes on, I visibly twitch. It’s sooo corny, and that creepy stalker video. He stalks a blind woman. A co-worker taunts me with the song, and I told his girlfriend, who also works with us, that I am going to beat her man if he continues. I have her permission.


  1. I downloaded Zedge and set about giving each family member a different ring tone when they call me. It’s nerdy but fun, and I know who is calling by the music that plays….

    My 17-year-old gamer son: World of Warcraft main theme
    My 14-year-old bookworm daughter: Harry Potter main theme
    My wife: James Bond theme
    Everyone else: Pirates of the Caribbean theme

    Go ahead and laugh at me.

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  2. I have a few different ringtones for when some specific people call….and a few others for everyone else.

    My sister:

    My dad:

    My current ladyfriend:

    I just set this one up a couple days ago actually. She was over when my sister called and asked what her ringtone was. Seemed a bit disappointed that she was still in the “everyone else” category…so I gave her the upgrade.

    Everyone else:

    I change this ringtone up all the damn time, and it’s almost always some little snippet from an Anamanaguchi track. Right now, it’s this track from about 0:14 to 0:27. It’s also the perfect CD to put on when you are playing some retro games on your NES or SNES emulator.

    My main text alert noise for everyone, family or otherwise, is this:

    I mean, that’s goddamned perfect.

    But I have this for when my weedman texts me:

    It’s been established amongst our little circle that he looks kinda like Will Forte, and while we were sitting around baking our brains, this episode came on. It’s just a little inside joke for me. The actual audio clip on my phone runs all the way to the 2:05 mark in the video there.


      1. Never heard of her before. And I had no idea Timbaland was still around.

        This was my ringtone for my most recent ex, cause as the man says…”ass so fat you could see it from the front”.

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        1. Doesn’t ring any bells, no.

          I’ve been avoiding pop music like the plague since the 90’s though. I don’t know most of the stuff that everybody else has heard hundreds of times.

          I bet you could make a police-style lineup of 5 or 6 pop singers (male or female, doesn’t matter) and give me a list of all their names…and I wouldn’t be able to match the name to the face. I think Taylor Swift might be the only one I would get right…

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        2. Furtado was actually pretty good at first, not your typical pop artist. She’s a folksy, hip-hop, Latin fusion and she uses instruments and sounds in an interesting manner. She’s more musically ambitious, normally, than your Taylor Swift types, which is why she’s not quite as successful. That Promiscuous Girl track, entire release actually, was an attempt to become a lot more mainstream, and it worked. It was a hit. She’s gone back to her roots.


        3. As long as you don’t defend Bieber or Celine Dion, you are safe. Rush is OK, but Craig isn’t here to torment so there’s no point.

          Personally, my favourite Canadian band for quite a few years has been Blue Rodeo.


        4. I am teasing. There’s lots great Canadian music from Cowboy Junkies, down to Tegan & Sara. These two young sisters, twins I think, from Alberta are fantastic:


        5. Yep, plus Crash Test Dummies, Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Drake, Hedley, Marianas Trench… the list goes on. And I now feel old because they are inducting Burton Cummings into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at this year’s Juno Awards.

          If you are into great blues, check out a guy by the name of Matt Andersen… local boy from here in NB.



    I ….. don’t have a ringtone. I keep my phone on silent almost 100% of the time. The only time I turn my ringer on is when I am expecting a call. And then it’s just on a vibrate buzz thing so I can hear the “bzzz”.

    However, I used to have “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse as my ringtone a long time ago.


        1. I put my cell phone in my scrub pants, and the cargo pocket is down near my mid-thigh, so I don’t feel it through the thick material, and that probably still doesn’t sound any better.


        2. That reminds me of a funny story at work. I have good looking young male coworker and I was telling him how I was still feeling a bit of the after effects of the wine tasting I attended. He said, “You’re supposed to spit out the wine after you taste it.” I said, “Oh, no, I always swallow.”

          Yeah. You can imagine how many shades of red I turned and the look on his face. I backtracked and said how spitting out alcohol is a sin in my book, but he wasn’t having it. My mouth gets me into trouble like that a lot.

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      1. See, I would think that “Angel of the Morning” would be the ringtone for one’s girlfriend.

        I will never think of that song without broken glass and flying blood everywhere ever again. Deadpool was so freaking awesome. Fine choice, my friend. Fine choice.

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    1. What? I’m trying to imagine why. I love Blister in the Sun. Nice choice. That opening guitar strum makes a great ring tone. Was it the lyrics?

      “When I’m out walking
      I strut my stuff
      And I’m so strung out
      I’m high as a kite
      I just might stop to check you out…

      Because those lyrics are awesome. Hmmm.

      Both are cool choices. 🙂


  4. Oh, I forgot. I also used to have a few other ringtones, too.

    “Touch The Sky” by Kanye West was my general ringtone for a while.

    And on the rare, rare occasion that anyone in my immediate family called, they got “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton.

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        1. I haven’t even had a cell phone for that long. My phone is on the family plan of a guy I fish with…his brother in law was an addict and lived with them until he was busted for a parole violation…my buddy was bitching about having paid for his phone for 2 years already, so I made a deal to buy him one lunch/month in exchange for the phone.

          The phone is for MY convenience, mostly when I travel or if the vet needs to get in touch with me when I am waiting to get test results back. It is not for people to use to bother me whenever they feel like it. Hell, until a couple of years ago, it rarely even left the house.

          Hell, people don’t even make phone calls anymore….mother fuckers text shit instead, as if 10 minutes of texting back and forth is anywhere near as effective as a 1 minute conversation.

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        2. I will note that so far in my life I have spent about $700 on a cell phone, that includes the phone and service, no money on apps or ring tones or any other crap that people spend money on for their toys.

          I am guessing that I have saved many thousands of dollars by not spending money on a toy I have no interest in carrying around 24/7 like most people do.


        3. Greg Giraldo was such an acerbic wit. I really miss watching him destroy people in roasts. His takedown of Larry the Cable Guy and his fans was the best thing ever.


        4. I love Greg Giraldo. Harvard educated Latino lawyer who left practicing law to follow his dream, stand-up comedy. When I want to laugh, I listen to Mid-life Vices and Good Day to Cross a River. Immediately, my mood is lifted.

          This, starting at 3:44, is probably one of my favorite stand-up bits ever. “Happy birfday to you…Eets my birfday too, but no one is seenging happy birfday to me because I’m in the back washing dishes for 50 cents an hour but somehow I’m the bad guy taking away American jobs. What fucking job am I taking away? Who, who wants to wash a fucking dish for 50 cents an hour? Okay, okay, arguably all of us coming over together like this lowers the labor rates in the country, we can argue it on those merits, but ‘you’re taking my job’, ‘you’re taking my job’, ‘you’re taking my job’… What kind of fucking ignorant bullshit is that? You have to ask yourself, are you willing to pay the increase cost of paying the prevailing labor wage for fucking slob to wash your dishes? If it’s such a fucking problem, why don’t you just penalize the employers who hire us? Oh, because that would be politically unpopular… (Back to singing) how old are you now?…”

          I was crushed when he died. Well, there goes my lunch break. 🙂

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        5. “…or if the vet needs to get in touch with me when I am waiting to get test results back.”

          Apparently you are also too cheap to go to the doctor like the rest of us “normal” people.

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        6. Hey, if I could get my vet to do my health care I would. My dogs get far better care from people that care far more about their patients health and for far cheaper than your standard human health care facility.

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        7. Here’s that missing verse from Dennis Leary’s Asshole song:

          I took Bill Hicks bits

          And did them real shitty

          While Bill was dying

          Ain’t that a pity (cash register sound)

          I’m an asshole


        8. My phone is my computer, my communication device–hey Skypers, my music player, my video game device, my camera, and probably my phone last. It does everything for me. When I need to look up a piece of information instantly for a patient, my phone does it. My phone is a modern day miracle. A flip phone is like having a stone tablet when I could use a pen and paper.

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        9. Yep.

          That’s why I use a real computer with multiple monitors instead of a small pocket-sized one that is pretty useless for data entry, analysis, searching the literature, or writing.


        10. lol a “real computer.” What century do you live in?

          I need a portable computer, aka a cell phone, that I can easily carry between patients. I also have another “granddaddy”–what you call a “real computer” that can handle those other tasks, although my little bitty phone can also handle data entry and analysis, writing etc.–you should really check out what phones can do today. My itty bitty phone and granddaddy computer can even talk to each other. It’s pretty damn amazing. But you wouldn’t know any of this because you use a flip phone from 1996.


        11. None of the phones can do most of the things I need to do on a daily basis (heck, any computer more than a couple of years old struggle with some of the tasks)…and the things that can do would be tedious because screen space is important. People don’t realize how much faster you can work when you can repeatedly refer to multiple documents/windows when you don’t have to keep minimizing or re-arranging them and just have things there.

          No one does “science” on their phone. Sure they are “amazing” but they still have little of the power of a decent computer or an useful screen…because they actually aren’t as amazing as the full sized versions.

          Plenty of people in our lab and department have phones, you know what they use them for? Email, scheduling meetings, fucking around on the internet or playing games.

          I’m glad that you find your phone useful, but they are a huge money drain for most people. Cool toys, sure….but, again, I’ve spent about $700 total on cell phones and cell phone service in my life. I could probably buy a new car with the difference in how much I’ve spent on a “phone” compared to most people the last 15 years.


        12. Well, in fairness. Trolling is a natural talent of yours…the phone just facilitates it…you know, to maximize the return on that talent.


        13. Nothing wrong with stone tablets, there, Moses. After all, that’s where we got those 15…. oops… CRASH… those 10 Commandments from.

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        14. People don’t realize how much faster you can work when you can repeatedly refer to multiple documents/windows when you don’t have to keep minimizing or re-arranging them and just have things there.

          alt-tab is your best friend (courtesy of desk jockey slackers everywhere)


        15. Still not the same. I regularly need to refer to two different parts of the same document as well as associated tables and figures and it is WAY more effective to be able to look from one screen to another to confirm what you are writing is consistent with results or other parts of your MS. It is also easier to mentally compartmentalize what is where when they occur in different places (not unlike the differences in how people perceive reading hard copy vs reading electronic copy).


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