The Midnight Snack – Friday

baseball stitched heartIt’s almost Valentine’s day. All of us have the capacity for love and devotion. Some people have wives and husbands; some have boyfriends and girlfriends, some have dedicated booty calls. Some of us can only love baseball.

Valentine’s day is kind of a sham, but it does put people into mind of romance. And as a wise person once said, what could be more romantic than baseball?

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s think about these people who love baseball, and have some squishy heart specific names (h/t to B-Ref for some of these names!). Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some snuggles.

Bobby Valentine
Corey Hart
Ron Darling
Candy Maldonado
Chocolate Calderon
Honey Barnes
Jim Ray Hart
Teddy Higuera (because everyone needs a teddy bear on Valentine’s day, right?)
Ellis Valentine
(Sweet) Lou Piniella
Baby Ortiz

And some hugs to make it all better!


13 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. I was hoping this off season some of you would give your analysis on what you thought your teams would be like this year and what trades/pick ups had done for them…


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