Baseball, Politics, and Bernie Sanders

I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of a better title.

If you don’t like a bit of politics and social issues in your baseball, I am warning you now. Do not read anything with my name on it. Just like if you don’t like garlic or heat in your food, don’t eat my cooking. Our sport does not exist in a bubble and my opinions, right or wrong, will color my writing. Anyone who says, “Just stick to baseball”, to me, is a bit simple-minded and lives in a fantasy world.* It’s an election year, so there’s probably going to be a lot of baseball and politics. I do my best to be objective and listen to other points of view but I am human, and I will fail.

So what the hell does this have to do with baseball? Mind you, I have not decided on a candidate so do not view this as an endorsement by any means, but this is cool.

I present to you Bernie Sanders catching this fly ball.

The video is not the best, but you can see the man has skills. Whoever added that audio should be burnt over coals.

He can also play tennis, basketball, and hockey. And he did all that without hardly any Super PACs. I initially thought Super PACs were some sort of super hero Pac-Man hybrid. Imagine my disappointment.

Seriously, the candidate has a lot of love for baseball. Here’s an article from The Guardian on how the devastation of the Brooklyn Dodgers leaving to Los Angeles when he was a youth may have shaped his distrust of corporations. Regardless of your political point of view, it’s pretty interesting reading.

(*Disclaimer: My views are my own. Do not assume they are representative of the blog or my fellow bloggers.)

56 thoughts on “Baseball, Politics, and Bernie Sanders

      1. ….and, thanks to family connections was able to get the Texas state legislature to build the Rangers a new stadium quadrupling the market value of the Rangers allowing W to net about 10 mill by selling his interest in the team which he obtained by receiving an unsecured low interest personal loan from a family friend, the loan being made necessary by financial misfortunes accompanying the two companies Bush led into bankruptcy. No wonder the people of Texas chose this business savvy job creator to lead them and then convinced their fellow countrymen across the land to do the same, such resilience!

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    1. I agree. Sanders having a love for baseball does not make me likelier to vote for him. (Mind you though, I’m intrigued by his past idea of publicly owned teams.)

      Hey, no Canadians! 😉


        1. Definitely on the Cruz issue. I thought you Canadians might want him back. I sure don’t like associating him with Texas.

          I don’t know about voting for Sanders, though. Having a beer and shooting hoops? Absolutely.


        2. Nope, you have to keep Teddy now that he’s renounced his Canadian citizenship. Sorry. You can keep Justin Bieber as compensation. 🙂


        3. Working in the oil industry here in Texas, I have had occasion to meet lots of nice Canadians. Until Ted, I thought you were all that way.

          Here’s to the hope that the Supreme Court says he is not natural born. Not betting on it, though.


        4. I have a cousin from up this way who has been working as a rig pig in the oil patch in Texas for a number of years. My brother also spends a lot of time in the patch, mainly out in Ft. McMurray, Alberta… he’s a millwright, so even if there’s no active work because of the low oil prices, he is still in demand for maintenance work during shutdowns.


        5. @Socratic- Ima let you finish..but ..but shorts AND white Sox? My eyes are rolling so hard I can see my larynx. Must have been warm weather. I see you left your sandals at home. Don’t worry, when the revolution starts, I will come rescue you..providing I have the gas, the stolen car, stolen guns and you’re on my way. In other words..see you in DC comrade. Cheers

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      1. But Potus Trump will make them greater and make the Minnesota Vikings pay for it. The scoring will be yuuge and it will be all white guys!


  1. Inda, if you ever stop putting social issues, politics, and your opinions in what you post, it won’t be you, and it will not be worth reading, so keep on being your own bad self.

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  2. Says the pie in the sky pinko, commie, left-wing bomb-throwing, greasy, hippie radical with your fairy dust unicorn fart delusion of grandeur. One Fucking Word!

    Puppymonkeybaby! Haha


  3. I have no skin in your political game other than to wonder, like the rest of the world, who the least worst option may be. In a country of what, 300 million people, these are the best candidates money can buy? Surely there’s somebody else?

    I will, however, express my unbridled joy to see that Carleton S. Fiorina (to give the witch her full name) has ‘suspended’ her campaign. I was working at HP when she was brought in to replace Lew Platt and systematically set about wrecking that once-great company. I recall we learnt the names and number of her pet dogs long before we knew she had a husband. And that was after she’d ordered the two new Gulfstream bizjets in arguably her first executive order. If there was a CEO Hall of Fame, she would fail the character clause.

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    1. Also nice to see Chris Christie return home to try and dodge his various scandals and criminal investigations. He’s a thug and a grifter, but I enjoyed watching him pour his soft drink into the Marco-Bot’s wiring on national television.

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      1. Yeah, no shit. He ruined two campaigns on the way out! And best of all, Springsteen still hates him too. Kinda like Rage against the machine hates Paul Ryan and makes him cry. As long as a Republican is sad, my life isn’t so bad! I may be fucked, but at least all my favorites for bands haven’t taken me off the mailing list yet. Then again…they haven’t seen my blog lately.

        Assuming arguendo… this is a mandate for the Bern right? If I have to vote for HRC I will, but if I have to it means that I have no hope for the future and I think that status quo is the best I can hope for? Nah….feel the Bern and start watching the Young Turks…


        1. Not sure if you’re kidding, but his net worth is under a million. The Clinton’s were so broke they took all the “W’s” out of all typewriters and half of the Lincoln bedrooms furniture. I am voting Bernie until I can’t because he would understand my circumstance, Hilary would just tell me I need to just not tell everyone I am broke and let Ayn Rand figure out why I am a user instead of an artist because she doesn’t understand my music.

          Kinda like Historio hating on progressive-rock , she hates it so therefore I am wrong.


      2. No, no, no, we don’t actually want him back here. He might try to actually do things, like refuse to pay billions of dollars in teachers’ pension funds and then blame the teachers for being greedy.


    2. Fiorina is a calculatingly mendacious, self entitled, failed business person, but we can do far worse.

      We should not allow ourselves to be benumbed by the comedy of it all. Today is a shameful day in our political history because yesterday a reality TV persona, having the world view of a badly brought up 14 old boy, shamelessly employing barely disguised racist xenophobia and little boy sexism, won by a yuuge margin the New Hampshire primary, and will probably do the same in South Carolina and God knows how many other states.

      If this narcissistic demagogue becomes the Republican nominee (or most of the other ones – maybe not Kasich), I don’t want idealistic Bernie and his army of Prius liberals to bravely sally forth, I want Hillary cracking a bullwhip across his eyes while the Big Dog tears the flesh from his legs. Sometimes you can’t afford to just fight the good fight, because you have to win the desperate fight.

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      1. The current political climate is pretty amazing. It reveals exactly how many really mean and ugly people there are in this country. It also shows that young people are perfectly content to see their futures taken away from them if the alternative means actually making the effort to cast a ballot. The only thing more disgraceful and pathetic than the 47% overall voter turnout is the 20% turnout from millennials. Combine the apathy of our young people with the win-at-any-cost treachery of the Republicans and public policy will continue its inexorable slide downward.


        1. It’s not an inexorable slide downward, it’s an excruciatingly painful and slow crawl upward. Checkout the history of Medicare and Medicaid, it took decades for Republican resistance to finally go away. Today there are about 18 million fewer Americans going without health care than there were when the skinny black guy with big ears became President, and I am one of them. Maybe I can alter my retirement strategy somewhat away from die before the money runs out.

          I went door to door for George McGovern in 1972 and then watched him get eaten alive by the reactionary hit machine. After that I raised my family as best as I could during the cold Reagan years. I am worried that a Bernie nomination will delay by life destroying years for millions the painful crawl up.

          Don’t let yourselves be fooled, it’s always just a shot away:


    3. Also looks like your shadow minister is trying to get rid of climate scientists. Welcome to bizarre world. Rupert Murdoch couldn’t ruin Australia…so he’s trying to ruin America instead.


      1. Sadly, Slappy, it wasn’t the shadow minister but the actual Minister for the Environment and, more specifically, his appointee, Larry Marshall, as Director of our national scientific research organisation, the CSIRO. The latter’s reasoning is that his organisation has measured enough to know what is going on, so now they need to redirect scarce research funds into areas related to mitigation of climate change.

        The outcry against this fellow has now gone global so, maybe, he will eventually accept the error of his ways. His own science background is in biotech, photonics & telecoms so perhaps climate science just isn’t his ‘thang’. Marshall was appointed to the post during the term of our previous Prime Minister who famously said ‘climate change is crap’ (and that’s a direct quote).

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  4. Two things :

    1) As with most trailers…if you watch that, you don’t need to watch the full movie, because it’s all right there. (which is why I never watch a trailer for a movie I’m actually interested in)

    2) Which candidate do you think would be most likely to make the Purge a reality? Trump seems like the easy answer….but I reckon Cruz has way more contempt for his fellow man than would actually be necessary for such a thing.


    1. I like how revealing trailers are now. A lot of movies don’t really deserve more than 90 seconds of our time anyway. This is kind of a public service.


      1. No he isn’t, he’s exactly what we need to get out the vote. If he gets elected than that is what we deserve! Don’t worry though, if he’s potus than old Slappy is gonna blow up Congress because we are all dead anyway.


      2. Cruz isn’t evil at all. He’s just got, to quote Samantha Bee, “Stage 4 cancer of the personality.”

        On that note, did anyone catch the premiere of her new show? It might just fill that Jon Stewart shaped hole in your lives…

        This segment in particular was delightful.


        1. “…a man who should be winning but is totally having his ass handed to him by an oddly tinted combination of psychiatric symptoms and by a man who seems he would lecture a starving kitten on personal responsibility and then deport that kitten and his family…”


      3. Trump will be the Republicans’ big surprise to themselves. He is not even vaguely conservative in the classical sense. Just a racist blowhard with a keen sense of how to go for the jugular.

        Cruz, if you can believe him (don’t believe anything that sociopathic lizard says on the surface, but there are kernels of truth scattered through it) thinks the answer is to burn the house down to kill the rats.

        I tell people I would never, ever vote for Trump. Unless he is running against Cruz.


        1. Untrue. In 1972 about every third or fourth door I knocked on for McGovern brought out a white middle class male who told me that he wasn’t sure yet but he was going to vote for either Wallace or McGovern because he was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. George McGovern was a decorated WWII pilot who believed in peace and equality, George Wallace believed in segregation today, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever, and that every government official was a “pointy headed intellectual that couldn’t park a bicycle straight”. There ain’t nothing new about fearful, often hateful, reactionary reactions to breath taking cultural changes. It is our duty to, always, overcome.

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    1. True enough. The great majority of the Constitutional Convention regarded political parties as an undesirable development. Not twenty years later political parties were running everything.

      And Burr was shooting Hamilton.


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