Former Orioles Outfielder Delmon Young Arrested In Miami

The current free agent is facing charges of battery after a fight with a hotel valet, in which he grabbed the employee by the neck and threatened to kill him after being denied admission to the hotel night club.  Young allegedly used anti-Cuban slurs both at the hotel and again later when police went to his condominium.

Miami television station WPLG reported: “According to a Miami police report, Young grabbed a valet attendant by his neck and started to choke him after the attendant refused to let him into an elevator at the Brickell hotel. The attendant told Young that the club was closed but Young became irate and said, ‘Stupid Cuban. Open the (expletive) door. I’m here. Now what?’ ”

The TV station also reported that when police went to his condominium, “Young opened the door, naked from the waist down, so one of the officers asked him to get dressed, the report said…

“Police said Young was belligerent and told an officer, ‘I’ll slap you in the face with money, you (expletive) Cuban.”

In 2012, Young was arrested outside a New York hotel after getting into a fight in which he allegedly yelled anti-Semitic slurs.  Young who has played most recently for Baltimore has also spent time in Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Minnesota.

16 thoughts on “Former Orioles Outfielder Delmon Young Arrested In Miami

  1. There always seemed to be something low character about him. I don’t remember who they were playing or the individual players involved, but there was a Twins game in which a Twins pitcher had hit one of the other teams players in retaliation for one of the Twins having been hit earlier. The other teams pitcher then hit Young in the thick part of his thigh, Young has big thick thighs so if he had to be hit that was the least worst place to have to take one. He limped down to first like he was going to die yelling at, the Twins pitcher.


  2. I know what we should do as a society!

    Let’s pick a variety of young men from various backgrounds who happen to excel at athletics and hand-to-eye coordination. Let’s worship them as god-like creatures all the way through college and into a professional league – all because they can hit a little ball with a wooden stick. Then let’s pay them millions of dollars.

    What could possibly go wrong?


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