42 thoughts on “What Time Is It?

  1. Football is not over as I intend to rewatch this game every day for two months.

    The Broncos and their incredible defense were totally disrespected throughout the post season. They held Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady and Cam Newton to one touchdown pass while picking them off three times, sacking them 14 times and hitting them 36 times.

    Congratulations to the World Champion BRONCOS! Thank you for an amazing season!


    1. The Broncos and their incredible defense were totally disrespected throughout the post season.

      You’re reading the wrong guys:

      Aaron Schatz:
      We have been writing all year about how great the Denver defense is. It’s great. It’s really great. And it turned the game up in the playoffs, like the Bears in 1985 and the Ravens in 2000. A reminder: the best offense in DVOA almost always is higher than the best defense. Only four years have been exceptions. This was one of them.
      The others: 2008 (PIT -29.0% D, DEN 19.2% O); 1991 (PHI -42.4% D, WAS 27.2% O); and 1990 (PIT -21.6% D, BUF 20.9% O).


      Schatz mentioned after the Patriots game that a lot of patriots fans went into the AFC C saying “denver isn’t that good” only to say afterwards “holy crap that defense is amazing”. Then Panthers fans started the “Denver isn’t that good” and Schatz predicted they’d be amazed by the defense as well (trying to find the exact tweet about it).

      Congrats to Denver and Manning (you need to retire), but can the media please stop verbally felatting Manning? Ware/Miller/Colquitt won that game for Denver, not Manning.


      1. For anyone without a rooting interest, it was a yawnfest. Thank god for gambling. I won $50. Yay, Super Bowl.

        Bring on baseball.

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        1. Yeah, I was bored after fewer than 5 minutes any time I turned it on. I didn’t really care who won, but nothing compelling was happening, so I just found something else to watch.

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        2. People who don’t understand football can’t appreciate great defense. These are the same short attention span fans who mourn the removal of steroids from MLB.


        3. Should have played the money line. Lots of people were eager to bet against one of the top five defenses in NFL history. All it did was make them angry.


        4. Get off your high horse. I understand football very well….that doesn’t mean I found the game to be entertaining. For most fans, you need a reason to watch, there is a reason so few people actually watch baseball playoff games, because when they don’t care who wins, the games just aren’t that interesting. It isn’t that those fans don’t appreciate great pitching or great defense, but if the game is boring to them because they don’t care who wins…they won’t keep watching.

          People didn’t enjoy a boring game that the team you root for won, why do you care if they enjoyed it or not?

          Good football and entertaining football are not always the same thing; last night wasn’t very entertaining.

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        5. I didn’t even realize that other people thought the game was boring. I just knew that I did…we have a 2nd consecutive snow day thanks to another snow storm here in CT that moved in this morning, so I haven’t talked about this with anyone in person.

          So I decided to do a search online to see if people thought the game was boring…and yes, they did…and not just casual fans, pretty much everyone was bored unless they were a Carolina or Denver fan.


        6. Instead of the game, I watched the first episode of Louis CK’s new series, Horace and Pete.

          He released it all sneaky, with no ads or anything, just so people didn’t know what they were going to be watching or go into it with any preconceptions….so I’m not going to say anything about it either, just that I loved it.


        7. I watched the game with hardcore football fans, and they were bored. I am not going to pretend to love football. I don’t. However, I have watched some games that in spite myself, and the game not being the sport I enjoy, have left me on the edge of my seat even though I don’t care about either team. Last night’s game was not even close. Punt. Punt. Punt. Punt. Penalty, penalty, penalty. How many penalties were called on the Panthers? I’m not saying they have anyone to blame, but it made for a dull game.

          In baseball, I appreciate a great pitcher’s duel. A great defensive match-up when both teams show up. Last night, it really looked like only one team showed up. As a neutral observer, that’s boring. I don’t mean to rain on Yahmule’s parade. His team won, and their defense was dominant. That’s exciting for Denver, and congratulations to his team, but thank Jobu football is done. Baseball now.


        8. I would hope that it is impossible to rain on the parade of someone whose team just won by saying the game was boring.

          I’d rather my team win boring than lose exciting…..of course, winning exciting is the optimum, but any kind of winning is better than any kind of losing. I would love to see the Cardinals win the most boring WS ever far more than if they play 7 extra inning games and lost.


    2. Sweet sassy molassy:

      Vince Verhei: Let’s note that the Denver Broncos just finished beating MVP Cam Newton, four-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, and two-time Super Bowl winner Ben Roethlisberger, allowing those three players to complete 51 percent of their passes for 6.8 yards per pass with one touchdown, three interceptions, and 14 sacks.


      1. Not only that…Denver willingly played their 2nd best QB because they knew their defense was so outrageously good. Manning looked horrible pretty much all year. I watched most of the Patriot-Bronco game…that would have been a blow out if Manning didn’t miss so many open guys.


        1. Over at 538 they had a piece describing how Manning’s season this year was statistically the 2nd to worst ever for a quarterback starting in a super bowl, but I can’t feel any animosity towards a 39 year old a few years removed from a serious neck injury gutting it out for one last go around. For the sake of my brother in North Carolina, I wanted the Panthers to win, but I also hoped that Manning wouldn’t be humiliated if it turned out to be a blow out because of him with the Broncos bringing in Oswald in desperation, while the camera repeatedly showed a distraught Manning standing on the sidelines.


        2. I didn’t really care who won. Manning winning a 2nd SB is fine by me. He’s been a great QB for a long time (just not this year) and if he had been lucky enough to be on some better teams (i.e. teams that also played defense) he’d have probably already won a 2nd one.

          But it would have also been cool to see a franchise that has never won a SB get their first. Every fan base should get to enjoy that experience at some point.


        3. Yeah, I’m familiar with that story.

          I guess it is just the fact that…well, all of these guys are probably dicks. I played baseball and soccer in HS, and most of my team mates were dicks. Jocks, in general, are dicks….and guys that are good enough to play in the pros are likely to be among the biggest dicks because their ability is what gives them the “right” to be a dick and for people to over look it…and that starts way before college.

          So….I just assume that all teams are full of dicks, we just know more about hos some of them are dicks than others.

          i know, I know….I all pessimistic and shit.


        4. I would estimate about 50% are dicks from personal experience–highly scientific. All their lives, they’ve been told they are SPECIAL. Everything is theirs for the taking. Excessive testosterone. All that head trauma. I’ve met some real assholes (Warren Sapp is such a dick–rude, rude, rude). Here’s a story. Awhile back, I met a football player from NFL Europe, when that was a thing, at a club. The club was filthy with them–they were training in Tampa. I was not interested because he looked like a 6’5″ 300 lb Minecraft character and much, much more importantly, he possessed the intelligence of one. After a brief polite conversation, and several firm no thanks didn’t work, he followed me everywhere, and I got scared. My girl friend was too invested in her boy toy to care about my drama. This went on, and I finally had to get an equally large bouncer to intervene on my behalf. I hate being the damsel in distress. “Who do you think you are?!” NFL Europe asked me. Those words chilled me. Who did I think I was indeed. Not interested. I didn’t think I was all that. I wasn’t. There were better looking girls there. It was just that I didn’t bow down to him. Anything, anyone they want is theirs. What did it matter what I wanted? Caveman must have. If a lot of athletes share this mentality, it’s frightening.

          This isn’t even the worst experience I’ve had with an athlete. My previous experience taught me to be very wary.

          But I have met some really nice, polite ones. I can’t believe they’re all bad. Some have to make it who are okay.


        5. That is freaking scary. I honestly don’t think I’m brave enough to be a woman.

          When I was in college, there were two instances in which girls were interested in me and I wasn’t interested in them. Being nice to them just encouraged them (which I’m sure happens to women all the time) and for a bit each was kinda stalkery….but that has to happen to women way more than to guys, and guys are way way way way * 10^30000 more rapey and aggressive.

          Yeah, I’m sure some of them are nice guys…every team is probably at least 50% dicks….with a lot of variation in how big a dicks they are….kinda like cats.


      2. Such an outpouring of love for Peyton Manning from his teammates in post game interviews. Nobody said it better than WR Emmanuel Sanders when asked if he thought this was Peyton’s last game: “I hope not, we were texting the other day and I told him, ‘I want to play this game for you.’ I went out and I gave it my all for him. I hope it’s not his last game. That’s my brother. That’s one of those guys that turned me into a true pro. Taught me everything. When I got here, just watching his study habits, how he goes about his business. He’s a true leader and a first ballot Hall of Famer. If it is his last rodeo, at least he gets to ride out as a Super Bowl Champion.”

        Peyton Manning made every athlete in that lockerroom a better football player just by being around him every day.


  2. Huh…I thought that game was next week. The only reason I even knew which two teams were playing was because of this video…


  3. Someone brought up a good point. Has any quarterback in the history of super bowls done less to help their team win all season? Holy shit Peyton was bad. His throws were all light lobs and ducks and I’m amazed he wasn’t intercepted a ton. He made Cam look like he was throwing rockets.

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    1. The No More scam is even worse than the Komen scam. Awareness my ass. Everyone is aware if domestic violence but who is doing anything about it? Not that fake charity run by a PR firm. If they give a dime to a shelter or RAINN or anything of that nature I’ll be shocked.

      As ineffective as the NFL’s policy on DV itself. At least it’s consistent.


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