Discussion: What’s The Worst Show On TV Right Now?

Obligatory comment about how it’s winter and we are all bored and there’s no baseball, and yadda yadda yadda.  Discussion time.  What’s the absolute worst show that’s currently airing on television right now?  I’ll start nominations.

The Big Bang Theory

This show is probably one of the most offensive pieces of junk on television today.  What once started out as a celebration of all things nerd, turned into a gigantic mockery of nerd culture, followed by a random naming of all things nerd just to prove they have whatever cred keeps them on the air.  Not to mention it’s a sitcom that literally has no jokes.  We get it, the one guy has some sort of weird version of Asperger’s.  And the one guy gets super nervous around girls.  Oh, and there’s the hot chick who’s clearly lacking in intelligence.  Because she’s blonde.  Great writing there.


Two Broke Girls

Really, someone please explain to me how the hell this show keeps getting renewed year after year after year.  Yes, NCIS sucks, but at least people get their murder mystery on.  Plus, go America or something.  But what the fuck does this show have to say about anything except salty chicks with big boobs can be hot on the rare occasion?  Also, we get it. Blonde chicks dumb, blah, blah, blah.  May as well tell a tired lawyer joke.  It stopped being funny 45 years ago, and really is just offensive and lazy at this point.  I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again.  2 Broke Girls is the WORST.



CSI: Cyber

Holy crap, as an IT professional, I take some serious offense to this show.  And this is coming from a person who let movies such as Hackers and Swordfish slide.  Yeah, they were beyond terrible, but at least they were terrible to a comedic level.  CSI: Cyber seems to exist solely to scare the crap out of Grandma and anyone else who have so fucking clue how technology works.  Look, I love me some James Van Der Beek and Patricia Arquette as much as the next guy, but holy shit, what did they do to deserve this disgusting sewer pit of hellCSI has always been a pretty terrible show (all of these lines are immediately followed by the now famous Yeaaaaaaah), but this show absolutely takes the cake.  Look, I get it, actual hacking is pretty boring, but seriously, you can do better than this.

Huh?  What?

Don’t have time for a full 30 min episode?  Here’s one of my favorites in just over 3 and a half minutes!  Trust me, you aren’t missing anything.


So what else you got?  How can it get worse than these two crap shows that seem to get renewed year after year?  What other shows do you see on television that just make you weep for all humanity?  Only one rule. The show must have have been renewed for at least a second season.  No “one-and-done’s” here.

30 thoughts on “Discussion: What’s The Worst Show On TV Right Now?

  1. What shows make me weep for humanity? Most anything on TLC these days, which is why my TV viewing (other than Netflix) is restricted to sports and educational stuff on Nat Geo or Discovery channels. TLC used to stand for The Learning Channel but in the past number of years, it has come to mean Total Loser Channel.

    Exhibit A for the prosecution? Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo

    ‘nuf said


    • The problem is that ever since Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry (get it? Nedry/Nerdy) in Jurassic Park I, and unhelped by Jonah Hill’s Peter Brand in Moneyball, computer geeks must be represented as cherubic overfed axolotls. At least this guy has grown a beard and isn’t flashing his neoteny. He looks as if he’s almost absorbed his gills and is ready to venture out on dry land. Well, that’s something.

      By the way, did any of you know that there are two kinds of coelocanth? Really. Two.

      Pitchers and catchers. Please.


    • Not a bad idea at all.

      However, according to their website, it’s not The Bad News Bears, it’s The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training…which means no Walter Matthau.


  2. I couldn’t tell you what’s the worst tv show on right now. I did try watching Two Broke Girls because someone I thought had taste (I should have known better, he’s a Red Sox fan) watches it, and I didn’t crack a smile once. I couldn’t even hate watch. It annoyed me too, because the cast appears talented. It even has Stifler’s mom, and she’s awesome. The writing was shit, the story line trite, and laugh tracks, ugh. Don’t tell me when to laugh.

    I know what’s the worst show I ever watched. Flavor of Love. I love Public Enemy. I rubbernecked that show like the 12 car pile up it was.

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    • Flavor of Love was bad, yes. You know what’s worse, though? Rock of Love. Bret Michaels on a bus with some of the trashiest women you’ve ever seen, going from town to town like a traveling STD circus. The nastiest thing I’ve seen on tv that wasn’t SUPPOSED to be nasty.


  3. Any/all/every “reality” show ever filmed. Anything with a Bartrashian in it. The History Channel, which has turned into a steaming puddle of dog vomit.


    • Honestly, it sucked when it was the WW2 Channel too. If you want to have an interesting history conversation, watch the PBS series Latinos Americans and we can talk.


        • no @paper, I am aware that John D Rockefeller, for example, wanted to strangle in the crib by rent seeking political means a technology superseding and surpassing his “standard oil” kerosene lanterns by means of direct or indirect electricity trans mission for the purpose of illumination, to make himself an all powerful billionaire because he was a screwed up sanctimonious dick made into a sanctimonious dick by his heart breaking abandoning father.

          I’s just flirting with histro.


        • I have actually campaigned on Twitter to appear on that show. Picture this: me, drunk, covering Jackass Jackson in 3 episodes (nullification, the bank & Indian removal) — with my commentary acted out by Tommy Lee Jones as Jackson & Will Patton as John Calhoun. Of course, I would be weepy drunk — at least for the nullification episide. You must not destroy the Uniooooonnnnnn….


  4. There are three types of show I make a point to avoid
    – Anything that follows a family around with a camera.
    – Anything with a panel of judges.
    – Anything with a laugh track.

    There are certainly shitty shows that don’t fall into any of those categories…but that little checklist acts as a pretty strong filter to block the bulk of the garbage.


  5. You would thank that, at least in the tradition of Ed Wood Jr., two hours of opportunistic, bigoted, dimwitted, pandering atavistic assholes grunting with ideological constipation and taking their frustrations out on each other would be good for a smile or two.

    But no. Rather, this show stands firmly in the lineage of Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio and Jerry Lewis’ The Day the Clown Cried (except for Marco “Prettyboy” Rubio, who aligns much better with Jerry Lewis’ nearly as execrable Hardly Working). One might equate large segments of it to The Birth of a Nation, except for the rigor mortis like camerawork.

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    • Oh, sorry – and honorable mention, in part to sync this discussion with baseball again, but mainly in memory of interminable orfseasons past:


    • I take solace in the fact that pretty boy Marco, who’s trying to come across like a Republican Kennedy, is only 5’11”. There hasn’t been a president under 6 feet tall since Carter, and we know how his image turned out. If you want to play the dashing leader on TV you better be tall.

      It also looks like he might be starting to grow a little bit of pot belly. That and the fact that boyish looks does not equal leading man looks may yet save the Republic. Don’t count on voter awareness of the issues to do it.


  6. Guys, guys, guys. You’re doing it all wrong. Watching TV REQUIRES that you shut off your brain. Once you do that, a lot of stuff just filters/slides and you can enjoy a lot of vile crap. There’s a reason it’s called mindless entertainment.

    If you want to spend time on something that engages the brain I recommend a good strategy board game. Chess and Go are classics but I prefer a good wargame. Currently I’m into Empire of the Sun. The only profanity that gets shouted is when I roll poorly and get my ass kicked.


    • Try Diplomacy. No dice involved, so you can’t roll poorly….but there’s no shortage of profanity when your supposed ally slips the dagger in your back before you can stab him.


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