The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

First of all, huge shoutout to our friend Viking for the great story left in the comments of last night’s Snack. Thank you! It was a great read and I appreciate that you shared it with all of us.

When I was in high school, I performed in a couple of community musicals. The best of these was “Annie, Get Your Gun” – I was one of the girls who followed handsome sharpshooting Frank Butler all over. I even had a line – “Ooooh! Frank Butler!”

Yes, I once lived a wild life of a stage performer.

The most famous song in “Annie, Get Your Gun” is “There’s No Business Like Show Business” – and like the song says, Let’s go on with the show.

Jonny Gomes! F Yeah!:  Our national nightmare is over, but Japan’s has just begun.

Jonny Gomes has signed with the Rakuten Golden Eagles for next season. While this means that fans of Major League Baseball won’t have to see him hovering near the top of a dugout step like the ghost of a dirtbag, it does mean that fans of the Nippon League will have to see this All-American douche on a regular basis.

This needs to be his walk-up music.

The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week:  I am a well known friend of mascots. One of my favorite baseball mascots is the huggable, loveable, cuddly ursine known as T.C. Bear.

Our friend Mr. Bear is interested in building a lifestyle brand. What? you say, Prof, you can’t be serious! I am serious. Here, T.C. and a chef friend creates the perfect food for your Super Bowl party:

I’ve watched this video at least four times today. It’s the absolute cutest thing you’ll see all week.

Have a great night, fam!


11 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

    1. He is known as a good clubhouse guy, but that doesn’t really translate well to fans.

      To be honest, he’s a love/hate guy. Some people think he’s great. Some people (like me) think that he’s a loud, annoying, tasteless dude who is mouthy and bro-y and like too much salt in your soup.

      Mostly I hate that he did a mic drop speech at the Royals’ World Series win celebration when he never even picked up a bat. That is the height of douchiness for me.

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      1. Unaware that he did anything at the parade and really could say anything about winning the World Series at all. I don’t think he did anything all postseason. So yea I’m with you. Too bro indeed and he must really get along with Nick Swisher well huh? Thanks for bringing me up to speed. Best of luck to him in Japan.

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      2. Yep, the Royal’s celebration thing was it for me. I appreciate where he came from and his story and all…but at some point, a douche is a douche no matter where he came from. He had no business saying anything or really even being at the parade. Wasn’t on a post-season roster and a grand total of 34 post roster expansion PAs for KC…posting a .235 OBP and a .225 SLG.

        He did nothing. Sucked the few times he did play. And wasn’t on a single post-season roster. Number of words he deserved to say at the parade = 0….much less the douchey performance he put on.

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  1. No! America Fuck Yeah is a fantastic song and Team America World Police is an awesome movie. If Jonny Gomes uses that as his walk-up song, it means Gomes has… taste and a sense of humor. The crowd reaction to him walking up to that song…

    Congrats, Rakuten Golden Eagles. You will win the championship your upcoming season.

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  2. I see Jonny Gomes wearing that flag blazer and I think of a different song from that musical – “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.”


  3. Strictly speaking, it is a crime to wear any article of clothing that depicts the flag of the United States in such a manner, seriously. This is several crimes in one. He looks like the kind of guy that would say “Have you ever even read the Constitution, bro?”


  4. Update (forgive my thread brigandry, I’ll keep it to a minimum)
    a former HBT regular
    and Scout as an alternate
    This will give us 13/14 depending and assuming everyone that has suggested they would play will. We can do roto with and odd number but obviously need evensies for head to head format.
    If you have not yet sent me your email, please do so


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