So How Are You Passing The Winter?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it. This is the WORST time of year.  No news.  No games.  Nothing.  Even those of us that take refuge in football are about to be out of luck.   Thankfully, Opening Day is only 60 days away.  So how are you filling the gap?  Are you catching up on your favorite episodes of Archer?  Are you working on that honey do list?  Are you spending time with friends and family?  Are you /shudder reading a book?  I’ve been searching high and low to find things to write about, with little luck.  Boredom is starting to take over and motivation is taking a hit as a result.  Besides the work I’ve put into the site, I’ve also been catching up on my Netflix queue and have been spending some time with friends, both online and off.  Additionally, my Xbox gets a lot more use in the off-season.  And there’s of course my Puppy who always needs more attention than anyone can provide.


Lets also take this time to post any photos of any other furry loved ones in your life.

82 thoughts on “So How Are You Passing The Winter?

  1. Winter? What winter? This is like living in the south (not deep south…but still south). Low last night was 53F. We’ve had one decent snow, which melted within 4 days, and one light snow fall…which also melted away quickly.

    I probably haven’t even burned a cord of wood, yet.


      1. Figures. I bitch about no winter and now they are predicting 5″ of snow for us tomorrow…starting at the very convenient time of 7 am.


        1. Looks like it is going to be more. Had no snow at 3:00 am. About an inch at 4:50 am….now about 3″ already…supposed to be getting about an 1″ per hour through early afternoon.

          The university still hasn’t closed (I’m not going in), but almost all other schools have. On the news they simply said, “there are too many crashes to report now”. Earlier they were reporting crashes on every road that goes into campus…including “on 44 and old turnpike road” which is exactly where I crashed last month.

          When I was letting Ajax out a car was coming around the corner and didn’t make it, but slid across an into the grass…luckily not hitting anything because they were going slow.


        2. It is really beautiful, if you don’t have to go out in it. It is right at 32F, so the snow is sticking to everything. I have blinds that are usually closed in winter, but opened them all since it isn’t that cold and I have a fire going.


        3. I also live in the country….so the snow stays white pretty much until it melts. There will be some brown along the edges of roads due to the sand and exhaust from trucks…but things don’t turn blackish gray like they did when I was a kid living near a city.


        4. Well, lucky you, living in your little winter wonderland.

          When I lived in NH, it was pretty, but it still sucked balls. At some point, my feet had to step on concrete and ice. My tears would freeze. My snot would freeze. My hair would freeze. Humans were not meant to live like this. I would layer thermal underwear, turtleneck, sweatshirt, warm stockings, leather boots, warm down jacket, scarf, ear muffs, hat, gloves, mittens… and goddammit. I have to go to the bathroom. No. No. No. Fuck NH too. Keep your frozen tundra.

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        5. And that makes you a rhymes with wuss. 🙂

          I live in Florida. It’s not for the faint of heart. I can live with the oppressive heat and humidity when it comes. I’m guessing you’d probably die in that weather. My reasoning is I can always remove clothing until I am comfortable in heat. I can’t wear enough clothing to be pain free in the cold. Half nude and pain free vs. half a ton (rough estimate) of clothes and pain.

          I also found when I lived up north that I would become desolate in the winters. I thought it was normal. Winter blahs. Nothing would comfort me. I lacked motivation to do anything. I always thought it was lack of baseball, hah. But it was more serious than that. I realize now I probably had undiagnosed seasonal affective disorder. I no longer have that happen. My mood is normal throughout the year, unaffected by the whims of the seasons. The sun is my friend.


        6. I lived in Paraguay for a 18 months. Paraguay laughs at you thinking Florida is hot and humid.

          No AC. You just lay in a puddle of sweat waiting for morning because there is no way to sleep. You sweat WHILE you are taking a shower.

          There is a reason that 6 months of the year businesses were open from 6-10 am and then 4-10 pm.


        7. I’ve stayed with my family in the Dominican Republic for months when I was a kid. No AC, lying in a pool of sweat, unable to sleep. Electricity is unreliable and only the wealthy can afford generators. And let’s play a game of top that. Sometimes you were unable to take a shower because the water was also unreliable and would come and go. If you were lucky, the vats were full, and someone would fetch you water.

          Go suck it, lions.


        8. I’ve lived in the dust of west Texas. On the banks of the Amazon in Peru. All throughout Paragauy. In the mountains of Puerto Rico. Just outside the twin cities, and now in CT (not in that order).

          After a few weeks, I tend to adapt to whatever the weather is…but if I had a preference, it is somewhere cooler.


        9. I also adapted to the horrible cold weather. I lived in it for 25 long years. But my preference is not to be miserable and in pain. And frankly, I’m not going to be going called a wuss by someone who is too delicate for concrete and snow.


        10. Some may prefer hot to cold and some may prefer cold. But we all hate humidity. Humidity can go suck a egg. Back in high school I worked as the guy who would put your groceries into your car back before they realized it was cheaper to make people do that themselves. I worked in the heat and the cold. But the humidity was the worst. All throughout the day is have to walk inside only to walk back out and get hit by that wall of humidity smack in the face and everytime it was like a punch in the gut. When it’s cold I can put on a jacket. When it’s hot I can take off a shirt. But the humidity just smacks you across the face.


        11. Apparently, we are making historio uneasy by “misbehaving”.

          Apparently, I am being a “bad little feminist”…that or her phrasing wasn’t very good.


        12. I am chuckling at our “argument” because a couple of weeks ago, I got an beep beep beep alert on my cell phone. “Extreme cold” alert. Huh? The location settings were correct. What was the temperature going to be to alert me so dramatically? 37 degrees. Hah. Extreme cold. Okay, phone. Duly warned. I got my dusty leather jacket.


        13. Well, trying to create panic is apparently the weather coverage model now. While I appreciate that part of their job is to get people to take severe weather seriously so they can be safe….they seem to have veered over into alarmism.


        14. So….14″ of heavy wet snow. If Molly trots down a trail, you see either nothing or the tip of her tail.

          Not so fun to shovel this stuff….so the rest of the shoveling will have to wait until tomorrow.


        15. I lost power for about 5 minutes, and lost cable/internet for a couple hours or so. Could have been worse. Looks like 10-30% of people across eastern CT (depending on town) are still without power.


        16. Snow and ice are both agents of Satan. When you basically skate like Bonnie Blair to get to your car every night from Thanksgiving until the last week of April it can take a flying leap into the pit of Hell.

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        17. Let me tell you about the yellow roses here in Texas. They are of 2 varieties. The first are those who walk around in short sleeve in 40* weather bitching about how cold it is and how much they hate winter. They are too dumb, apparently, to dress appropriately for the weather. These are the same folks who run their heater hot enough to wear shorts around the house when there’s ice on the ground outside. Hello, you’re never going to acclimate that way.

          The second variety here are those who put on a GD insulated coat to walk their dog when it’s 50*. They wrap scarves around their faces as if their noses will get frostbite at that temperature…but they’ll still put ice in their damn sodas. Drink coffee like a GD grown up already! 😡


        1. We have winter too. It’s glorious. 47 pretty sunny degrees today. When I want the tundra, I can visit it and remind myself that I am not a polar bear.

          My last winter in NYC, I slid down the stairs from the El on my ass from the #1 train because under the snow was ice. I was wearing good winter boots. Didn’t matter. It hurt like hell sliding down my coccyx down all those stairs. I wasn’t embarrassed. I was angry. Fuck that place to hell. At least hell is warm.

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        2. FWIW, I sometimes go an entire week without setting foot on concrete and the only asphalt will be from my truck to a building as I walk through the parking lot…which some weeks might be a total of about 40 steps if I don’t have to go shopping.

          Snow and ice suck on artificial smooth surfaces.


  2. As usual I am in the middle of a Cheeselandia winter malaise, praying that the Lord takes me in my sleep half the time.

    Netflix is great, and a few friends I talk to frequently, as well as one of my best pals that I watch a movie with via video chat once a week. Thankfully that is a thing that happens. 🙂

    And writing. Lots of personal writing. Novels don’t finish themselves.

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  3. Football? I’ve got Steph Curry and PorZINGis on my fantasy hoops team and leading my league. Unfortunately, Rock.Chalk is not totally rocking the Big 12 this year, but, Self will hopefully whip them into shape.

    Oh, and there’s this guy called …

    Bernie Sanders. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

    Add in visits most Saturdays to the arboretum and gardens in nearby Nacogdoches, and I’m set:

    Crow sculpture 2


  4. Outside of working 9-5, I’ve got choir 2-3 evenings a week as we prepare for multiple performances of our annual cabaret show, and occasionally playing Dad’s Taxi for two high school kids. At home in the evenings, I sometimes whittle away at the endless “honey-do” list, catch a bit of Netflix and, when I can get an hour free, I’ll fire up Diablo 3 and mindlessly kill shit. Winter here has been mild to non-existent… we had 2 inches of snow yesterday, rain last night and well above freezing temps today, so even the snow we had is almost gone.

    Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks, people… TWO WEEKS!!!!

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    1. Pitchers and catcher reporting is like groundhog’s day to me. It doesn’t mean shit, but it lets you know that you are getting close. I’m not really interested in spring training….Everyday of spring training all I think is “please no one get hurt”.

      I want games goddamnit…real baseball games where you care who wins.

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        1. Depending on what you like/dislike about D3, you should also look into Path of Exile. It’s free at


        2. If you like that style of play, check out Path of Exile (its free to play). In my opinion it’s a much better game with better, more dynamic playstyles. Also you can play hardcore without the bullshit you have to deal with in D3.


  5. I am trying my damnedest to actually contribute to this site since I hate HBT with a passion now. Stupid re-design.

    But how I’VE been passing winter in the good ol’ north (Toronto-ish area) is the reason I haven’t contributed. Baby #2 was born November 30th.

    So baseball season means he will be older, and maybe sleeping more than just 25 seconds at a time…………. BRING ON BASEBALL SEASON ALREADY!!!!!!! That and I bought him a bunch of blue jays gear to wear!

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  6. I spent a decent bit of the offseason watching baseball movies, but I apparently hit a wall with that, since there’s only been one of those since the calendar rolled over to 2016.

    I’m not exactly optimistic about squeezing in one more before pitchers and catchers report either, as I failed to account for fantasy baseball prep absorbing so much of my free time around this time of year….despite the fact that fantasy baseball prep has absorbed large chunks of my free time around this time of year since the 90’s.

    Oh well. Just leaves more movies for me to watch next offseason…


  7. Other than drawing some floor and room designs, I’ve been making a lot of comics/manga lately in my spare time… (still needs a lot of improving to do)


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    1. OMG I SAW IT!! I just copied your supposed link and pasted it in the URL above and there you go! Ren, I have no idea what you still need to improve in this lol. I have to say this is one good drawing. Thumbs up :-D!


        1. Thanks! I just started drawing this manga/comics last month. I’m nearing the 100 page mark now. I still need some improving to do though.


  8. We took Fido, our odd Hemingway hound, to the vet the other day for checkup of a rash he’s been scratching lately. Here’s our vet checking him over:

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