The Midnight Snack – Monday

I thought January was bad, but y’all, February is kicking my ass as far as baseball news goes. Most baseball fans are going through withdrawls themselves. I know it’s not just me. But it’s not that much longer until the most wonderful time of the year – Pitchers and Catchers!

So, let’s rejoice in the little things, ok? Let’s Rumplestiltskin this hay into gold!

Big Willy Style:  So, it’s Fan Fest season, that little bright bit of sunshine for many fans to see, smell, and talk baseball during the long, sad winter drought. For example, the Twins have a caravan that travels throughout the northern territories, the Cubs have a big convention in downtown Chicago that draws current players and alumni alike, and the Brewers have a weekend shindig in Milwaukee called Brewers On Deck. Brewers On Deck was last weekend and per Milwaukee tradition, there were a bunch of silly games played by the team in the name of good clean baseball fun.

This year, there was a Lip Sync Battle.

Now for you precious few who aren’t hip to the joys of a Lip Sync Battle, it’s where two people do their best lip synching to a song that is usually theatrical, notoriously hard to sing, or so alien to that person’s public persona that it makes the end result absolutely hilarious.

The Brewers who brought the battle this year were erstwhile closer Will Smith and LOOGY Jeremy Jeffress. And it appears that they really blew the crowds away:

While Jeffress had some slick dance moves, it was Will’s emotional rendition of Adele’s tearjerking “Hello” that won the day.

Big Willy had some problems letting go of his game face, too:

This is really great and all, but it doesn’t top the all time best Lip Sync Battle ever in the history of mankind. If you’ve never seen this, please love yourself and watch it, especially Emma Stone’s last song. Seriously. You will not be sorry.

26 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. You know what the worst thing about this site is? I have some great GFY gifs that I no longer have the opportunity to use. One of y’all be an ahole so I can dust one off. Maybe we can have a GFY battle.


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