46 thoughts on “Site Logo Suggestion

    1. See Rule number 2:
      Second, the image must be in a similar format to the one we are using now. That is the banner style image. If it’s 4:3 or 1:1 then I’ll have to massively crop the crap out of it and that can invalidate the image immediately.


  1. Scout, if you want to hit me up with more specific ideas, let me know, and I can prolly knock something out. The “Altuve” below was easy for using just Photoshop. I know InDesign as well, and have built newspaper pages for years. (Remember the fake newspaper page masthead I did for “NBC baseball guy”?)


  2. Unfortunately, copyrighted, from the newspaper I was at, at the time, and I’m not sure if technically, I have future rights when used nonprofessionally, but a shot of mine from a high school game:


  3. “Fifth, and probably most important, anyone who posts anything Jeffrey Maier related is subject to a public flogging.”

    Anyone who posts anything Steve Bartman related should just be shot, no questions asked.

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        1. I got over it a long time ago. The ball was in the seats, not in the field of play, therefore not fan interference…so it’s not applicable here anyway.

          (I’m far more bothered by Alou acting like a spoiled bitch who didn’t get a brand new porsche for his 16th birthday.)


        2. Ai ai ai… lighten up. I don’t want something so Cubbie specific. I think we can do something better and more original than that.

          Completely not Bartman’s fault. I’ve been trained since childhood to always, always get out of the way for one of my own in the stands. It’s totally his parent’s fault. Poor rearing.


        3. Totally agreed on Alou throwing a temper tantrum. Sadly, he still seems to have no remorse whatsoever about his actions on the field…at least, not when interviewed for the 30-for-30 show.


  4. Keep in mind the picture does not specifically have to be of a fan interfering with the game. It could just be a really good shot of fans, or of a stadium, or of a game, or even just the words Fan Interference in a really cool font maybe with baseballs with the seams turned to look like the e, and some cool background or whatnot. Just saying don’t pigeonhole your thinking here. Lots of great directions to go in.

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    1. I think that Ferris Bueller picture sums it up perfectly — we’re all running our mouths, with zero impact on the actual game, just for our own amusement.


  5. I don’t think it actually has to be a picture of a fan interfering at a game, although fan interference is the name of our site. The essence of our site, I think, is the interaction, the conversation that occurs between us. The community. A picture of fans having a great time at a game, interacting, being involved, really captures more what this site is about. We are not the type of people who would interfere with a game. We have good manners, I think. If someone has a great camera, and could capture a wide-angle of a full stadium, that would look amazing, I think. Camden Yards on Opening Day or something. A good looking stadium.

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      1. Berm seating reminds me of Brighthouse Field, which is very close to me and my preferred seating when I go there.

        The palm trees make it too recognizable from this angle:

        But it is a really pretty little stadium:

        This is a nice shot of it, not too recognizable so it looks more neutral:

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