A look at some extended protective nettings in the KBO and NPB

Now that MLB approves of the extended netting, in which the Minnesota Twins will be the first MLB team to extend safety nets on top of dugouts. Let’s take a look at how effective it truly is against flying Baseball bats and line drive foul balls.

(Guaranteed, added protection)

(Courtesy of Dan of MyKBOnet.) This is just but one of the many fine examples on how the protective netting (extended) keeps fan safe, not just from line drive foul balls… but Baseball bats/shards as well (in the GIF above, that’s Yamaico Navarro playing at home in Daegu against the Hanwha Eagles…  his flying Baseball bat was stopped by the extended netting just on top of the Samsung Lions dugout). In this past season in the KBO league, there were no reported incidents about a fan being injured by a flying Baseball bat or lined foul ball behind the extended netting’s range. South Korean news outlets YTN and MBC were cleaned as a whistle, fans have no problems about “view obstruction” with the extended netting applied by KBO league teams/league (In the KBO, the extended netting is already there for quite a long time now, just forgot what year it’s first been used). Actually, they really appreciate that the extended netting are there, to keep them safe.

Example of an extended netting in Jamsil stadium (green colored).
A batted line drive foul ball in one of the KBO league stadiums (probably in Mokdong stadium)… Saved by the netting.
Gocheok Skydome’s extended netting, a brand new Baseball stadium and also the first domed Baseball stadium ever made, the Nexen Heroes will be using this stadium this 2016. Cuba vs South Korea exhibition game for the upcoming start of the Inaugural Premier 12 last year.

In the NPB league over in Japan, they also have extended netting in Baseball stadiums, haven’t paid much over their news outlets over there but I think it’s still safe for fans just like in South Korea. Also, when a foul ball is heading over to the stands, a whistle will be blown to alert the fans about the incoming Baseball in that said sitting area (same also in the KBO). Here’s an example of their extended netting below.

Tokyo Dome’s (home of the Yomiuri Giants) extended netting.

(Foul ball whistle here in the video below, skip to 0:11 where the whistle blow can be heard, Seibu Lions vs Orix Buffaloes game.)

Based from what I’ve seen this past season in the KBO and in the NPB, the extended netting provides added protection to the fans who’re seating behind these areas. When someone wants to sign an autograph Baseball, there’s a portion of the netting that can be open and closed… I don’t see anyone complaining about the lack of view coming from South Korean Baseball fans who’re watching their Baseball games, same also to what I can say in Japan. This extended netting definitely guarantees added safety for fans. I’m hoping that other MLB teams would also follow suit on what the Minnesota Twins are doing.

3 thoughts on “A look at some extended protective nettings in the KBO and NPB

  1. I’m sure that MLB teams are watching the success of the added netting over in the KBO and will find ways to implement it here in the States. Good on the Twins for thinking about the safety of their fans. 🙂

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  2. You mention fans there are appreciative of the netting. That’s interesting to me. Here, some fans complain that if more netting goes up, they will have obstructed views or they won’t get their souvenir foul ball. I have no issues with the netting. When I’ve sat behind it, I forget about it quickly.

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