Second Ballplayer Death in the Dominican Republic This Off-Season

Ramon Ramirez

Sad news to report. MASN reports that Orioles minor league infielder Ramon Ramirez, 23, was killed yesterday in a motorcycle accident in the Dominican Republic as he was leaving a softball game. His girlfriend was riding on the back but survived the accident with a broken leg.

Ramirez is the second player to die this off-season in the Dominican Republic. Houston Astros prospect Jose Rosario, 20, also died last week in a motorcycle accident.

The Dominican Republic boasts one of the highest vehicular death rates in the world. According to a 2013 report by the World Health Organization: “the DR has the second-most-dangerous roads in the world, with 41.7 people perishing in traffic accidents each year for every 100,000 residents.”

Anecdotally, when I traveled there visiting family in 2014, I brought a booster seat for my daughter. My family looked at me like I had three heads. “¿Que es esa cosa?” What is that thing? They had never seen anything like it. I dug out the rusted seat belts in their cars. They had never been used. It was frightening to drive there.


20 thoughts on “Second Ballplayer Death in the Dominican Republic This Off-Season

  1. I don’t want to come of racist, but even a low level minor league baseball player makes good money compared to the ordinary commoners right? If not then I apologize in advance, if yes, he can afford a taxi right? It still sucks anyway, too Damn young. I remember thinking 30 was old when I was 21, 40 was old when I was 30, and because of a lifetime of self-abuse, I was confident that I would never see 50.

    Now I probably only have 50, maybe 60 years left to live and I ponder what I should do with the second half of my life. Something easy on the joints for a start. Maybe editing Mr OG’ next book, or maybe try to get historio to smile…( probably need another decade..alas ) or maybe making the professor know how horrible I felt that I left her out of that comment that one time or posting a comment that Indaburg has a coin flippy chance in hell she will understand or to make Socratic love progressive rock or how to imbed a meme.etc.

    What I guess I am saying is…every second of life is precious no matter how long you live. I may see 130 or I can have a massive coronary tomorrow, either way do everything in your power to stave off unnecessary risks if you can afford it…I wish this poor man had someone who wasn’t in his pocket telling him what we all know.


    1. I have no idea how much they made. Lots of athletes ride motorcycles. It’s fun. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Riding a motorcycle in the Dominican Republican is exceedingly dangerous. I know when I was 20, I was immortal. I rode on the back of motorcycles.


      1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I WAS a motorcycle enthusiast but I only rode them on the streets to get to the trails ( street legal dirt bikes ) and I used to have great fun going off jumps and letting go of the handlebars as I got eight feet in the air back in the early eighties, sometimes I would clap a couple times before I landed and I was the ballsiest guy their because I was either stupid or under the influence of some drugs or even worse, alcohol which made me eight feet tall and bulletproof.

        Then X-sports happened and I went from the crazy guy who all others were judged to being the milquetoast of Honda enthusiasts. Maybe that explains why I would ALWAYS try to do the most shots, the most acid, the most opiates the most SOMETHING to make me feel alive. To this day I still feel kinda little around all of you ladies and gentlemen.

        You all have a great life ( at least as I interpreted it, most of you are better educated, have a job you all are great at, have a good family and seem even keeled.) I am the reason that they should substitute fluoride for Adderol, at least at my house. I can eat soup and not strangle a seventh day adventists, but it would probably be better if I didn’t mention all the shallow graves behind my level 5 friends scouts house.

        Yeah, I am drinking and stoned and rambling…but the sheriff may show up tomorrow and Maine state law be damned, as they are a multibillion dollar company, they may get away with kicking a couple of 50+ year old people out of the home that we were hoping of leaving at our leisure. We built the business up so well they built two more buildings but that means nothing?

        Sorry, most of my family is dead and the same with all my musician friends, they did way more drugs than I did. They are dead too. I should probably shut up.


        1. It’s alright, slappy. I know you meant no harm. As a nurse, I get to view everyone’s histories. I’ll tell you a secret. Everyone is crazy. Some of us just hide it better than others. Some of us have an illusion of competency. All of us need something to make it to tomorrow. Hang in there.

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    2. Not really sure what race has to do with it. Age maybe, but not race. Also don’t really see how a taxi would be advantageous as compared to a highly rated sedan, which long term is likely more practical. It’s easy to say take a taxi, but it’s also a colossal waste of money to expect someone to take a taxi regularly. Also, have you ever been in a taxi? They are some of the most dangerous drives on the road. Riding a motorcycle is incredibly dangerous (26 times more fatal than riding in a car). Motorcycles tend to be more common in the younger (although apparently the average age range is on the rise) adults, who typically speaking are more susceptible to risky behavior in general. It’s not typically until later in life that many of us realize we are not bulletproof. Personally myself, when I think back to all the stupid risks I took in my youth, it’s a fucking miracle that I’m still walking this earth myself.

      Additionally, all we know is that this young man and his girlfriend were on a motorcycle. We do not know who was at fault or if there was another vehicle involved. Either way, it’s terribly sad to see a young person’s life end so shortly.

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        1. Per the linked article:
          The Orioles signed Ramirez as a non-drafted free agent in July 2014.

          Last season, Ramirez appeared in 15 games with the Gulf Coast League team, one with short-season Single-A Aberdeen and seven with Single-A Frederick. He played his final game with the Keys on Sept. 7.

          So it’s highly unlikely he was making any sort of significant salary.


        2. Not to mention many of the DM prospects get signed on the cheap to begin with; their handler who gets them the contract takes a chunk of the money as well.


      1. Sorry scouts, I weren’t thinking right. Drinking and stoned, sorry I posted. Just feeling sorry for myself and this story made me think my circumstance.
        It’s ALWAYS about Slappy! I probably should have read what I posted before I posted. Sorry again.


      2. Well, my brother got a motorcycle only because it saves a ton of fuel (the 8 cylinder mustang is such a fuel hog). I know some older folks that ride bikes for the same reason (as long as weather permits). It does seem age related, because all these people where the right clothes, have full cover helmets, boots, etc. Not to look cool but to ride safely.

        In Venezuela motorcycles are the bane of society, it’s Mad Max like over there.


      1. Messed up or not, thanks Historio, I bet you have a beautiful smile, maybe because at least in my head it’s probably rare with what you are going through, but I know you will do well. I think I miss your brother to cuz he made you happy. I mean I am messed up, not you. It’s easier to add that than edit. Haha


        1. I’m gonna regret everything worse than I do already tomorrow. Sorry everyone, and I type pretty good with won eyes closed. 😉

          Yeah I know, I suck.


        2. I should also point out that just because I am an idiot does not mean you should not point and laugh as a cautionary tale to tell you’re children about the tail of old Slappy… the guy who was in a rush cover band and lived to be a nickleback fan. I feel maybe some of you owe me a living. Haha.


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